On Silence

Margaret Rose Realy, Obl. OSB, considers the silence in a life of prayer and solitude.


Pope Video

In this month’s Pope Video, Pope Francis prays for a spirit of inclusiveness on social networks.


Mercy: the Virtue of the Month

Linda Kracht focuses on the virtue of Mercy, encouraging readers to make it a priority to root your children, yourself, family and friends and others in Mercy.

For Your Family

Don't Eat the Dog Food

Melanie Jean Juneau reminisces about one of her younger children who, as a toddler, was determined to eat the dog’s food.

Culture and Fun
Book Notes

Why Your Family Needs the Rosary

The Rosary has the power to transform the world. Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur reviews “The Rosary of Saint John Paul II” by Tom Hoopes.

Tech Talk

5 Favorite Online Catholic Helps

Elena LaVictoire offers 5 fast (and mostly free) ways to dig into your faith this summer using your favorite technology tools.