Rain, Rain Go Away


I know that the title of this message might seem strange, but it is very fitting for what I am going to write about today. I am sure that you have guessed by now that we have received a lot of rain over the past several days, and it looks like there is more planned for the rest of the week.

We all know the old saying, “Rain rain go away, come again another day.”  When I was a child I would always sing that rhyme when it would rain and I wanted to go outside and play. But as I have grown older I had really forgotten about that rhyme until the other day. I was walking through the house and listening to the rain as it was hitting the roof, and out of nowhere I started singing, “Rain rain go away……”  I stopped in my tracks and started to laugh. There was that old saying coming back to me, but as I was thinking about those words I stopped and reflected on the rain and on God’s purpose for it.

As children we never stop and take the time to think about why God does the things He does, all we think about is what we want to do, and we want to do it when we are ready.  When something happens and we can’t we get angry, and just as the song goes we want the rain to go away so we can get out and about.

As we get older we start to see things as adults and all these things that we never paid attention to as children become things that we focus on as adults. Oh we still have things that we want to do, and places we want to go, but we have learned self control.  So when it does rain, we accept it as God’s will and we reschedule our lives around it.

God has a reason for everything that He does — you never have to question that. And He always has our best interest at heart. He knows what we need and when we need it. All we have to do is have the faith to trust Him. As easy as that may sound even as adults we still at times let our inner child show, especially when it comes to something that we really really want. But we need to show that even if it does not turn out the way we want it. (aka – when we want the rain to go away) we still need to accept whatever happens as God’s will and not question it.

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