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Praying for All of the Souls

Please join us in prayer.

Catholic Mom Prayer Line

As a community, we lift up and support one another in prayer.  Please list your prayer intentions in the comments below.  If you do not wish to use your name, feel free to request anonymous prayers.  Although an email address is required to post a prayer, it will never be shared and will not be seen online.  Please use only first names in requesting prayers.  Please join us in praying every day for the intentions of our community.


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Lisa M. Hendey is the founder and editor of and the bestselling author of the Chime Travelers children's fiction series, The Grace of Yes, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. As a board member and frequent host on KNXT Catholic Television, Lisa has produced and hosted multiple programs and has appeared on EWTN and CatholicTV. Hendey hosted “Catholic Moments” on Radio Maria and is the technology contributor for EWTN’s SonRise Morning Show. Lisa's articles have appeared in Catholic Digest, National Catholic Register, and Our Sunday Visitor. Hendey travels internationally giving workshops on faith, family, and Catholic technology and communications topics. She was selected as an Elizabeth Egan Journalism Fellow, attended the Vatican Bloggers Meeting, the “Bishops and Bloggers” meeting and has written internationally on the work of Catholic Relief Services and Unbound. Hendey lives with her family in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Visit Lisa at for information on her speaking schedule or to invite her to visit your group, parish or organization.


  1. Please pray for my best friend Ethel who has breast cancer,she was admitted to the hospital tonight and will be there for Christmas.She has been fighting this horrible Cancer for 6 years now pray for her to continue the fight!!!Thank you and Merry Christmas

  2. Vicky (anonymous) on

    I am asking for prayers for a wonderful husband of Niki and father of 3 all under the age of 6. He has always attended daily Mass and the front row is where he prefers to be seated.He is a volunteer fireman and also is a school board member who is always ready to help anyone who needs it. Now he and his wonderful family need prayers .
    My daughter ,husband and grandson have been with them every step of the way so far, but now there is more bad news that the cancer has spread into his bones.They too will need prayers to help keep them strong for Greg and his family.
    Thank you and may God Bless you,
    Vicky in Ohio

  3. I have a job interview on Tuesday. I haven’t worked for six years and I am very nervous. My husband is in construction and there is no work coming in. We are desperate. I don’t think we will be able to pay our bills this month if I don’t get this job. My kids are in Catholic school and we love it. If I don’t get this job I may have to take them out and I’m not sure if I can pay my mortgage. We are truly desperate. Please, please, please, pray for me to get this job.

  4. Please pray for my mother-in-law to get some financial help to fix up her house. She already works two jobs, but due to medical bills, has nothing to put into her shack of a house that is just falling apart. Please pray that this woman who has always shared the little she had with others will get a decent home to live in!!

  5. Please pary for my dad who is having a pacemaker put in today. Pray that this will help with his low heart rate. Let this be a speedy recovery and he’ll be home soon. Also my husband as a return interview with a company he wants to work for , pray that the monetary offer will be worth the risk and will help us out of our finacial mess that we are in.

  6. Please pray for my husband. I entrust him to St. Joseph that the unstable situation at his job gets better. He’s survived 4 layoffs since we moved here. He’s been told that they’re reevaluating the staff in May… I know there’s a reason we’re going through this… I pray I avoid distractions from hope in God.

    I’m also feeling the pull to be a nurse. It’s something that has come up time and time again in my life, and all my doula clients have told me I’d be a wonderful nurse, but we have little money for school right now… I pray for guidance through financial aid options so I can start school and help my husband out financially though my income while the kids are at school.

  7. Please pray for my dgt Rachel for her to repent and come back to the faith. I love her so, she was so filled with the Trinity as a child but due to father divorcing me, has become a very angry person who will no longer pray or have faith in our Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She no longer trusts, please pray for her.

  8. Please pray that my son soon hears the results of his interview and that the results are favourable and he is offered the position. He has worked so long and so hard to reach his goal despite many physical and mental setbacks. Thank you and God Bless you.

  9. Please pray I can find and keep a job in order to leave an abusive man. It is so many money problems that keeps me from this..I cannot stand to be abused any more.

    My health is being mind my spirit I just can’t go on like this.

    Thank you.

  10. diane foster on

    Please pray for my friend who has stage 4 cancer and has very young children. She is always there to help others and really needs everyone’s prayers.

  11. On March 6th I requested prayers on behalf of my son. Thank you for the many prayers being offered on his behalf – he received the results of his interview but they were not favourable. I truly believe that God has another plan for him and pray that He will reveal it soon. Please pray that my son will receive another opportunity soon and that it will be successful. Thank you.

  12. Please pray for my 51 year old father that it is in severe heart failure. After extremely healthy all of his life he had a mild stroke and found to be due to severe cardiomyopathy. They think due to a viral infection. He’s very young and appears frustrated at time due to the complete lifestyle change. Please keep him in your prayers. Thank you! God bless you!

  13. My husband David of 24 yrs left me in OCtober for another younger woman named April who has been married twice before and has 3 children. He now resides with her and her children which I do not feel morally correct. He wants a divorce and I pray to GOD that the divorce is stopped and that he repents to GOD and returns to his path and then to me and our marriage

  14. Please pray for my husband Mark, that he find work and come back to the faith. Please pray that I get my finances in order. God Bless you.

  15. Please pray that my husband gets a job offer very soon. Please pray that the job interview he has on Wednesday leads to an offer.

  16. my brother and his wife have had horrible problems. now she has left and they have two boys 4 and 3 suffering greatly. please pray for Damien, Ekaterina, Nicholas, Elias

  17. Please pray for my friend Jo that her cancer can be well treated and for Kerri that she and her husband continue down the path back to each other.

  18. Please pray for me , I am in great stress at my job and need to find peace with the situation . Please give me a calming spirit. And let me be able to move on. Please let me perform my duties with confidents . And please bless me and direct me,
    Thank oyu

  19. please pray for a good outcome for lisa who has scary medical problem. thank you. god bless you.

  20. Please pray that God will Give me a much needed HUGE Financial Miracle and heal my body and mind.

  21. An update on Jo, her cancer is small, noninvasive and completely treatable. Praise God and thanks to all for your prayers on her behalf.

  22. Please pray for Jackie and her family, who are facing extreme financial hardships and unemployment. We pray for God’s intervention in her life and for peace of mind for Jackie, knowing that God loves and supports her.

  23. My marriage is crmbling after 6yrs and we have two children – one with special needs. Please, please pray that we will find our back to each other and unite our family and grow in strenght and let go of our pride and selfishness and fears.

  24. I ask for prayers for my husband that is incarcerated, that he may stay with his faith in the Lord, please pray that I may have less stress, anxiety and chronic pain so I may deal with my daily living as a mother to a 4 yr old boy and also has a wife. I know I pray every day that I get thru every day. I am on disability due to my illness but it is my faith that gets me thru each day. Its that I feel so alone and stress, worry and anxiety set in and I try to releave myself. I am just asking for your prayers. Keep my husband safe and that he safely comes home soon. God Bless all of you

  25. Please pray and make reparations to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the sins of those political figures who continue to push their “choice agendas.” The Heavens are crying for reparations! This once popular devotion has fallen to the wayside. For God is mericful, but Just!

  26. I would like to ask prayers for my husband who is struggling to find the means to support our family. We are expecting our 3rd child and I am not able at this time to help our situation. I ask that he may know what God’s will is for us and have the grace and strength to take the steps in fulfilling His Divine Will.

    Thank you all!

  27. Please pray for my daughter, that she will be protected from all harm and me too. Also for my husband’s healing and conversion. Thank you.

  28. Please pray for Fr. Francis’ sanctification and God’s will to be done re vote on new parish. I pray for people to know the whole truth about the possible closing of a church. May Mary’s church remain open.
    Also pray for David who died in a boating accident, peace for his family and Erland. Removal of all depression and doubt from E. and to be infilled with Holy Spirit and great faith and trust in Jesus. Conversion of Stef, Tanya, Brendan, Alexis, Jason, Pat, Theresa, Kathy, Ron, CJ, Angie, Anne, Shirley, Carol, Pat, Phyllis. Protection of all at Manoir R.B. from occult and freemasonary. Conversion of Hymie and for him to rid himself of all bonds to evil, esp. the pentagram. Protect all who come in contact with him from harm.
    For our cardinals, archdiocese, bishops, priests and religious – for sanctification. Protection and sanctification of all in Opus Dei and Heralds of the Gospel and Companions. Protect the church from all scandal and attacks of the enemy. Thank you

  29. Please pray for my daughter, Sarah, who is having her appointment with her doctor this afternoon. She and her husband having been trying desparately trying to conceive a child. I am worried that she may lose hope in God. Please pray for her so the Holy Spirit may answer our prayers for her to conceive a healthy baby so she can dedicate her child’s life to the Lord in thanksgiving. God bless you all for your prayers!!

  30. I’m a single mother of four.The father of my youngest is in jail.His mother is trying to get permanent custody
    of my child based on false accusations of me.She also has two other children that say she beats them, but they won’t come forward for fear of what she will do.I can’t afford a lawyer and the county pro bono lawyer service can’t help me because they say it is a conflict of interest .The father used the service for a prior child custody case.I don’t know what to do next. Please pray that his mother comes to her senses and realizes all the pain that she is causing the people around her and pray that i get my child back. Oh Blessed mother you know what it is like to lose a child please help me.

  31. Please pray for Luke, that he may have complete healing of his body, eyes. That he be filled with the HolySpirit and surrounded by God’s protecting angels. Thank you Jesus.

  32. Please pray for my beautiful daughter who has done so much for so many. She is suffering from drug abuse and a mental disorder which led to the drug abuse. Dear God please release her from her pain and bring happiness and love back in her life. Her life is filled dispair. Please bring her back to us so that she can live the life she deserves and that God has put on this earth to live.
    I beleive in the power of prayer and that a mother never gives up.

  33. Please pray for me as I am battling Stage 2 Lymes disease. I am wanting my 3 children to not be affected by this illness. Please Lord I pray that I can recover and be healthy for my husband and children. In your grace, I trust in you.

  34. please pray for shane that he may be healed and delivered especially from drugs.

    pray that the holy spirit will descend upon him and bring him close to GOD.

    lease pray for shane that he may be healed and delivered from all evil especially drugs.

  35. Please pray for my grandson who is 11 yrs old and is going to have brain surgery in November to control his epilepsy. I know he is in God’s hands but I want his fears and pain to be minimal if not at all. God Bless you all.

  36. Please pray for my sister and my neice. They are having a difficult time dealing with my neice’s mental illness. Please pray that my sister has the strength to take care of her and that she turns to God during this really tough time.

  37. Please say the Memorare for the sustainability of St. Michael’s Catholic School in Ridge, Maryland. We are in financial trouble and have been slated to close if we cannot generate $500,000 in two months! Prayers are greatly needed. Thank you to all who are able to say the Memorare for our school and the children we serve.

  38. Please pray for my son who will be leaving for Afghanistan today. Our entire family is sadden and worried. Keep him in your prayers. He has had a difficult journey and had distant himself from our family. Pray that he finds his way and comes back to us safely.

    Thank you

  39. Please pray for my grandchild and grandson that Jesus units them and make peace with each other. Pray that thru Jesus and intercession of Mary they may let go of anger, bitterness and the misunderstanding turn to a happy and enjoyable time together. I pray Jesus grants me strength to help them.

  40. Requesting prayer for grandchild , may Jesus grant her the courage , strength to leave degrading relationship.May God help her, please Lord free her from this bondage.

  41. Please pray for my husband who is suffering from depression and spent a week hospitalized for it in Sept. He is about to start a new job and we also run a business that is suffering in this time of recession. Pray that he turns toward the Lord in this time of suffering. Pray for me to have the patience and strength to deal with the situation, 5 kids, an elderly mother and a mentally disabled brother.

  42. Vicky (anonymous) on

    Please pray for my niece who was just diagnosed with Leukemia 2 days ago.She will need the prayers for strength to fight for her life. Pray for my elderly mother for continued good health and for me for continued strength and patience to take care of her.For my son who just had a serious back injury, that he will fully recover,soon.Pray for the health of my husband and our daughter and her many health problems.Pray for peace in the world and for health care to become a reality for those who do not have it in the U.S.

  43. Mother Mary , please ask your son Jesus to grant grandson and granddaughter an enjoyable and peace . May Jesus send the Holy Spirit upon them…help them to compromise , remove negative feelings that are not of you Lord. thank you for your prayers. In God I trust , this favor will be granted.

  44. Please pray for my daughter who had surgery and not healing properly due to diabetes/ May God restore her health . I bless her in the Name of the Father and of the Son and Holy Spirit Amen. Appreciate your prayers

  45. I ask Mother Mary to intercede for my grandkids. May they be having an enjoyable time and getting along with each other. May they enjoy each others company and may Jesus keep them safe and deliver them safely home.

  46. Pray that my grandkids get to destination safe …remove from their presence bad influential persons that may be a danger to them.. Mother Mary please hear my plea…present this plea to your Son Jesus Christ and intercede for us please please.!

  47. please pray for baby Nicole born a week early in distress and emergency Cas performed as heart rate of baby dropping. Many thanks


  48. Thanks to Jesus for all favors granted…Please continue to pray for granddaughter and sibling so they can compromise, communicate with each and respected by each other. Please that they learn the significance of

  49. I ask for prayers, for my incarcerated grandson . May God keep him in His Hands. May he soon come home and start a new may of life with God always to guide him…thank you for your prayers

  50. Continued prayers for my 31 yr. old niece Angela who is suffering from Leukemia and has not progressed much in the month she has been in the hospital.They will be doing a risky procedure tomorrow to see if she has an infection in either her heart or her brain. Continue prayers for my 87 yr old mom. Prayers for my husband for his health as he has been summoned to see our doctor following a test at the neurologist’s.
    Prayer’s for our 2 children to get along.and for Prayers to strenghten my faith. Peace in the World and lastly for MEANINGFUL healthcare to pass(in the U.S.) for those who have none.

  51. Please pray for my daughter and grandchildren to be safe. Please help her see what she needs to do , to protect her babies and herself. Make her strong.

  52. Lord hear my pryaer I asking in the name of the father and the son and the holy that social servie will not take my froster daughter and give her to her grand parents I have had this baby for two years Lord hear my prayer for Zipporah

  53. Please pray for my father that he stop causing this fighting between siblings. Since our mother has passed on he has caused nothing but trouble and brought up nothing but lies. I just can’t understand why he would do something like this, we’ve always been a very close family.

  54. I have just been diagnosed with kidney cancer. I will have 2 cat-scans on Dec. 29th to see if it is operable. Please pray for me that the cancer has not spread to my liver and they will be able to operate. In Christ I pray. Thank you

  55. Pat – please know of our immediate prayers for your total healing! Readers, please note that this is not the Catholic author and speaker Patrick Madrid requesting prayers. Please join me in continued prayers for all of those on our prayer list!

  56. Please pray for my son John who drinks and drives. John has lost 2 jobs due to drinking. John has a good chance of going into the Army if he does not get into any more trouble. Please pray that he get his moral compass back and turn into a good person. John is 21. Thank you.

  57. T--anonymous on

    Please pray for my brother whose wife chose to leave him 2 days following news that he needed a serious back surgery a year after having a failed surgery that had left him temporarily paralyzed. He has been devastated by the divorce proceedings, financial ruin, physical disability, loss of employment due to physical disability, and the nasty games his ex is using his beloved children as a pawn in. He loves his children more than anything. Please let her soften her heart, and be honest instead of using lies to persecute him and keep the kids from him. I truly believe there is a mental illness or root of evil at the center of this mess in her heart—no one truly “stable” can flip back and forth. Please pray that Adam has the faith and strength to endure all his sufferings and to continue to be present in his childrens lives actively. Pray that the authorities involved will see past the “typical stereotype” victims and see the truth before more harm is caused to both my brother and his young children. Thank you and God bless each one of you for caring.

  58. Pray for my four children who are going through major decisions in their lives. Pray for Andrew who is in the middle of looking at his life and cleaning his life up after being in trouble. Pray for my daughters and their husbands who are planning to move to Florida. Pray for Alvin who is just in limbo in his life and that he finds the right young lady in his life. Please pray that the man that has entered into my life be a part of my children lives. They love his so much and having him has been a big plus for them even though they are older children. They want this relationship for me to work out because they know all that I have been through in my life with personal relationships. We just want a family life now. And they just want to know that their mother now has a real spiritual relationship blessed by God forever. Pray that financially that I will be able to help my children and for me to purchase this home and to be able to meet my financial obligations.

  59. Please pray for me to stay strong in our lord.. And for many decisions that involve school, friends and an ex-boyfriend he who has been the heart ache in my life. Lord pray for this man A. that he may find his way with you. Lord help him to see that he is a great man. And last my family and home with all our financial situations.

    Thank you

  60. Please join me in a prayer of Thanksgiving for my husband recently getting a job after being unemployed for 13 months.

  61. Please pray for my sister-in-law who discovered that she is pregnant after having a tubal ligation last summer. Her doctor has been unable to determine where the baby is growing, and I pray her little one is safely implanted in her uterus.

  62. Please pray for Troy Shephard. He is in very critical condition. His blood platelets are down too low to have an operation. The doctors are trying to get his platlets up so they can operate. Also his liver and kidneys are shut down. The doctors believe he has cancer. He need an operation to be out of the critical stage.He is only in his early 40’s. God Bless, Thank you.

  63. I am asking that everyone out there please pray for me. I have been in a very abusive relationship not so much physically but more emotionally, mentally, financially and I feel the most dangerous of all spiritually. I have been turn down and ripped to pieces so often that I have let fear set into my soul. I am afraid to venture outside of the home. I am an educated woman in the medical field that even in this economical hard times I could still be employed but my self worth has been wiped right from under me that I am afraid to submit a resume for a job. I had always had a strong faith and anytime I had any problem I would go to the Blessed Virgin for intercession on my behalf but I am so torn I have forgotten how to do that. I am asking, begging for your prayers to help loose me from this gripe Satan has on me in the form of “my husband”. I am reaching out and I asking for this help because I am afraid that if I don't get it soon I might just lose my soul next.

    Thank you in advance,
    Rhonda in Indiana

  64. I am praying for you because I, MaryLou, because I hate to see any family unit breaking down especially a close one. I also can relate to what you probably are going through and feeling because I had a very close relationship with my children until I let others tear it down and once it is torn it is hard to rebuild but with pray everything is possible. I am praying for your father because I feel he is hurt and lonely with the death of your mother and this is his way of dealing with it.

  65. Please pray for a beautiful young girl of 7 years old that has neuroblastoma. And also for her mother, she needs all the support she can get. Amen

  66. Pray for my husband who has pulled away from family, friends and our marriage. Please pray for his conversation and our marriage.

  67. colettejohnson on

    Please pray for my daughter Darina aged 24 suffering from Epstein Barr Virus & Chronic fatigue for at least 17 months. Please ask Jesus & His Blessed Mother to grant her healing. That this debilitating exhaustion may be lifted off her & that she may be able to return to work & to care for herself. Currently she is mostly confined to bed dependent on me. That Jesus will grant her companions & a good husband as right now no one even comes to visit her & she is very lost & lonely. Thank you.

  68. i would appreciate all the prayers needed for my nephew and his wife kara to conceive a child. they have been trying for a couple of years now. they would make excellent parents. we know this miracle will happen with the help of your prayers. God bless, and thank you lynn

  69. i would appreciate your prayers for my nephew and his wife to conceive a child. they have been trying for a couple of years. mark and kara will be excellent parents with Gods blessing. please help us with your prayers for this miracle to take place. God bless, lynn reis

  70. i will be praying for you. know that God is holding you close to him, he will not leave you. my prayers are with you rhonda!! lynn

  71. I have 2 prayer requests:
    My daughter & her husband have 3 beautiful children and their marriage is falling apart. I ask prayers for that little family, that the parents can learn to forgive themselves and each other.
    My mother-in-law has been taken to the hospital with a possible bloodclot in her leg. I pray that they can catch it in time…….

  72. Please pray I make new friends or one that I can confide in and aI get a job rt. away.


  73. Please pray that our home sells soon. We have been praying everyday we are short selling so we need a miracle. Thank you

  74. Please pray for my 11 week old granddaughter, Scarlett. She has optical nerve damage in both eyes and a lesion in one eye. Pray that the Lord will work a creative miracle to restore her sight. Thank you. Thank You, Lord Jesus.

  75. Please pray for my daughter Megan. She is suffering from mental illness. She has run away to be with a man who is also mentally ill, has a felony conviction and has substance abuse problems. Please pray that God returns her safely to us.

  76. Please pray for my stepmother, she is a mother of four, two of which are under the age of 18 months. she was recently diagnoced with IgA Nephrology, she has one kidney and only 30 percent of it works. in short what is happening is her immune system is attacking her only kidney. please pray for her health and pray that my darling step and half siblings do not end up with that evil man we call father.

  77. Please pray for my grandmother Socorro. She had a massive stroke 3 weeks ago and has been in and out of the ICU for weeks. She is not responding well to treatments and therapy and was diagnosed with pneumonia yesterday. Now she’s back in the ICU. She’s on a respirator and doesn’t want to try to breathe on her. She’s giving up. Please pray for her. Thank you and God Bless!

  78. Dear brother and sister in Christ ,
    My Prayer intentions:
    • Please pray for our young people in my parish, St Arnoldus Jansen, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia, I hope God Give His Love to us
    • Please pray for name of our team, I hope Jesus will use us in His ministry and bless us:
    Cynthia, Dewi, Yanuar, Theo, Shanti, Oti, Okky, Lusi, Diana, Dede, Fanny,heni, , Hendra, Icha, Ika, Jardi,and Lisa
    • Please pray for all this name, I hope God will bless, protect them and will love Jesus Christ in their life:
    Betaria, bones, danu, lucia,luis, lusi, risma, wening, yoana, yustinus, agus , angel, areta, bram, dede, lystia, nti, oti, yuana, amin, andre, ebay, mery, wening, yohanes, agnes, ayu, edwar, icha, Mario,ari, melky, tere ari, dewanti, dita, haris, johanes, mega, sugaiarto, therez , Diana, emil, hari, ika, titin , irmina, jefry, egi, tio, aris, dimas, dwi handoko, Edward, sandy, vanty, yohalim,yuli, isti, Rahma, Clara, Ina, hana, puden, theo, nita, dian, aditya, berna,era, sisca, else, indra,stefi, ayu,rina, anto, ratna, iin, citra, gio, ayu, desi, dee, Hilda, rian, susanto, else, Christian, joko, mindo,wati, lusi, emi, kiki, nico,metha,vero,ivan,yohanes,danang,henry,pius,marsel,maria,agus, dwi,ada,Irene,stevan,yustin,ina,selly,indri,nasib,nustan,hilina,rudi,esti,martinus,iwan,widodo,Andrew,jimmy,monic,lina,dian,paul,alit,masda,
    Dono,eva,yono,lusi,Margaret,yuana,charles,lina,danu,wiji,mitha,agus, else,ani,Gisela,mery lewar,nona colins,romanus,heny, shanti,roso,yanto,antok,dody,mardon,meli,lily,heri,Philip,tito,mora,wiwid,didik,heri,sammy,monic,angel,laras,bagus,dono,yohanes,niko,yus, jimmy,edi,oci,ragil,franky,dani,novi,Ronald,merti,vero,awank,aki,ane, dea,yunika,vili,adi,hang,paulus,joe,dorta,rinto,candra,maetina,Christi, silvy,anggie,novri,mutiha,widi,susi,nova,elen,doni,dini,yoanes,yustina, irma,tata,telly,waldo,tigor,pita,aris,Andrew,dwi,niko,dhani,rosa,adi,ayu,nano,cloudy,steven,Irene,hari,anita,budi,nico,epen,yuri,dita,veny, wilhemina,vempi,Fernando,maria,toni,susan,Rosalina,meris,ria,widi, else, theo, Hary, nuri, wira, ira, Ferdinand, aries,vina, bonafasius, and rika
    • Please pray for our youth charismatic catholic community in our parish, St Arnoldus Jansen, Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia
    • Please pray for our pastor in our parish, father ansel, father sil, father hendrik and father viktor
    • Please pray for people that had given donation to our community
    • Please for my parents, agus iwan and cece sudrajat, I hope God bless them in all their life
    • please pray for our event , life spirit retreat that will be held on june and july . I hope God will open the way for us, God intervention in every preparation of retreat. For our financial needs in our retreat , I hope God bless us. God open every heart of young people in our parish and touch their heart.
    Thanx Gbu


  79. Please pray for me and my kids. I asked their my husband to move out 16 months ago because he was unfaithful….actually his is addicted to those things and people. I need to file, but somthing keeps holding me back. Even though I know he continues to be dishonest and unfaithful. He is a lost man and a dark man. Please pray for my family to do what is right for us. thanks!

  80. Please I ask for your hand in prayer.
    I can’t find work, I have tried every thing. Their are so many thing going on that it is tuff to focus on one thing in my life. I prayer to give strath to my loving husband, that as supported us threw all the hard times we have gone threw. Please prayer for my brothers and sister to but things aside and be a family again. Prayer for my father, he is ill, pray for my mother she needs help, she has changed, and she is not the some lady that raised me. She has become my enemy, she has divvied her family. We need lots of prayer.

    Thank you

  81. Please say a prayer for my co worker’s wife. She is suffering from mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer. They have one child and she has recently taken a downward turn. Please pray for her.

  82. Please pray for our daughter and her 2 young children as she suffers through a divorce. Ask Our Lord to give her trust in Him, increase her faith for a good result at the courts, give her hope that Our Lord is taking care of the miserable details.
    Pray for peace in her broken heart and for God’s love to shine through her heart to her children. She feels empty and is full of fear, anger, frustration. Holy Spirit fill her with your PEACE and wisdom.

    Praise you Jesus.

  83. Please Pray for me I am very sick. My schizophrenia will disappear and never return. My depression will disappear and never return. My nervousness and anxiety will disappear and never return.
    My exhaustion will disappear and never return. My fear and irritability will disappear and never return. My mental confusion and lack of concentration will disappear and never return. My poor sleeping and lack of sleep will disappear and never return. My lack of ambition will disappear and never return. I will never again be dependent on medication and I will not get sick or go through withdrawals when I stop taking them. I will never need medication again. I will no longer be addicted to tobacco or cigarettes–I will quit smoking with no problems with cravings or with withdrawals. It will be easy for me to quit smoking. I will lose 80 pounds quickly and without effort and will never be overweight again. My poor eye sight will disappear and I will have excellent sight and never again need glasses. The noises in my ears will disappear and never return. I will be able to drink as much coffee and ice tea without getting mentally confused, lose my concentration or become exhausted. My thyroid will work well and I will never get sick because of my low thyroid. My bones will become thick and strong and will never break or fracture. I will always have excellent sleep and will only need 6 hours of sleep which will be refreshing, sound, and energizing. My veins will heals and never become sick again. My scars will disappear and never return. My wrinkles will all disappear and never return. I will live forever and be in excellent health. I will always wake up alert, refresh, full of energy and full of ambition. I will have high levels of energy for 18 hours a day. I will never get sick, mentally confused and lose my concentration. I will always be full of ambition, energy and in excellent health. My teeth will always stay in excellent condition. My whole body will become in excellent condition quickly and will never fall apart or get sick. I will aways wake up alert, full of ambition, have excellent energy and never lose my concentration. I will aways brush my teeth, take a bath and keep a clean house. My duck will heal and always be in excellent health. (yes i have a pet duck name Corky she is an Indian runner duck who is a female had her since a chick now for three years) All my friends and family will have excellent health and will never have problems. I will never have problems again of any kind. I will learn everything quickly and understand all things. I will never have cancer again . I pray that I never urnitate or deficate on myself. Please Pray for me. Mrs. Dale

  84. Andrew Tan on

    My prayer request are following:
    Pray that:
    1.) God will make a way for me to shift out and live independently with His chosen n plan accommodation with my business and spiritual partner whose is Dominic Yong so that both of us can build closer relationship with the Lord and focus on the setting up the business venture given by the Lord as well as serve Him.

    2.) God will supply daily financial support for me without worry during the beginning few months of setting up the business venture given by Him.

    3.) God is blessing, divine protection and held the best plan for us for this month setting up the business venture given by Him which is leadership training n education formation centre.

    4.) God bless the person whom He sent for us as sponsor and helping us in achieves my dreams in entrepreneurship by setting up the business venture.

    4.) God will bless and chosen a faithful Christian wife for my future happiness and building Christ-centered family as she is supporting and encourage me in fulfilling the will, visions and dreams given by the Lord and she also can serve the Lord with me around Malaysia and around the world wherever I go.
    5.) God will gives me music gift which is keyboard and guitar, song composing skills, vocal and performance on stage to be His witness by performing and compose Gospel songs and compose pop songs for Chinese Music Industry.

    6.) God will make me a Billionaire so that I can contribute 1/10 of monthly wealth to Church and ¾ of all assets to the Churches, charity organizations, and youth organizations around the world before I leave the world.

    7.) God will make a way for me to study theology at USA either in San Francisco University or Franciscan University or God’s chosen university for faculty of theology so that I can set up a non-denominational ministry which provides leadership and motivation training to all Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches around the world and the marketplace around the world. I also can serve You in Catholic Churches with theology given by You.

    8.) God will bless and plan for setting up Andrew International Ministries (AIM) to serve the Churches and the world.

    9.) God will bless and plan partnership between Tau Cherng, Dominic Yong, and I in setting up the Christian Investment Firm which You given the plan for Tau Cherng.
    10.) God will bless and supply me a bungalow, a new car, an audio recorder, a video camera, a digital camera, and a wireless broadband so that I can serve Him well.

    11.) God bless and plan for Your given both business venture to expand locally and internationally as global brand as well as other small and medium enterprises to expand globally.

    12.) God plan and bless me for attending daily morning Mass without worry and without facing daily financial needs.

    13.) God bless, plan and supply all the books I want from Popular, MPH and numerous Christian bookstore.

    14.) God make a way for me to travel around Malaysia and every country in the world to serve Him.

    15.) God bless and chosen the location of the shop lot and sent a designer for designing His given venture trademark, logo and uniform as well as God’s inspire venture name and slogan.

  85. Please pray for three people looking for full-time employment – Michele, Michele, and Mariallys.

  86. Please pray for my mom, Maryann. She has lung cancer that has metasticized to her brain. Please pray for her to have peace, love, and forgiveness. We pray for her healing and comfort.

  87. Please pray for my friend, Amber. She is going to the doctor today to find out more information about her baby that could potentially have Down’s Syndrome. She is feeling very nervous and overwhelmed. Please pray for peace of heart and the strength to deal with the upcoming challenges in her pregnancy.

    Thank you.

  88. Please pray for my husband and that he will come back into his catholic faith. Please pray for our continued struggle with secondary infertility.

  89. i am in need of prayer. my family seems to have forgotten that i am important to them. i have been almost out of my mind -crying out for any sign from them that they feel grateful for me. almost begging for praise–even the smallest thing– you look nice today, thank you for this or that…i give and give and i don’t ask for much in return – i know i am doing my best and God rewards me with all the blessings i have. however…i have woken up recently unable to accept being ignored, feeling slighted, disobeyed constantly by my children…being told i am not good enough…sometimes when you do so much others take you for granted and even though i am strong, i need the same love in return. maybe thats an awful lot to ask for, but perhaps another prayer or two could help heal some of the sadness in my heart….because i have taught my family better than this. to love and respect those around them…maybe i forgot to say that included me.
    thank you for your help.

  90. Please pray for me And my husband our marriage is falling apart And i am feeling very depressed lately. we have A teenAge son who its starting to affect. please pray so that my husband changes his ways And that i get a job soon. thank you!

  91. Please pray for my 10 year old daughter who is struggling with her self confidence…she had a very hard year last year in grade 4 and now she is struggling with grade 5…she is a very smart girl but she just doesn’t believe in herself due to bulling last year and a teacher who did not handle the situation very well…please pray fro her..Thank you Kerry

  92. I pray that the anger, hatred and dislike my brother, his wife and her family have for me is taken away. I love my brother but all he has ever shown me and his parents are psychological and emotional abuse. I pray that he does not submit his child and unborn child to the same abuse.
    Lord bless my brother and his family and bring them peace so that the anger and bitterness they have towards me becomes a thing of the past and that our families are reunited.


  93. Please pray for me, sisters in faith! After two healthy pregnancies I have since suffered 4 inexplicable miscarriages. All testing imaginable has been done, no answers found to this mystery. I have learned to offer this suffering but now that I am pregnant again and am taking progesterone I am terrified. Please keep me in your prayers!
    I ask also for prayers for a dear brother who has not yet found his soulmate, another brother who has lost his faith and is not raising his children in the Christian tradition, and a third brother suffering from severe depression.
    God’s Will be done, Amen .

  94. Please pray for my son’s future, depression, love relationships, cleansing of spiritual control/racial/genetic control (he’s 21). Cleansing of spiritual bondages in his family tree over (not sure if pagan, occult, false religions, sin strongholds or abuse/genetic bondages):

    When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 11:2
    Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice. Proverbs 13:3
    A man’s pride brings him low, but a man of lowly spirit gains honor. Proverbs 29:23
    Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18
    You save the humble, but your eyes are on the haughty to bring them low. 2 Samuel 22:28
    He guides the humble in what is right and teaches them his way. Psalm 25:9
    For everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.” Luke 14:11
    Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10
    Young men, in the same way be submissive to those who are older. All of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” 1 Peter 5:5
    We have a lot to learn from Moses. Moses had been so close to God. He was known for his humility.
    “Now the man Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.” (Numbers 12:3)
    This intimacy with God came at a great cost.

    He chose a path that took him from the palaces of earth to the very throne of God. He couldn’t have both. He didn’t want both. He chose the greater. He chose God. Moses started high in the Egyptian palace and descended to the desert with God. He exchanged heaven for earth.

  95. Please pray that God will bless us with another child if it is his will. Please pray that God will also change my husbands mind and make him open to new life.
    thank you.

  96. Please pray for my three sons, especially my oldest, who is making terrible life choices right now. He is gifted with so many talents and yet chooses to not use them! He defies authority at most every turn, and sees himself as equal with adults (he’s 14). Pray for his conversion!

    • You got it. My 18 yr old is going through the same issues as well. It is very difficult.

  97. Posted for an anonymous friend of

    Hello friends! Please, I kindly ask for the help of anyone out there whom my words will reach through the Grace of GOD… I’m in need of urgent prayer from you all! Things are not good at all and they are piling on! I’m overwhelmed. 🙁 I need prayer on a lot of my life’s issues. My Health and financial issues are “biggies on top of the pile!” Thank You kindly brothers and Sisters in Christ. May God Bless you Too!!!

  98. Please pray for me. I’m having a hard time right now with the feeling of bieng alone. I feel as though my friends have all abandoned me at times and as though I’m stuck and not really moving forward or back. Please pray that God will help me to regain my friendships and to understand that these feelings are just temporary and even if I am in the literal sense alone that He is beside me.

  99. First I pray, for all of the previous posts recieved, that their prayers are answered, for I know they are needed most. Second I ask that the torment I am feeling, as I long to live my life in His name and by His word, in my Catholic faith, be the trial I must go through to recieve the peace I want to come to know fully. I am certain it is s***n trying to fool me and I rebuke it. I ask you God, for guidance, holiness and grace and pray for protection in this life that I choose. I only want you Lord. Nothing else.

  100. Please pray for the healing of my mother, Krystyna, going through a battle with lung cancer.

  101. Pray for a friend and her unborn son. 24 weeks pregnant and membranes ruptured. Has had 2 stillborns this past year.

  102. First, I would like to express my gratitude to the Lord for this Website. I really praise and thank God for giving me this website that helps me in my spiritual needs.
    I ask HIM to continuously bless and protect my family and myself from every harm and to help my husband find a better job. God knows all our needs and dreams and may His will which is the best for us be done! I ask this in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen.

  103. I am asking for prayers for God to bless my husband and I with our own child. I’m 25 years old and we’ve been trying for 3 years and have had no luck. It is very difficult to be in this situation especially with everyone around me getting pregnant and having babies. All I’ve ever wanted is to be a mother and I ask God to give my husband and I strength, patience, and to trust and not lose hope that He will guide us in the right direction during this difficult time.

  104. I am praying for all of you on this board. May God bless and protect you and guide you and your families in his ways.
    I am asking for prayers for my husband as he is discerning whether or not to join the RCIA program and become baptized into the catholic church.

    Also, I pray for both my sister and I that if it be God’s will he bless each of our families with children. She has been trying to get pregnant for over a year (they have no children yet) and my husband and I are willing to lovingly accept more children into our family.
    Thank you in advance for your prayers.

  105. Please pray for our continued struggle for a family. My husband and I have been trying unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant for a couple of years. I have fertility problems. I also am asking for prayer on my whether to take RCIA classes to make my confirmation. I have been batizied and made my first communion. Please pray that i make the right decision.

  106. Please remember my boyfriend in prayer has he has hemophillia a blood disorder and hs battling to come to terms with it. I pray for healing virtues for him and especially his family that you may give them the strength to handle this together. I pray that you may keep us together. I pray for my family that they may except him with open arms and that he may have the courage to face them and meet them.

    I also bring before you our former priest who his really ill that God may restore him to full health and may give him the courage to perservere through this trial.

  107. Please pray for my family. We are going through a painfully expensive and nasty child custody case. Our daughter was taken while we were both at work by her biological mother half way across the country. This was a year ago. Thousands of dollars later – a drained 401K and no extended family to help us at all, we don’t know if we can continue the battle. If we don’t it’s as if all the money we spent was for nothing. Now, with the power outage here on the East coast, we’re having to stay in a hotel – also burning up our rent money to do so. Our sons are sick now from the cold and have to be put on a nebulizer at the hotel. My husband has been on disability and lost pay so we’re really at the end of our rope with no one to help. Pray that we just get back home where we all feel safe and comfortable, my family’s health gets back on track – and that by the grace of God we get our daughter back. The nightmares from all the anxiety make it so I can’t sleep much anymore.

  108. Please pray for my complete healing of breast cancer and pray for wisdom for the doctors and nurses caring for me.

    • Marie, lifting you up in prayer, Please Lord, protect Marie. Please heal her from cancer. Amen

  109. Please pray for our oldest son. He has had a lot to deal with in his life and it is taking it’s toll. Please pray that God guides him in the right direction and that God shows us the correct path to take with him. He is making poor decision after poor decision and we are beginning to feel a sense of hopelessness. God has blessed us in so many ways and so many people are suffering and in need of prayer. Prayer helps and we are need of some now. Please help guide us from this place to a positive direction. God Bless you all.

  110. Please pray for my son John 20 having blood & urine tests on Friday the 6th. Please pray for good results. Thanks.

  111. Please pray for three of my adult children who are not attending Mass. Please pray they come back to the Church and teach the Catholic faith to their children. Thank you. Blessings.

  112. Please pray for a financial breakthrough in my family. It has been 4 years since we received any proper income and my savings are exhausted and coming to an end. I just can’t find a job and my husband too has been trying so hard. Please pray for us.

  113. Please pray for the little Isabella who was taken from her Tucson home 9 days ago..please Heavenly Father protect her with your Holy spirit, protect her from any evil or harm, Loving God please convict those that have taken them, please cause their hearts to feel compassion and to repent and to do what is right, by turning her into authorities, Dear Lord, please hear our prayer. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  114. Correction” Please Lord convict those that have taken her, please cause their hearts to feel compassion and to repent and to do what is right, by returning her to her family…Please Heavenly Father protect her completely, surround her with your Angels, give her little sweet soul peace, protect her if she is scared, Lord, I have little ones that you have blessed me with, I can not imagine this happening, please Lord, protect all your little children, hold their little sweet innocent souls in your loving hands, Lord, you are everything Good. Thank you Lord, Amen.

    • I have not heard about the situation kimmy is praying for, but my heart goes out to this little girl, Isabella and her family. Please Lord, grant this family peace and lead this little girl back to her family by your grace and love. Dear Angels and Saints in heaven, please pray for her safety and interceed with God to bring her home safely to her family. Amen.

  115. Melissa Iner on

    Please help us pray that this precious child can receive a liver transplant in Beijing, China. Our family would like to adopt her, and we are praying for that miracle. We have 3 biological sons and a daughter adopted at age 8 1/2 from China three years ago. Thank you so much for every prayer you offer up for little Alea!

  116. I pray that God will help me with my daily struggle of having a close relationship with God and the draw and concern over material things. Please help me be patient, loving and nurturing parent to my young children and husband.

  117. God,Help us to overcome the crisis we are facing …Help the other party and guide her . Help my son to go back to the Catholic church and I want him to love you more and more .
    Let nothing go further than a rumor .
    I promise I will be more devote to you Jesus . I promise to pray every day for all the stray souls to come back to you . I promise to ask people to devote to Mother Mary .
    Jesus I put all my trust in you . Praise to you Lord . My life is nothing without you ….Be with us always and never abandon us even we are not worthy of your love .

  118. Please pray for my brother-in-law Jack who just found out he has pancreas cancer. He is scheduled for surgery on August 15th. Hoping and praying for a good outcome from the surgery and complete recovery. Thank you, God Bless.

  119. Please pray for our little boy Wyatt who has been battling leukemia since he was 5, and just suffered a second relapse (discovered on his 8th birthday.) Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the doctors, for strength, peace, hope and joy for Wyatt, his two brothers and us, his parents. Thank you. God bless.

    • Dear Jesus,
      Please watch over little Wyatt and his family. Give them peace and hope. Shower them with Your love. You are the Great Physician. Please heal Wyatt and give him a long life with his family. Please dear Jesus bless Wyatt and his family with the graces they need. May Your name be praised forever. Thank you dear Jesus. Amen.

  120. Please pray for my husband and I as we have been struggling to conceive. We do not want to seek any artificial treatment. We desire to have children badly. If it is not God’s will, please pray that we will at least have peace without them. God bless!

    • Lynette,
      Do not lose hope. Pray to St. Gerard and St. Gianna. There is also always adoption. We have had family members adopt children.
      May God bless you and your husband with a child.
      Blessed Mother Mary pray for them.

  121. Please pray for the conversion of my brother Edward. Lost to worldly things, drinking and lies. Please pray for my son who started bedwetting. May God grant him healing to what is causing this.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  122. Sisters in faith, please pray for my husband and I as we discern what God’s Will for us is in regard to family planning. Pray that my husband will open his heart to more children and give us the strength and courage to follow the church’s teaching to use only NFP.

    May God bless you and your families.

  123. Please pray that God will lead me to the man that will be my future husband. That He will guide our hearts together and help us to build a blessed, loving and God-centered relationship.

    God Bless and Thank you

  124. I pray that God will favour me with a good paying job in an organised establishment that I will really enjoy working in. I also pray for my husband, that God will send him help from heaven and change his financial status for the better and for my children – for good health and God’s Watch – Amen

    • I pray for your needs to get the help you need !

      Please pray for the restoration and reuniting of my 7 year relationship that is severely broken with the love of my life Melanie Schmidt. I pray to God that he grants this miracle favor. Please pray for us to heal. Amen,- Ray Barnes

  125. Please include in your prayers our family specially my husband – security on his job, protection from God’s gracious and loving hands in any lay-off from their company. Also include the souls and the family grieving in Connecticut tragedy. Thank you. May this Christmas bring joy, peace and happiness to all.

  126. Please pray for brother-in-law, he was leukemia and finished his 2nd round of chemo yesterday. If the remaining 10% of cancer is killed off then he will get a bone marrow transplant from a brother. He has a wonderful attitude and is a devout Catholic and a wonderful father to my 9 yr old nephew. I also ask that you would pray for my sister. Thank you and God bless you all.

  127. Stephanie Bornhorst on

    For the healing of my father’s (David Moorman) lungs and strength to recover from aspiration pneumonia suffered after heart surgery. For the strength of my family to support him and my mother. God’s will be done.

  128. Please pray for my children, that tthey will recover from the shock of their dad and my husband of ten years leaving us for another woman, I am a very devout Catholic who now finds herself as the sole caregiver of three kids. Please pray for me, that I may lead a Holy life and pass on my love of God and The Church. Please pray that I can finish school soon, but in the mean-time that I can move up in the district I work for so that I may finally be able to pay my bills each month and get off of public assistance. I know that God will provide, but I’m scared that I will loose my home, get utilities shut off, or have my van break down. I am in desperate need of more income, I don’t want to be rich, just able to survive. Finally, that I get the strength to do all of this alone.

    • Angela, God does not abandon good women and mothers. I will pray my head off for you. Stay strong and be brave for your kids. God will not drop you. You are my hero.

    • Please pray for my son who’s wife, after only one year of marriage, has convinced him to have an open marriage. I am at a loss as to how to deal with this. My son is going along w this as he loves his wife and does not want to Lose her. I would argue already had lost her

  129. for my son michael and his wife that they may have an amicable divorce. and although she wanted the divorce she has a lot of hostility and anger and i fear for my son. pls pray for him for strength and peace of mind to handle this situation. and pls include me and his sister too who suffer along with him. thank you.

  130. for my niece, Gabrielle that she may have success in her studies to obtain a degree and she may be able to support her son. and for my sis that her hand surgery may successful and restore her health. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  131. Please lift in prayer Jake . He is on drugs and possibly suffering from bipolar disorder. In addition he may have chosen an alternate life style. He had been missing and when his mother put out an alert with our sheriff’s office, he finally called his her and has completely rejected her and the entire family. The mother is suffering from the painful words but recognizes that this is clearly spirtual warfare and that the son is under obsession. He is being influenced by someone who does not believe in God. The mother is requesting that we place this intention on every prayer line possible and that the saving grace of Our Lord and Lady reach up to the heavens for an outpouring of Divine Mercy. She is requesting prayers for both her son and the person who he claims he is now living with (Michael). May Our Lord’s healing grace penetrate the walls Satan has built and destroy them so healing may take place.

  132. Please pray for my son who is suffering from acute depression & is taking drugs.

  133. my companion and I have been together for 13 years, please help me pray to God that he finally make up his mind about marriage and for us to start a family. Amen

  134. Prayers for my husband to get a job that can support our family, especially since we have a baby on the way. He has been searching for over a year. We are hoping for a job before the baby his born so that I can stay home with the baby.

  135. Prayers for the sale of my husbands business and for grace and strength for my children after the death of their father, my husband

  136. Please pray for my young son and myself. These times are every difficult for many I realize. Yet, without others to share the weight of heavier burdens we risk going under instead of holding on for the true time of victory, overcoming in God. the Holy Spirit.Thank-you and may all true Graces be given for you and your concerns.

  137. i pray that God will listen to your prayer requests. Please pray that I may get a job to help my family.

  138. Please pray that my mentally ill 22 year old finds strength, healing, love and God. He is vey ill and it hurts so much to sit by and watch him suffer and watch his life just stagnated by illness. Please pray for Gods mercy. Thank you

  139. Dora Fierro on

    Please pray for me that God will bless me with the job that he wants me work at. I am depress and in need of prayer and God’s presence in my life. I love my children but I don’t get to see them. Please pray that God will bring my children into my life.

    Thank you

  140. Please pray for me as I am suffering from a herniated disc that is also “chipped”. I have had constant pain, sometimes excruciating, for three weeks. A friend of mine told me to “offer it up” to God and to pray to Him for relief. I also ask for your prayers as this whole situation has really brought me down. Thank you very much.

  141. Pray for our family, as it is tough raising teens in such a permissive society! My husband and I pray daily for our children, and keep asking the Holy Spirit and our children’s Guardian Angels to enlighten them and keep them close to the faith foundation God has helped us lay. Pray for our oldest to realize he CAN be a good influence, but cannot fix disfunctional. Pray, too, for continued gifts of the Holy Spirit upon us and other parents of teens. God Bless each of you and yours!

  142. I have not been feeling well for the past two weeks. I feel chills, body aches and pains, dizzy some times. I ask that the almighty God intervenes and clear my entire body from any sickness or disease that may try to take over my body. I also experiences some pain inside my left ear. I am so glad that I was able to come across this site. Thanks a lot.

  143. Please pray for my family. There has been a divide and a family member no longer wants to be part of the family. This family member has been seeking “guidance” from mediums. Since allowing these doors to be open, they have falsely accused my son of stealing an item, of which led to an argument. I pray that God just works miracles, to clear my son’s name, to bring our family back to whole, to deliver this family member from any demonic sprits they may have opened the doors to. To protect the remainder of our family members. Amen!

  144. Please pray for my 16 year old daughter who is suffering with depression. Please pray that God will lay His healing hand on her and direct us to the correct therapy, medication and scripture. May He also bring loving, faithful friends into her life. May He plant deep under a deep understanding His great love for her and her value as His beloved daughter.

    • Sorry for the typos. I meant, may He plant in her heart a deep understanding of His great love for her and her value as His beloved daughter.

  145. Please pray for Jeremy who is continuing to fight addiction to video gaming and pornography. Please pray that he will continue to fight and win. Please pray that if it is God’s will he will find a job and be able to move to the town where the children and I live. If it is God’s will please allow our marriage and love to be restored and renewed.

  146. my mother was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and tomorrow around 12 p.m. (e.s.t) she is scheduled for eye surgery due to the thryroid making her eyes and eye sockets to swell. because of the internal swelling that hasnt gone away it has caused my mother to almost loose her eye sight. tomorrows sugery will hopefully correct her vision. please send all prayers her way to have a good surgery and to restore her vision back to normal and a speedy recovery. she is also due to have surgery to romove her thyroid (which is where the cancer is) on the 30th of september. please pray also that my mother will be able to get a sooner surgery date to remove this horrible diesease which has caused my mother to have tremendis pain. she is a great mother and without her my sibiling and i would be lost. shes what holds our whole family together and we dont want to loose her. please pray for her.

  147. Please pray for Melissa. She discovered a lump last Tuesday (9/10/13) and has been told it is aggressive breast cancer. She will be going to the surgeon on Monday (9/16/13).

  148. My son, Nick, has bottled up his emotions since returning from his tour of duty as a Marine in Iraq.Six months ago his girlfriend dumped him and he has been in a downward spiral of anger, guilt, loneliness and desperation. He is seeing a therapist but stresses at work have increased in the last few weeks and his judgement is getting poorer and poorer and I’m afraid he’s having a breakdown and he’s so angry and upset he won’t let us help him.

    Please pray that he gets clarity of mind, and that he accepts the help offered to him to help him heal and move on with his life.

  149. please pray for Charles that he gets the support and help he needs to be successful in his job…pray that he wins the battle against depression and anxiety.

  150. Please help my 7 year old son who is in second grade. He is not doing well in school and yet he does not want to study when we ask him to. He is very hard headed and displays very opposite behavior when he is in school and when he is at home. When he is in school, he is very timid and speaks very softly during recitation yet when he is at home, he screams a lot and is very stubborn. We do not know how to discipline him anymore. Please help us as become good parents and please help our son become behaved and do well in school.

  151. Dear all,

    please pray my parents, i hope God bless us and
    please pray for me, get strength to face tempation, live purity, and heal my porn addiction


  152. I’m losing my hearing and I need a baha demo inplant surgery or I will lose my hearing.i also got mild scoliosis,and other health problems.when I hurt I offer my pain and suffering to every one who is praying for me and all those who needs prayers. I’m so scared to lose my hearing.i hardly got any money.When me and my husband got married we couldn’t go any where.i’m only 38years old.iwish I could go to the holy land I wish so bad to go.

  153. Please pray for my son who quit college, left without money or a job. He wants no contact with us and has lost his faith. He has severe anxiety.

  154. PLEASE, pray for the SAVING of the MARRIAGE of my dear husband and me. My dear David has separated from me (November 2013), does not speak at all with anyone who has contact with me nor me and IS divorcing me….Please, pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our beautiful marriage! We met through the image of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels, he proposed after Holy Mass and the Angelus (while we were before the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa… at St. Stanislaus Oratory…. on the feast of the Holy Family, and were married August 17, 2013) We both intend well, and our challenges are completely reconcilable…..Yet, David is SO set on a divorce!… We need a MIRACLE…. Please, URGENTLY pray for the SAVING OF OUR MARRIAGE, as it IS IN the courts!…….. Thank you so very much, and may God bless you and your families via the Immaculate Heart of His Blessed Mother!

  155. I pray that God give me a sign of whether or not I am meant to be with my boyfriend or not even though we have two children together. We are both good people but I don’t feel like I am truly in love with him. We want to stay together for our children but I don’t feel like we’re happy together. Please, please pray for me as I don’t want to be feeling this way anymore.

  156. Please lift up my son Verdine and his wife Lucy and two beautiful children, as the couple just seem to not be able to stay together…they try each time just for a while.

  157. Please pray for my husband and I and our baby girl who is due in July. She has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. We pray that she is otherwise healthy and has a strong heart, and that we remain strong in raising her and her three big sisters. May they always know how much we love them and what a blessing they are to us. Thank you.

  158. I need prayers for me and my daughter.I’ve got mild scoliosis,generalized colitis,and stomach pain.i’ve been in pain for a month and I’m trying to find a good help me get better. I’m only 39 years old and I’m so worried about my health.My daughter doesen’t believe in God, I try to pray for her.

  159. Please pray for my son Ryan who has alienated himself from me and I do not understand why. I miss my boy…

  160. Please pray for my dear friend Nicole who just developed mastitis and it infected her blood stream. She has been in the hospital and has been on a few antibiotics and it’s been a slow healing process. Pray for her and her family to get through this quickly and safely.

  161. please pray for my 34 yr old niece who is a mom of 4 and in critical condition after a heart attack.

  162. Please pray for me. I have been dealing with a natural miscarriage for the last 3 weeks. I would like to avoid the D&C procedure in order to avoid potential scarring; especially since I have had 3 C-Sections to deliver my children.

  163. Please pray for my Mom as tomorrow she has to go for a CT scan to see if her cancer is back

  164. Please pray for my daughter Kari. She stopped talking to her entire family 1 1/2 years ago. She went into a mental health facility and 5 days in she stopped calling me. Her boyfriend later expressed she needed space. She lives in a different state with him. My heart aches everyday. I could also use prayers so I don’t become depressed and lose hope.

  165. Please pray that Pete takes me on another wonderful date this week and contacts me very soon to set it up. I’m worried that he won’t contact me again and I’m anxious about it. Please pray to God to bless me with a wonderful, happy, and official committed relationship with Pete in spite of Pete’s comments that he is not able to commit to a relationship at this point. I pray that Pete contacts me on his own very soon, showing me he truly wants to date me. Please help me to continue being patient and avoid reaching out to him.

  166. Please pray a chaplet of St Pio for my five children and I. Pray that we immediately come up with $20,000 so we can relocate to California by this summer. Please pray that my daughters can still have children and that none of my children end up being gay because of the abuse of their father. Pray that my brother calls our mother immediately after eight years of absence despite his wife’s interference. Pray that we are all healthy. Amen. Please send your guardian angels to St Pio to pray for us. Amen.

  167. My son will be sentence tomorrow in state court. He’s already serving federal time. Please pray that the judge is lenient and give him the minimum sentence to run concurrent with his federal time. i believe he is repentant and is truly sorry for what happened. He was only 18 when this happened and he’s now 22. In Jesus Name, Amen. Thanks.

    • Steph I will pray for you . I too am dealing with some major marriage and family issues. Christ will take care of us though I am certain. God bless you and your family

  168. Thank you
    I ask for prayers for my family my husband my sons Pablo his wife Hanna, my son Chris and his wife Tash, my daughters andrea and Carla. For their returned to their faith and the sacraments. I unite my prayers to all those who now are praying for their families.
    Dear God hear our prayer and keep us inside your sacred heart always united Ito the immaculate heart of out blessed mother Mary.

  169. Please pray that God will restore my relationship with RB and renew our love for one another. We should have been married by now but evil took all that away. Please pray that God will recover what was taken and allow us to share our lives as husband and wife. My daughter deserves a wonderful life with a great step dad and my heart desires to be loved by a wonderful man. Everyone knew we were a blessing together and I pray they is returned. Please pray for us. Amen . Thank you and I will pray for you.

  170. Please pray for the complete conversion of KC back to the truths of the faith and that she leaves the sinful lifestyle she is in and for the complete conversion of my ML to believe in God as he lost his faith and come back to the sacraments. For the health of my aging parents and that my husband CM agrees to foster or adopt a child

  171. please prayer for miracle my my brother and sister in law have three girl now again my sister in law carrying girl baby please prayer that she get boy baby thank you jesus amen

  172. Hi, I was thinking about the upcoming Divine Mercy Novena and would like a favor.
    What if people all over the world prayed the Divine Mercy Novena for those persecuted for their faith and especially for the ones doing the persecuting? Remember Lepanto? It may not be God’s will that the persecution stop or lessen, but if it were possible to have many people, throughout the world, united and praying for this intention, appealing to Divine Mercy, can’t we expect miracles? What if on Divine Mercy Sunday, ISIS/ Boko Haram just dropped their weapons and converted? God, through Jonah, convinced a city to turn from sin in a matter of days. Why not try to use prayer to transform hate into mercy by appealing to Mercy Himself?
    Please prayerfully consider mentioning this idea on your website, a facebook page, a blog, the radio, tv – anywhere the faithful can be reached.
    Thank you,

    • I will definitely join you on this! Thank you for sharing. It’s a big prayer request, but God is a big God—so I’m sure he can handle it! 🙂

  173. Please pray for my husband Brandon as he discerns accepting a new job offer. He is an extremely contemplative person, and I trust his judgement 100%—but as the main provider for our family, making big decisions like this is very stressful. I know God has a plan for him, so please pray with me that Brandon will open his heart to hearing it.

    Thank you!

  174. Hi, I lived in Queens ,NY. I have twin girls that were taking from me illegally on June 16, 2014 by someone who has status . I been arrested twice by this same person .Haven’t yet been present an warrant for my arrest. I went every where looking for help. So I am ask God to intervene on opening some doors or put me in touch with the right people. So I can reunite with my daughters .

  175. Please pray for me and us. Especially for a very personal intention which is normally not shared talked about and needs to be. It is very deeply painful and emotionally distressing.
    thank you.

  176. Our deepest thanks for prayers said in the past for our 10 year old little boy Wyatt with leukemia. He died on Tuesday 4/14 after 5 yrs of incredible suffering, with this past Lent including very intense pain, due primarily to effects that had occurred to his body from treatment. He would ask who he could offer his suffering to Jesus for, or would quietly say who he had thought of on his own. While we believe he is in heaven (he died with his brown scapular on!) we still ask for prayers for his soul (his favorite prayer was “Eternal Rest.”) I ask now also for prayers for our oldest son Matthew, 13. We homeschool, our boys all shared a room, we never went anywhere due to the risk of germs so all they have had was each other. They were as close as two brothers could be. Also prayers for our youngest Jakie, 9. He has auditory processing difficulties and carries much anger from the last 5 years. And please pray for my husband Mark and myself Cathy, as we move forward now trying to lead our two boys who remain with us, on the right path to Jesus, as we suffer with our own broken hearts. Thank you and God bless.

  177. tess prius on

    Testimonies from ex-Roman Catholic Priests

    The following quotes are taken from the book by Richard Bennet, Far from Rome, Near to God: Testimonies of 50 Converted Roman Catholic Priests, Carlisle, PN: The Banner of Truth Trust, 1997. They are quite interesting and valuable since they give an insight to Catholicism from those who were priests in the Catholic Church and then left it to find salvation in Jesus.

    Following are excerpts from only a few of the fifty testimonies in the book:

    1. Henry Gregory Adams. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada. He entered the Basilian Order of monks and adopted the monastic name of “Saint Hilarion the Great.” He was ordained as a priest and served five parishes in the Lemont, Alberta area.

    A. Sacraments. “The monastic life and the sacraments prescribed by the Roman Catholic Church did not help me to come to know Christ personally and find salvation . . . I realized that the man-made sacraments of my church and my good works were in vain for salvation. They lead to a false security.” (p. 3)

    2. Joseph Tremblay. Born in Quebec, Canada, 1924. He was ordained a priest in Rome, Italy and was sent to Bolivia, Chile where he served for 13 years “as a missionary in the congregation of the Oblate Fathers of Mary Immaculate.”

    A. Salvation by works. “My theology has taught me that salvation is by works and sacrifices . . . my theology gives me no assurance of salvation; the Bible offers me that assurance . . . I had been trying to save myself on my works . . . I was stifled in a setting in which I was pushed to do good works to merit my salvation.” (pp. 9, 11-12)

    3. Bartholomew F. Brewer. He applied to the Discalced Carmelites, a strict monastic order. He received training of “four years of high school seminary, two years in the novitiate, three years of philosophy, and four years of theology (the last after ordination).” He was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception of Mary in Washington, D.C. He eventually served as a diocesan priest in San Diego, California and entered the Navy as a Roman Catholic chaplain.

    A. Upon questioning Rome’s Beliefs, “At first I did not understand, but gradually I observed a wonderful change in mother. Her influence helped me realize the importance of the Bible in determining what we believe. We often discussed subjects such as the primacy of Peter, papal infallibility, the priesthood, infant baptism, confession, the mass, purgatory, the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and the bodily assumption of Mary into heaven. In time I realized that not only are these beliefs not in the Bible, they are actually contrary to the clear teaching of Scripture.” (pp. 21-22)

    B. Relying on works. He left the Roman Catholic Church, got married and through conversations with his wife and other Christians, “I finally understood that I had been relying on my own righteousness and religious efforts and not upon the completed and sufficient sacrifice of Jesus Christ. The Roman Catholic religion had never taught me that our own righteousness is fleshly and not acceptable to God, nor that we need to trust in his righteousness alone . . . during all those years of monastic life I had relied on the sacraments of Rome to give me grace, to save me.” (p. 25)

    4. Hugh Farrell. Born in Denver, Colorado. Entered the Order of our Lady of Mount Carmel, commonly called the Discalced Carmelite Fathers. Ordained as a priest.

    A. Priestly power to change elements: “The priest, according to the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church, has the power to take ordinary bread and wine, and, by pronouncing the words of the consecration prayer in the sacrifice of the Mass, to change it into the actual body and blood and soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Hence, since one cannot separate the human nature of Christ from his divinity, the bread and wine, after being changed into the body and blood of Jesus Christ, are entitled to the worship of adoration.” (pp. 28)

    B. Temporal punishment due to sins. “I knew from the teachings of the priests and nuns that I could not hope to go directly to heaven after my death. My Roman Catholic catechism taught me that after death I had to pay for the temporal punishment due to my sins. The Roman Catholic Church teaches that ‘the souls of the just which, in a moment of death, are burdened with venial sins or temporal punishment due to sin, enter purgatory.'” (p. 29)

    C. Penance. Regarding life in the monastery and doing penance. “These penances consist of standing with the arms outstretched to form a cross, kissing the sandaled feet of the monks, receiving a blow upon the face from the monks, and, at the end of the meal, lying prostrate before the entrance to the refectory so that the departing monks must step over one’s body. These, and other penances, are supposed to gain one merit in heaven and increase one’s ‘spiritual bank account.'” (p. 36)

    D. The Mass and sorcery. “According to the teaching of the Roman Church the priest, no matter how unworthy he may personally be, even if he has just made a pact with the devil for his soul, has the power to change the elements of bread and wine into the actual body and blood, soul and divinity, of Jesus Christ. Provided he pronounces the words of consecration properly and has the intention of consecrating, God must come down on the altar and enter and take over the elements.” (p. 39)

    5. Alexander Carson. Baptized into the Roman Catholic Church as an infant. His priesthood studies were at St. John’s seminary, Brighton, Massachusetts. He was ordained by Bishop Lawrence Shehan of Bridgeport, Connecticut in 1955 and was a priest in Alexandria, Louisiana. Also, he was pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rayville, Louisiana.

    A. Bible or Tradition. ” . . . the Holy Spirit led me to judge Roman Catholic theology by the standard of the Bible. Previously, I had always judged the Bible by Roman Catholic doctrine and theology.” (p. 53)

    B. Mass contrary to scripture. “In my letter of resignation from the Roman Catholic Church and Ministry, I stated to the bishop that I was leaving the priesthood because I could no longer offer the Mass, as it was contrary to the Word of God and to my conscience.” (pp. 54-55)

    6. Charles Berry. He entered the Order of Hermits of St. Augustine and became a priest after 17 years. He was given orders to continue studying until he achieved a Ph.D. in chemistry and was then “transferred to the headquarters of the Augustinian order in the United States.”

    A. Superstition. “In the United States the Roman Catholic Church is on its best behavior, putting its best foot forward because of its critics and opponents. In a Roman Catholic country, where it has few opponents or critics, it is a very different matter. Ignorance and superstition and idolatry are everywhere, and little effort, if any, is made to change the situation. Instead of following the Christianity taught in the Bible the people concentrate on the worship of statues and their local patron saints.” (p. 59)

    B. Idols and Statues. “When I met in Cuba a genuine pagan who worshiped idols (a religion transplanted from Africa by his ancestors), I asked how he could believe that a plaster idol could help him. He replied that the idol was not expected to help him; it only represented the power in heaven which could. What horrified me about his reply was that it was almost word for word the explanation Roman Catholics give for rendering honor to the statues of the saints.” (p. 59)

    7. Bob Bush. He went to a Jesuit Seminary and studied for 13 years before being ordained in 1966. He entered a post graduate program in Rome.

    A. Works: “When I entered the order, the first thing that happened was that I was told I had to keep all the rules and regulations, that to do so would be pleasing to God, and that this was what he wanted for me. We were taught the motto, ‘Keep the rule and the rule will keep you.'” (p. 66).

    B. Salvation is by faith: “It took me many years to realize that I was compromising by staying in the Roman Catholic Church. Throughout all those years I continued to stress that salvation is only in the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross and not in the infant baptism; that there is only one source of authority which is the Bible, the word of God; and that there is no purgatory but rather that when we die to either go to heaven or hell.” (p. 69)

    C. Salvation by works: “The Roman Catholic Church then goes on to say that in order to be saved you must keep its laws, rules and regulations. And in these laws are violated (for example, laws concerning birth control or fasting or attendance at Mass every Sunday), then you have committed a sin . . . ‘individual and integral confession and absolution constitute the only ordinary way by which the faithful person who was aware of serious sin can be reconciled with God, and with the church’ (Canon 9609).” (p. 75)

    D. Works: “The Roman Catholic Church adds works, and that you have to do these specific things [keeping its laws, rule and regulations] ]in order to be saved, whereas the Bible says in Ephesians 2:8-9 that it is by grace that we are saved, not by works.” (pp. 75-76)

    As you can see, even Roman Catholic Priests can discover the truth found in God’s word and escape the error of the Roman Catholic system of works righteousness. To God be the glory.

    “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; 9 not as a result of works, that no one should boast.” (Eph. 2:8-9).

  178. My daughter needs prayer to begin breast feeding her premature baby boy. He needs a better latch and more vigorous suck. She has a lactation consultant but progress is slow. The child needs to stay awake long enough to nurse at the breast. He is gaining well on breast milk from a bottle but mom desires a totally breasted baby more than ever. I’m counting on you Lord. Please pray for nursing to be 100% by the time he reaches full term. Thank You!

  179. I am requesting prayer for my son Colin..he is 33 years old and has fallen away from the faith..I am so sad about him and he is angry and very mean to me.I have tried to help him whenever he has needed it and have always been there for him. I have been praying for him forever and I want him to be healed of his emotional issues and to return to the faith..

  180. Please pray for: 
    > the complete healing upon my skin (body and face) from white spot and brown spot pigmentation
    > the complete healing upon my husband from the brain hemorrhage and his dependent on the medicine.
    > the complete healing upon my father from Chronicle asthma and depression
    > the complete healing upon my son from liver problem (syndrome allegille)
    > strength and good health for my mom 

    Thank you and God bless you.

  181. Please pray for my daughter, who is pregnant with her 9th child and is close to term. She has just been told by her midwife that the baby is breach. Please pray that the baby turns around and for a safe delivery.

    • She is in my prayers, as well as the rest of the family. I am the ninth child, so I have a special place in my heart for both mom and baby!
      Colleen Schwartz

  182. Please pray that my longtime boyfriend and I will be Married soon. and that he will come back to the church

  183. Please pray for my parents. They are going through a very, very difficult time now with a lot of pain and anger. Please pray for grace for them to be strong, honest, open, and hear each other for what they really are saying. Pray that they are guided them back to loving one another. But even if these prayers seem unanswered, please pray that our family will recognize God’s will and respond by following it. If things don’t work out, please pray that we will be able to get through whatever will come with the grace of love, compassion, hope, and faith. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. With the Blessed Virgin Mary’s and all the Saints’ (especially Saint Pope John Paul II, Saint Theresa of Calcutta, Saint Theres of the Child Jesus, Saint Pio, Saint Joseph, Saint John the Wonderworker), Angels’ (especially Archangel Raphael), and grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ intercession to the Holy Trinity. Amen.

  184. Alex Estrada on

    please pray that if My Mother Patricia Estrada is still in purgatory may God bring her into heaven soon. also please pray that one day me and My Mother will be reunited in eternity praising God together side by side for all eternity once Our Lord Jesus Christ calls me to go before his judgement and God willing may this happen sooner rather than later I would love to be reunited with My Dear Mother as soon as possible. I miss her so much! to everybody that reads this please keep me in your prayers. I am going through the darkest time of my life right now.

  185. irene wainaina on

    i just don’t know how i landed on this prayer line but just few minutes ago i read a message from my friend that she is sick and was requesting me to go and see her.As a nun this may not be very possible.I knelt near my bed and just made a prayer for her.Immediately a thought came to me to check out for a catholic prayer line where good souls can support my friend in prayer and that’s how i landed on this line.My friend’s name is Susan Kasege some months back she was diagnosed of brain tumor and started medication immediately but now she is not better.Please i kindly request you to keep her in your prayers i believe in the power of God to heal please join me in praying for her

  186. Thank you for your prayer.

    I would ask if you could pray for the reconciliation with a women that I love. We shared many beautiful moments but her values of having a family is not of God and she is not a strong believer. I broke off the relationship but miss her and want her back. I prayed but also committed sin by seeking psychic advise. Please pray for both of us. Her name is Marina.

    Thank you.

  187. Please pray for a very special and holy man who is the principal of a Catholic school that is going through a very difficult time. Please lift him up in prayer to our God that whatever the end result may be that it is God’s will. Please God protect him from the snares of the devil and his minions. Archangel St. Michael please protect God’s servant.

  188. Please pray for me and my mother, as she is failing in health and has many mental disorders. I prayed for every need here too. Also, I need the confidence to stop my father and neighbour raping me.

  189. I need masturbation help, I’m addicted. My doctor has put me in rehab. but I can’t live without continuously masturbating. I pray for the anonymous, too.

  190. Please pray for my kids. They are in their teens. That they will always make the right decisions /choices in life and always stay true to Jesus.

  191. praying to be able to find some form of income where I can do it at home. My husband works so hard for myself and our 4 children so that I may stay at home and although he says he can handle it. This is too much for him to handle. We are falling behind on school payments ( our 2 middle go to Catholic school) and although our parish is so very understanding in our current situation this is very stressful along with our other bills. I have a small way to make an income but have not received any calls for it in a few months. I pray if it our Lord’s will that, that door is open once more if not to please guide me as to what I can do to help my husband and children. In our Lord’s name I pray. Thank you for the prayers as well.

  192. The Doctrine of Purgatory

    Purgatory may be defined as “a place or state in which are detained the souls of those who die in grace, in friendship with God, but with the blemish of venial sin or with temporal debt for sin unpaid. Here the soul is purged, cleansed, readied for eternal union with God in Heaven.” [Catholicism, George Brantl, ed. (New York: Doubleday, 1994), p. 232].

    The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that “all who die in God’s grace and friendship, but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their eternal salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter joy of heaven.” [Catechism of the Catholic Church (New York: Image Books, 1985), p. 93].

    The Roman Catholic teaching on purgatory was pronounced as Church dogma in A.D. 1438. The best way to describe it is that it is a temporary hell with the sole purpose of working off the temporal punishment for a person’s sins.

    The Doctrine of Indulgences

    The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the Church is the steward of a vast reservoir of merit called the “treasury of the Church” or “treasury of merit.” This treasury was allegedly earned by the works and prayers of Jesus Christ, His mother Mary, and the saints of all ages. This treasury of merit is so vast that it can never be exhausted or depleted.

    According to Roman Catholic theology, the Church has the power to dispense from this reservoir “indulgences,” which are said to cancel the debt of temporal punishment. [The modern Roman Catholic teaching on indulgences has been stated and clarified in three documents, dating from 1967 (Indulgentiarum doctrina, of Paul VI), 1968 (The new Enchiridion of Indulgences, issued by the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary), and 1983 (the new Code of Canon Law of the Roman Catholic Church).
    Because Christ, Mary, and various Catholic saints have provided “super-abundant satisfactions” to God through their many merits, the Catholic Church believes it can offer these same merits to Catholic believers in exchange for remission of punishment.

    Catholics speak of both a “partial indulgence” and a “plenary indulgence.” A partial indulgence is one that takes away just a portion of a person’s temporal punishment. A plenary indulgence cancels all the temporal punishment a person has accumulated. The more temporal punishment remitted through indulgences in this life, the less time someone will have to spend in purgatory. Understandably, the partial indulgence requires fewer acts of piety that a plenary indulgence.

    Once a person has earned an indulgence, he or she can apply it either personally (thereby reducing his or her own temporal punishment for sins committed), or can by prayer apply it to the account of a dead loved one believed to be in purgatory. So indulgences can benefit both oneself and one’s dead loved ones. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, p. 411.)

    Answering Roman Catholics
    The Doctrine of Purgatory

    Consider what Roman Catholics are saying in regard to the doctrine of purgatory. Let’s say you are a good-hearted Catholic, and you do all the things required of your Church throughout life. You regularly attend Mass, you work hard to maintain sanctifying grace in your soul by being faithful, and you confess your sins to a priest when you do wrong. You are always careful to participate in the sacrament of penance after committing what you think may be a mortal sin. You do all this and more, keeping with what your Church tells you. When you die, you will likely still have to go to purgatory before being granted entrance into heaven. Throughout someone’s lifetime he or she could attend over a thousand Masses and still die not fully purified from sin. Protestants respond that this hardly seems like the “good news” of the gospel (Ephesians 2:8,9).

    • Did you know that the word gospel means “good news”?
    • Does it sound like “good news” to you that you can attend over a thousand Masses throughout your life and still die not fully purified from sin?
    • By contrast, does the following statement by the apostle Paul sound like “good news”: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as result of works, that no one should boast: (Ephesians 2:8,9)?
    • Is believing in Christ sufficient for salvation? Or must we combine believing in Christ with doing good works?
    • Did you know that there are about 200 scriptural references in the New Testament that salvation is said to be by faith alone, with no works in sight? Here are few scriptures for you to review: Acts 16:31; Romans 1:16,17; Romans 3:20; John 3:15; John 5:24; John 11:25; Galatians 2:16.

    The doctrine of purgatory is an outgrowth of the insufficient Roman Catholic view of justification. Since only perfectly righteous people get into heaven, and since in the Roman Catholic view of justification someone is not absolutely and once for all declared righteous by God, then somehow a person must become perfectly righteous before entrance into heaven is granted. This happens via purgatory (among other things). Contrary to the Catholic view, the biblical view of justification involves a singular and instantaneous event in which God declares the believing sinner to be righteous.

    From a scriptural perspective, when Jesus died on the cross He said, “It is finished” (John 19:30). Jesus completed the work of redemption at the cross. No purgatory is needed for those who trust in Christ. In His high priestly prayer to the Father, Jesus said, “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do” (John 17:4). First John 1:7 says, “The blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin”. Romans 8:1 says, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus”.

    We are cleansed not by some alleged fire of purgatory but by the blood of Jesus Christ (Hebrew 9:14). Jesus “Himself is the propitiation for our sins” (1 John 2:2). It is through Jesus’ work on the cross that we are made righteous (2 Corinthians 5:21). The apostle Paul spoke of his life as “not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law, but that which is through faith in Christ, the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith” (Philippians 3:7-9). It is through this wonderful work of Christ on the cross that believers are “blameless,” and hence are in no need of some alleged purgatory (Jude 1:24; Ephesians 1:4).

    In Hebrews 10:14: “For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified”. In other words, no further purging is necessary because Christ has perfected “for all time” those who have believed in Him. That which is already perfect “for all time” needs no further purging. There is no need for purgatory for those who have truly trusted in Christ as Savior.

  193. Pascale on April 12 2016
    1 Want you to pray for my children serge ; dany and gabrielle that the good lord may cover them with his precious blood and protect them from al evil.. that he should grant them intelligence in their studies ; that he who is the job provider should give the eldest serge a wellpaid job; a job that we help him take care of himself and people around him.
    3 that the lord give me means to take care of the children he gave me
    4 that the lord help me to end the house that by his grace i sarted building
    5 that the lord should give my sister and I the grace to bury our mother who buried 8 of her 10 children
    6 that the lord grant me health of spirit and body
    Thank you for praying for us

  194. Please pray for me. I recently quit my job, a job that I loved, because I started dating a coworker and it soon turned into an emotionally abusive relationship and came into the work place. I quit, taking a leap of faith that I could start over and get out of that environment however struggling to find employment and now alone, I have never been so depressed or alone.

  195. Please pray for my cousin who has just been diagnosed with blood cancer. She is in pain and cannot handle chemo because she is old and frail.

  196. please pray for my family .I am married with 3 kids . my husband is away overseas for 2 years now and we are awaiitng our paperwork s owe can be untied together again but he has moved on is living with another woman and is not supportive of us coming. I need your prayers to help him see what he has lost his family is something that he will never get again. he is in a world of dilemma i pray for wisdom that he see’s whats right from wrong?

    • May God reveal to your husband the blessings of love and family and remind him what is real and true. You are such a strong woman, and are not alone in this! You are doing what is best for your family and are doing the right thing, do not be discouraged the Lord will be with you and with your husband. I will pray for you and your husband.

  197. Please pray for my daughter who feels she has no friends sometimes, she is away at college and has felt lonely lately. May she meet some very good people. Also, please pray for my other daughter who has been sick and it ultimately has caused her to become quite reclusive but depends mostly on a boyfriend and not much of anyone else. I believe if she can have different aspects of her life going again then she will have a more balanced life and not suffer so much anxiety, and depression. She is feeling better physically but, needs more healing in that area and emotional healing — she is beginning her last year of high school after being out for a while due to illness. Please pray that she succeeds, with her part time school and may she go forward with a part time job as well.

  198. I would like to request prayers please. I underwent some lab exams for fertility this Saturday and I am so very scared and anxious. I get the results Wednesday but I am praying day and night that all the tests come back normal so I am able to have a baby in the future some day soon. Please help me pray. I trust in Jesus; I ask God to increase my faith. Thank you so very much

    • No matter how the results turn up remember that nothing is impossible with God. Even Elizabeth, the one who called barren, bore a son…in God’s timing. Sometimes He makes us wait longer than we’d like to, but it’s because He is teaching us patience…as He still is working on us. I read this article a while back and found it so encouraging, children are a huge blessing, and as such, even God takes His time making them before He gives them to us in His timing. I will pray for you and your test results but do not be afraid, God is taking care of you in ways you can not see.

  199. Thank God for all blessings received. Please pray for 3 Annulments for children.
    Pray for reconversion for our family and 9 Catholic Baptisms. For the Precious Blood of Jesus to cover me and for the infilling of the Holy Spirit to direct me as a person, wife, mother, grandmother, mother-in-law, sister, niece , aunt and friend. For favorable medical results.

  200. Thank you very much for all the prayers. I am truly grateful. Took the tests and a couple of major results are not quite normal. I have a doctor’s appointment next Thursday. Continuing to pray and remaining hopeful that God will grant my prayer for a healthy baby soon. Thank you

  201. I am making a prayer request for my daughter, Velma A. After being married 3 years she had a miscarriage and has not been able to get pregnant again. She is now 32 years old and now gets very sentimental when her friends have babies. She gets emotional if the subject of getting pregnant comes up. I’m sure she prays but I pray for her also. I know that God has a reason for everything and he blesses us in many ways. I pray for God to give her patience and keep the faith and remember that God does things in his own time and not ours. Thank you. God Bless you for helping others with this website.

  202. Please pray for my 20 year old daughter who has began drinking in college and engaging in sexual immorality. This so against the morals she was brought up with. Please pray that the holy Spirit will direct her in making good choices and not destructive ones and will lead her away from the evils of Satan. Help her not to lie about these behaviors to her parents but seek our loving guidance. She has so much potential that she is destroying by these behaviors. Please get her back on track and follow God. Thank you for lifting her up in prayer!

  203. Please pray for my daughter who is making poor choices regarding substance abuse and who has difficulty socializing. May she learn to seek parental support and professional help with treating her attention-deficit disorder so that these temptations to indulge in addictive behaviors are lessened and that she can learn to make and be a moral, true friend.

  204. O Jesus, Who has said,
    ask and you shall receive,
    seek and you shall find,
    knock and it shall be opened to you,
    through the intercession of Mary,
    Your Most Holy Mother, I knock,
    I seek, I ask that my prayer be granted.
    (Make your request)

    O Jesus, Who has said,
    all that you ask of the Father in My Name,
    He will grant you through the intercession of Mary.
    Your Most Holy Mother.
    I humbly and urgently ask Your Father
    in Your Name that my prayer be granted.

    (Make your request)

    O Jesus, Who has said,
    “Heaven and earth shall pass away
    but My word shall not pass”,
    through the intercession of Mary,
    Your Most Holy Mother,
    I feel confident that my prayer will be granted.

    (Make your request)

    This novena is to be said at the same time every hour for nine consecutive hours in one day.This is a good novena for urgent requests that cannot wait nine days to be prayed. You must pray it every hour for nine consecutive hours at the same time. Example, if you begin praying at 12:00, your next prayer is at 1:00, then 2:00, until your ninth prayer is at 9:00.


    Divine Infant Jesus, I know You love me and would never leave me. I thank You for Your close Presence in my life.
    Miraculous Infant, I believe in Your promise of peace, blessings, and freedom from want. I place every need and care in Your hands.
    Lord Jesus, may I always trust in Your generous mercy and love. I want to honour and praise You, now and forever. Amen.

    I would like sincerely thank the Lord answering my prayer. Please pray the above prayer and the Rosary it really works. My prayer was answered. Thank you Lord for answering my prayer I will keep praising your name for the help you given me. I give all the glory to the Lord, Amen

  205. Amanda Love on

    Please Pray for Nina. She is a young teenager who doctors think she may have a brain infection. She doesnt know who her mom is, what year it is ect… Doctors have run many test and do not know what is truly wrong.

    Heavenly Father,
    Look with mercy on Nina.
    And help her in this time of sickness.
    Restore her to health, we pray through
    Christ our Lord.

  206. I have a mass on my left ovary that could be cancer. I will have surgery soon and find out. I am terrified, I’m 42 and want to live and be happy. Please pray that it is not cancer.