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If you’re tuned into movie releases, you know that today is the day when Angels & Demons hits the theaters in wide release.  If you’re looking for reviews of this film from a Catholic perspective, check out the review from the Bishops on the USCCB website here and Steven Greydanus’ review at Decent Films here. I’m still deciding whether or not to view and comment upon this film.  If I do go see it, I will definitely share my comments here on the blog.  In the mean time, I wanted to make you aware of this press release which contains information that refutes some of the factual errors about the Church that are contained within the film.

West Chester, Penn., May 15, 2009 — “Angels & Demons is an overt attack on the Catholic Church that has the potential to shake the faith of millions of people who know little about Catholic teaching and Catholic and Western history,” says Matthew Pinto, president of Ascension Press. As a response, the publisher of A Guide to the Passion and The DaVinci Deception has teamed up with Mark Shea, popular Catholic author and blogger, to set the record straight by releasing Answering Angels & Demons, a free downloadable e-book available at

Shea claims that Angels & Demons is “full of half-truths, historical inaccuracies, and outright lies.” And though it is wrapped in an exciting story of mystery and intrigue, he says Angels & Demons has a clear agenda. “Portraying the Church as an institution determined to eliminate those who would foster scientific progress, Angels & Demons paints a picture of our Catholic heritage that denies even the most basic facts of history,” says Shea. Originally authored by Dan Brown, and now adapted to the screen under the direction of Ron Howard, Angels & Demons is set to release today, May 15, 2009.

Available for free at, Answering Angels & Demons contains thirty-three questions and answers that dispute and dispel the outrageous claims made in the story. “This short but pithy book will make it clear to readers that the Church, far from being an enemy to scientific progress, has throughout the centuries encouraged the scientific endeavors of such men as Copernicus (a Polish Catholic priest), and has been at the forefront of scientific research throughout history,” says Pinto.

Answering Angels & Demons, by Mark Shea is a free resource published by Ascension Press. To receive your copy, visit


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  1. Mark Szewczak on

    Fr. Roderick on has a 3 part podcast series that he wrote after seeing the movie. Very well done and he gives a clear review of the movie from a Catholic point of view as well.

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