Catholic Mom Prayer Line

Praying for All of the Souls

Please join us in prayer.

Catholic Mom Prayer Line

As a community, we lift up and support one another in prayer.  Please list your prayer intentions in the comments below.  If you do not wish to use your name, feel free to request anonymous prayers.  Although an email address is required to post a prayer, it will never be shared and will not be seen online.  Please use only first names in requesting prayers.  Please join us in praying every day for the intentions of our community.


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  1. Thank you
    I ask for prayers for my family my husband my sons Pablo his wife Hanna, my son Chris and his wife Tash, my daughters andrea and Carla. For their returned to their faith and the sacraments. I unite my prayers to all those who now are praying for their families.
    Dear God hear our prayer and keep us inside your sacred heart always united Ito the immaculate heart of out blessed mother Mary.

  2. Please pray that God will restore my relationship with RB and renew our love for one another. We should have been married by now but evil took all that away. Please pray that God will recover what was taken and allow us to share our lives as husband and wife. My daughter deserves a wonderful life with a great step dad and my heart desires to be loved by a wonderful man. Everyone knew we were a blessing together and I pray they is returned. Please pray for us. Amen . Thank you and I will pray for you.

  3. Please pray for the complete conversion of KC back to the truths of the faith and that she leaves the sinful lifestyle she is in and for the complete conversion of my ML to believe in God as he lost his faith and come back to the sacraments. For the health of my aging parents and that my husband CM agrees to foster or adopt a child

  4. please prayer for miracle my my brother and sister in law have three girl now again my sister in law carrying girl baby please prayer that she get boy baby thank you jesus amen

  5. Hi, I was thinking about the upcoming Divine Mercy Novena and would like a favor.
    What if people all over the world prayed the Divine Mercy Novena for those persecuted for their faith and especially for the ones doing the persecuting? Remember Lepanto? It may not be God’s will that the persecution stop or lessen, but if it were possible to have many people, throughout the world, united and praying for this intention, appealing to Divine Mercy, can’t we expect miracles? What if on Divine Mercy Sunday, ISIS/ Boko Haram just dropped their weapons and converted? God, through Jonah, convinced a city to turn from sin in a matter of days. Why not try to use prayer to transform hate into mercy by appealing to Mercy Himself?
    Please prayerfully consider mentioning this idea on your website, a facebook page, a blog, the radio, tv – anywhere the faithful can be reached.
    Thank you,

    • I will definitely join you on this! Thank you for sharing. It’s a big prayer request, but God is a big God—so I’m sure he can handle it! :)

  6. Please pray for my husband Brandon as he discerns accepting a new job offer. He is an extremely contemplative person, and I trust his judgement 100%—but as the main provider for our family, making big decisions like this is very stressful. I know God has a plan for him, so please pray with me that Brandon will open his heart to hearing it.

    Thank you!

  7. Hi, I lived in Queens ,NY. I have twin girls that were taking from me illegally on June 16, 2014 by someone who has status . I been arrested twice by this same person .Haven’t yet been present an warrant for my arrest. I went every where looking for help. So I am ask God to intervene on opening some doors or put me in touch with the right people. So I can reunite with my daughters .

  8. Please pray for me and us. Especially for a very personal intention which is normally not shared talked about and needs to be. It is very deeply painful and emotionally distressing.
    thank you.

  9. Our deepest thanks for prayers said in the past for our 10 year old little boy Wyatt with leukemia. He died on Tuesday 4/14 after 5 yrs of incredible suffering, with this past Lent including very intense pain, due primarily to effects that had occurred to his body from treatment. He would ask who he could offer his suffering to Jesus for, or would quietly say who he had thought of on his own. While we believe he is in heaven (he died with his brown scapular on!) we still ask for prayers for his soul (his favorite prayer was “Eternal Rest.”) I ask now also for prayers for our oldest son Matthew, 13. We homeschool, our boys all shared a room, we never went anywhere due to the risk of germs so all they have had was each other. They were as close as two brothers could be. Also prayers for our youngest Jakie, 9. He has auditory processing difficulties and carries much anger from the last 5 years. And please pray for my husband Mark and myself Cathy, as we move forward now trying to lead our two boys who remain with us, on the right path to Jesus, as we suffer with our own broken hearts. Thank you and God bless.

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