3 Beautiful Ancient Liturgical Projects


Jade Music, a part of Milan Entertainment, specializes in ancient and modern liturgical music with repertoire from internationally celebrated artists. I received 3 such projects from them:

Anthology: Chants and Polyphony from St. Michael’s Abbey Norbertine Fathers

Hildegard von Bingen Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe

Sacred Georgian Chants The Georgian Harmony Choir conducted by Nana Peradze

These 3 CDs are now a cherished part of my collection, and part of my regular listening.

I am a total amateur when it comes to chant and ancient music, so I can’t review these projects from an academic standard. But as a listener, I am totally taken in by all 3 of these projects. They each create a powerful atmosphere of prayer that never fails to whisk me away to a heavenly and peaceful place.

Anthology: Chants and Polyphony from St. Michael’s Abbey by the Norbertine Fathers is a follow-up to their lovely Christmas CD (see review here – http://gvcatholicmusicreviews.blogspot.com/2008/12/cd-review-christmas-at-st-michaels.html). This time polyphony was included as well as Gregorian chant. The performances were done live (as evidenced by the charming snippets of bird song heard in the background). Here is a sample from Anthology:

Hildegard von Bingen by Catherine Braslavsky and Joseph Rowe is a stunning modern interpretation of ancient liturgical music written by a brilliant composer, visionary, healer and writer who lived in medieval times. Hildegard von Bingen’s musical legacy fell into obscurity until the last few decades; she is now recognized as one of the greatest medieval compoers. I was first introduced to von Bingen’s music during a concert by my daughter’s college concert choir and I was instantly taken in by the mystical quality of the music. Braslavsky and Rowe create an amazing atmosphere; Braslavsky delivers a passionate performance while Rowe uses a variety of eclectic instruments to accompany her singing. Here are some samples from the CD:

My favorite of the 3 projects is Sacred Georgian Chants by The Georgian Harmony Choir conducted by Nana Peradze. Georgia is an ancient Christian nation and the Orthodox chant sung by the Harmony Choir is exquisite. The singing is breathtaking – incredibly precise (expertly conducted by Nana Peradze) and yet remaining prayerful, creating a heavenly atmosphere of peace. Here is a sample from the album:

Visit the Jade Music website at www.jade-music.com to purchase your copies of these fine projects.


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