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You might remember Michael Sortino from my interview with him on Catholic Moments #97 – what a great, creative guy!  Well, I received the following email from him and wanted to share it with you to bring you up to date on his great, creative work of late.

Be sure to check out his new book, Food Makes Me Happy.  You’ll have a blast watching the book trailer he’s put together, as well as his other “food tips” on video.

I’m also loving the new videos he’s done for the Teddy G mystery series:

Here’s Michael’s update.  I hope you’ll join me in spreading the word about the great work he is doing – uplifting, entertaining and inspiring!

Dear Friends and Family,

I just wanted to share with you the launch of my new, funny and inspirational book, Food Makes Me Happy (and that’s my problem!) – it’s a light, fun read that takes a road less traveled in the whole weight-loss debate, ultimately helping us find true happiness in this life by getting healthy from the inside out. Yes, it’s possible!

Please check out the book and my crazy promotional videos on my new website:

For those of you anxiously awaiting the next installment of my kids fiction-mystery series, Teddy Gyros, Kid Vampire Slayer Book 2 — it’s in the works! I am hoping to have a bigger publisher pick up the series and release Books 2 thru 5 in a major way. The response to Book One has been awesome, thanks!

In the meantime, check out TEDDY G MYSTERIES, a new web video series I put on my site– had a blast filming this with my son, Joey, and my brother-in-law, Justin Kupanoff, both very talented, as you’ll see. The closing song is by Jimmy K, yet another awesomely talented family member.

(Key note, because it was confusing last time I released a book: If you want special bulk pricing or an autographed copy, you have to order through my site, not, because I have no control of the copies they ship out. Or, just wait for your birthday or the next holiday, ’cause I’ve got plenty of copies . . . 🙂

As always, thanks for your support. PLEASE PASS THIS ON. (Do the CAPS really help, I wonder?) I hate writing those words, but really, in my gorilla-marketing-grass-roots-desperately-trying-to-make-this-month’s-rent campaign, it’s critical. Please forward this to friends and relatives, acquaintences, postal workers, etc., and ask them to keep it going. I truly appreciate it and all of you!

God Bless,

Michael Sortino

P.S. We’re in Charlotte, NC now, but I’d love to come and do a talk at your school, church, group, office, street corner, stadium, what-not!– let me know! Anything is possible (through Him!).


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