I Wrestled with God and Won

When we find ourselves confronted by nameless adversaries, people and circumstances; when we fight valiantly; when we rage and cry and wail; when our own character is used to engage and defeat and bless us; when we are wounded and changed forever; when we wonder what the heck is going on, why it’s happening; and God does not answer us. What then? Sonja Corbitt shares how she wrestled with God and won.

For Your Family

Prayer Corner: July 25, 2016

Join us in the Prayer Corner to request prayers for your intentions and offer prayers for other CatholicMom.com readers.

Culture and Fun

Read Them and Weep

Kirk Whitney learned an interesting lesson at the poker table: if a stranger can observe you and tell what you are thinking, how much more will your heavenly Father know.


Making Memories the Mary Way

Theresa Ceniccola realizes that she’s so tempted to do things FOR her children rather than spend time WITH them. It’s the whole Mary and Martha thing – she still can’t seem to get it right!

Book Notes

Book Notes: The Fourth Commandment

Robert Dagney introduces his autobiography, The Fourth Commandment, which details how he became a prodigal son despite having wonderful parents whose love enabled him to become the good son they deserved.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: New App Includes Novena for World Youth Day

World Youth Day 2016 is beginning in less than a week in Krakow, Poland, and Devin Rose of Devoted Coders is working to get thousands of Catholics around the world praying a novena to Pope St. John Paul II for World Youth Day and the pilgrims.