Listening for God’s Voice

Laura Nelson is finding it easier to hear God in silence but harder to find the silence she needs to hear Him.


Does Jesus Want Us Out of the Church?

Faithful Catholics understand we need our Church in all things. Patti Maguire Armstrong explains why the “New Evangelization” is done within the Church, not by going outside of it.

For Your Family

Prayer Corner: July 6, 2015

Join us in the Prayer Corner to request prayers for your intentions and offer prayers for other CatholicMom.com readers.

Book Notes

Unleashed Book Club: Chapter 4

This week we’re discussing Chapter 4 and Surrendering Judgment to Peace from Unleashed, by Sonja Corbitt. What could pain and conflict possibly have to do with healing and peace? Erin McCole Cupp invites readers to walk with her through this exciting chapter.

Tech Talk