Meatless Friday: Gallo Pinto

Catholic Relief Services shares a simple meatless meal of red beans and rice, inspired by family meals in Nicaragua.



It should not be about the sin but about God’s mercy and forgiveness.

For Your Family

Taking the Gluten Free Plunge

If living gluten free is something you wish to try or must try because of a medical diagnosis, here are Kate Daneluk’s personal tips for getting started.

Culture and Fun

Definitely Go See "The Drop Box"!

The Drop Box is a stirring reminder of the precious worth of every human life. South Korean pastor Lee Jong-rak and his beautiful family remind us that each of us, acting with intentional kindness, can make a difference in this world so greatly in need of love and compassion.

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Tech Talk

Simple, Clear... and Purple! (LentBuddy)

Adding a separate Lenten app that sends me in a whole new direction feels like setting myself up for confusion and failure — perhaps even more difficult than giving up chocolate or potato chips or French fries.