Tech Talk: Finders Keepers--Taming Digital Overload

Allison Gingras shares some of the simple ways she keeps track of the articles, posts and pictures found on social media along with tips on how to use built-in features of Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to save, store and relocate things that interest you.

For Your Family

Authentic Spirituality: Child's Play

Melanie Jean Juneau assures us that if we can block out our own ego and selfishness and simply stop and listen, even a child knows what is right and what is wrong. “Thank God for Christ because he offers an easy way to love.”

Culture and Fun

Risk Your Heart... Just A Little.

In her discussion about guarding our hearts, Kara Klein observes that intimacy is both joyful and uncomfortable. It’s our deepest desire to be one with another, to have someone see, know and embrace all of us—our beauty as well as brokenness—and yet, it’s our greatest fear precisely because of its risks.

Book Notes

Book Review: The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur reviews a book she calls “a page-turner, connecting St. Margaret Mary, St. Alphonsus, St. Therese, the Marian apparitions at Fatima, St. Faustina, St. Maximilian Kolbe, Polish history, and St. Pope John Paul II is what could be considered a Divine conspiracy.”

Tech Talk