It should not be about the sin but about God’s mercy and forgiveness.

For Your Family

Taking the Gluten Free Plunge

If living gluten free is something you wish to try or must try because of a medical diagnosis, here are Kate Daneluk’s personal tips for getting started.

Culture and Fun

Definitely Go See "The Drop Box"!

The Drop Box is a stirring reminder of the precious worth of every human life. South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his beautiful family remind us that each of us, acting with intentional kindness, can make a difference in this world so greatly in need of love and compassion.

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Tech Talk

Wants and Needs App ~ Review

The new Wants and Needs App from Pixolini brought an entirely new dimension to Allison Gingras’ Lenten ponderings. How about you? Are your life’s priorities in balance?