Trinity Sunday: Is It Relevant?

Dr. Marcellino D’Ambrosio offers a reflection for Trinity Sunday: “The concept of the irreplaceable uniqueness of each person came into Western culture straight from the doctrine of the Trinity, three who possess the exact same divine nature but who are yet irreplaceably unique in their personhood.”

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Filhos - Presentes de Deus (Children - Gifts from God)

É urgente resgatar a verdadeira educação para que a sociedade não chegue a um verdadeiro colapso, um mundo de ‘tiranos’ que exigem tudo sem querer dar nada em troca. Flávia Ghelardi observes, “It’s urgent to rescue true education in order that the society doesn’t reach a real collapse, a world of “tyrants” who demand everything without wanting to give anything back.”

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Catholic Through the Year Planner

Martina Kreitzer of Catholic Sistas shares news of the publication of the second edition of the Catholic Through the Year Calendar and Planner.

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Tech Talk: Reforming a Digital Packrat

Barb Szyszkiewicz reveals her newfound secret to dealing with all those articles she wants to save for later: the Pocket app. Will it help her reach Inbox Zero?