A Tomb with a View

Truth is, we cannot know the power of God to raise us from a thousand deaths until we step into the tomb and experience the power of the Resurrection. That shift in perspective is precisely what constitutes hope.

For Your Family

Is The Past too Valuable to Dismiss??

The point is that the Past is colorful. And it is valuable. Many people say forget it, but every person’s Present and Future have depended on it.

Culture and Fun

The Gist: It’s All About the Food

In this episode of The Gist, the hosts discuss the importance of family meal times and how to balance junk food and good food when you’ve got picky children. Fr. Leo Patalinghug of Grace Before Meals is their guest.

Book Notes

Book Talk and Snowmaggedonly Basketball

Some chastity-related reading that’s uncommonly good, a dad’s point of view, the longing to dive into more fiction, and more. Find out what Sarah Reinhard has been reading and what she has to share in her weekly book talk.

Tech Talk