You Don't Always Get What You Want

Meg Herriot struggles to explain to her child why Jesus would deny a request for something that’s good — a concept that’s hard for adults to understand too.


What Is Blocking Your View?

When her son’s view of a live nativity scene is blocked, Claire McGarry reflects on all that has been blocking her view of the birth of Jesus Christ this Advent.


Mercy: the Virtue of the Month

Linda Kracht focuses on the virtue of Mercy, encouraging readers to make it a priority to root your children, yourself, family and friends and others in Mercy.

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Happy Hanukkah from a Catholic

Hanukkah may not be a Christian feast, but Hilary Thompson notes why it is a beautiful part of our Faith that deserves remembrance.


My Last Paper

Lori Hadorn-Disselkamp shares an excerpt from her capstone paper as she strives toward a graduate degree in Pastoral Ministry.

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