Daily Readings Reflection for 5/11/09


Reflection on the Daily Readings for 5/11/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Mon. of 5th week of Easter. Acts 14:5-18. Psalm
115:1-2.3-4.15-16. John 14:21-26. Lectionary # 285:

God reveals himself in the mystery of the Incarnation(John1:14) and then
Jesus continues to reveal who God is throughout the Gospel.  In today’s
reading it is Jesus who reveals and promises the Holy Spirit, the
Love-Person of the Blessed Trinity who shows the love of the Father and the
Son reciprocally in the third Person of the Trinity, the very Advocate
(Paraclete) sent by the Father and the Son to us. Jesus reveals the Holy
Spirit only after his resurrection in John’s Gospel and the apostles then
understand what he has said to them. They are called to continue his
mission and to do it boldly while becoming saints, holy apostles through
that same Holy Spirit. We believe the Spirit of God is the Sanctifier, the
Counselor, and the Advocate not only of the apostles but also for us.  The
Holy Spirit is likewise sent just as Jesus, the Apostle par excellence, was
sent on the mission of salvation.  The plan of the Father is fulfilled
through Jesus who always was guided by the intimate love he had and has for
the Father, the Holy Spirit is that Love.

The great season of Easter is coming to an end but not its joy, peace, and
love for we now prepare and expect the coming of the Holy Spirit at
Pentecost.  The same Holy Spirit will strengthen us to be the family of God
mirroring the Trinity here on earth.  The community we belong to is the
church and it continues the mission of Jesus under the guidance of the Holy
Spirit. Jesus is to be proclaimed to all peoples and the Good News, that is
the Gospels, are the source for our own bold proclamations and testimonies
about Jesus who is alive and active in the world today.

In the present chapter used in the liturgy there are two references to the
Holy Spirit as the Advocate or better the Paraclete which contains much
more than Counselor and Advocate. The “Paraclete” is unique to the
revelatory gospel of John. Jesus had this role while he was living among
the Apostles now he promises to continue it through the sending of the Holy
Spirit from the Father and himself. “The Holy Spirit in this capacity is
the continued divine presence assisting the disciples to perform the
mission of Jesus in the world. The Fourth Gospel itself is evidence of the
work of the Paraclete in the Johannine church.” (George MacRae,S.J.). This
same Spirit of God will teach us and help us remember what Jesus said and
did. Then we will be able to carry on his mission by doing the same as he
has commanded us.  All believers in the Person of Jesus, the Father, and
the Holy Spirit are missionaries. Blessed William Joseph Chaminade who was
beatified on Sept.3, 2000, said of his members both lay and religious, “You
are all missionaries.”  He himself asked only for the title of “missionary
apostolic.” Amen.


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