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This week, as a companion to our podcast featuring the work of author Justin Fatica, we are pleased to offer your chance to win one of five copies of Justin’s great book, Hard as Nails: A Mission to Awaken Youth to the Power of God’s Love.

Visit our recent Book Spotlight interview with Justin Fatica for more information on this great resource.

To enter, you must leave a comment on this post with a valid email address (which won’t be published or shared) before Midnight PST on Saturday, April 4, 2009.  I’ll draw a random winners and announce the names over the weekend.

Update: Our prize winners are Patricia (#8), Elaine (#3),  Cathy C. (#17), Lisa H. (#5) and Erika (#16) – they will receive their books soon!  A new contest is now up and running here, so be sure to enter!


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Lisa M. Hendey is the founder and editor of CatholicMom.com and the bestselling author of the Chime Travelers children's fiction series, The Grace of Yes, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. As a board member and frequent host on KNXT Catholic Television, Lisa has produced and hosted multiple programs and has appeared on EWTN and CatholicTV. Hendey hosted “Catholic Moments” on Radio Maria and is the technology contributor for EWTN’s SonRise Morning Show. Lisa's articles have appeared in Catholic Digest, National Catholic Register, and Our Sunday Visitor. Hendey travels internationally giving workshops on faith, family, and Catholic technology and communications topics. She was selected as an Elizabeth Egan Journalism Fellow, attended the Vatican Bloggers Meeting, the “Bishops and Bloggers” meeting and has written internationally on the work of Catholic Relief Services and Unbound. Hendey lives with her family in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Visit Lisa at www.LisaHendey.com for information on her speaking schedule or to invite her to visit your group, parish or organization.


  1. Hi Lisa- I hope all is well with you! You continue to be in my prayers daily for God’s healing grace for your health. Your podcast featuring the work of Justin Fatica was great. One thing that breaks my heart is watching young Catholics go off to college, as I did, and find “comfort” in a Protestant faith because of the “fun/faithless” events in their campus ministry programs. We need more Justin’s in our Church’s for high school youth ministry…NOT JUST RE…and on college campuses to offer continued faith formation which focuses on college students…and fun too. I will be waiting to hear if I have won Justin’s book, as I would love to read it. God Bless!

  2. Lisa Hincapie on

    As a mom of 6 and one on the way, my husband and I need all the help we can get o help our children embrace and love their faith. God is definetly using Justin to do just that! This book will be an invaluable tool in our household.

    Thank you Lisa for allowing God to use you also as his instrument in this life.

  3. Hi Lisa! Great episode and interview with Justin! I heartily enjoyed it and passed it along to the youth Minster at my church, who is also a good family friend, and to a few other church friends and my parents. As I’m a first year college student, I’m inspired in my quest and love of new media (blogs, podcasts) and my love of spreading the great work that and the other podcasters of SQPN are doing! Feel free to enter my name for this contest (my email is written in the contact info for this comment) and I’d love to pass on this book to my parents and other parents in my parish. Keep up the great work! I heartily enjoy all your interviews on the podcast and get inspired in learning something new each episode! Thanks!

  4. Vivian Kurzendoerfer on

    Hi Lisa,
    Enter me to win this great book! My oldest son who is in college could use it! Is Jason visiting Purdue University any time soon?

  5. Barb Patterson on

    Wow! I listened to your podcast interview with Justin last night. I just kept thinking, “Here is a man who is truly using his gifts for the Glory of God!” Those same gifts could be used to bring more evil into the world, so I am so happy to know that Justin is on our side. I am from Erie PA, and my 4 brothers and 3 nephews attended Cathedral Prep as Justin did (last name Luddy). I have passed on the web site information to our DRE at our parish, and if I win the book I will give it to him. God Bless both you and Justin in your ministries!

  6. Audrey Cuatchon on

    What a wonderful man. Sharing his faith and encouraging our young in their faith. God bless and thanks for the opportunity to win this book.

  7. The podcast featuring the work of Justin Fatica was great. I would love to read the book. Please enter me in the contest. God Bless!

  8. Jenifer Sako on

    I love your podcasts! My husband and I have a sweet little boy who we are bringing up in the Church. As a matter of fact, he and my husband were baptized at the same time at an Easter Vigil–extra special!! We would love this book. God bless you!

  9. Erika Riecken on


    My husband just dragged me kicking and screaming into the podcast world. Yours was one he set up for me on my new iPod. Wow! What have I been missing? I’m looking forward to listening to some older episodes too. Thanks for being there.

  10. I agree with Karla, one thing that I have noticed in my parish is that there are not many activites for the young, it is something that I pray will change in time.


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