Daily Readings Reflection for 4/03/09


Reflection on the Daily Readings for 4/03/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Friday of 5 week in Lent. Jeremiah 20:1013. Psalm
18:2-3.3-4.5-6.7. John 10:31-42. Lectionary # 256:

John has the knack among the Gospel writers of mentioning place names and
events not mentioned in the Synoptics. He seems to have a better knowledge
of the landscape of Israel and certainly is sharp when it comes to
describing things in or near Jerusalem.   Today we learn that after his
confrontations with the Judeans, he goes across the Jordan to the place
where John the Baptist had been.  We learn in another passage the name of
another place where John was baptizing and even that Jesus may have
baptized: “Later on, Jesus and his disciples came into Judean territory,
and he spent some time with them there baptizing. John too was baptizing at
Aenon near Salim where water was plentiful and people kept coming to be
baptized.” (John 3:22-23). Then we have already learned and it has been
confirmed by archaeologists that there was a pool with five porticoes near
the Sheep pool; this pool was called in Hebrew Bethesda. (see John 5:2-3).
We are presently still in the controversies that Jesus provokes with the
Judeans through his preaching near the Temple.  The back and forth polemic
continues as Jesus is said to be blaspheming by making himself a man equal
to God. Some even take up stones to hurl at Jesus.  These readings lead up
to the eventual capturing of Jesus and leading him to Pilate. No doubt we
are being prepared for the suffering, death, and resurrection in the
liturgical selections chosen in this last full week of Lent. Next week we
enter more deeply into the Paschal Mysteries in celebrating Holy Thursday,
Good Friday, and Easter Saturday–the Vigil of Easter and the Resurrection.
Recently some students were visiting a community of religious for dinner.
They took some time to answer one of the questions asked by one of the
religious brothers.  Which one of these three holy days do you favor the
most?  It was interesting to hear from among the group of twelve to fifteen
that there was no consensus.  Some were struck by the gift of the
Eucharist; others by the simplicity of Good Friday; still others liked
Easter Sunday itself, and two were very impressed with the Easter Vigil. We
have the opportunity for trying to participate in all of these liturgical
events if our jobs and family permit us to do so.  May we not miss the
opportunity.  Amen.


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