Charleston and Forgiveness in the Home

The relatives of the victims in the Charleston church shooting offered profound messages of mercy to the shooter. Would we have done the same? Meg Matenaer reflects on fostering forgiveness in the home.

For Your Family

An Ongoing ADDventure

Celeste Behe was a quiet, dreamy child whose worst fault was getting so lost in a book that she became oblivious to everything around her. If any kid ever had Attention Deficit Disorder, it obviously wasn’t Celeste. Or was it? It’s only recently, after years spent losing things, missing appointments, forgetting basic information, leaving tasks unfinished, and putting her foot in her mouth that Celeste has realized that she did, and still does, struggle with the symptoms of ADD. What could be funnier?

Culture and Fun

Tech Talk Game Review of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, was an awesome, awesome game. Does Part Five, Skyrim, hold on to the legacy? John Konecsni reviews the new installment of Elder Scrolls and shares his impressions of the game.

Book Notes

Unleashed Book Club: Chapter 4

This week we’re discussing Chapter 4 and Surrendering Judgment to Peace from Unleashed, by Sonja Corbitt. What could pain and conflict possibly have to do with healing and peace? Erin McCole Cupp invites readers to walk with her through this exciting chapter.

Tech Talk

Tech Talk: Brightening Your Nest

Always interested in reading and writing about organization, Lisa Hess found an app that focuses on organization, maintenance and more. BrightNest offers brief articles in eight categories: Savvy, Clean, Green, Hungry, Healthy, Handy, Creative and Curious.