What Really Causes Disease?


Is disease all about germs and genetics?  Or not?  In the mid 1800’s there was a huge battle between two competing paradigms:  the “germs cause illness movement” and the “disease is caused by failure of the immune system” – which one is right?

What really causes disease?

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  1. Kelly Warnos on

    I am also from Michigan! I am having my first baby in the next few weeks and I have something very important that has been on my mind and heart. I turned to my faith on this one for answers, but even my faithful peers somehow don’t get this one.

    So, thank you for the question. It is a refreshing one. It seems like everyone is always asking the wrong question, so why would one believe the answer?

    I have some disturbing news that I would like to share with mothers, especially faithful ones who believe that God gave their babies everything that they would need to survive, thrive, and live. God made no mistakes, right?

    I researched the vaccine issue, and have come to find out–hands down, no questions, no doubt at all–that ALL VACCINES cause damage and are harmful and unhealthy, unnatural, barbaric, and not based on scientific fact—-why? They are based on the germ theory and give God no credit that the baby is equipped with an immune system–an even better one when a child is breast fed!

    Let’s read between the lines. The pharmaceutical companies are not in the natural health business. They are big business America at its best (or worst). The vaccine industry is a 20 billion dollar industry in the US, of course, they are safe, then, right?

    I encourage mothers to NOT to take my word for it, but do their own research–talk to other moms and dads who vaccinated their children with mercury, aluminum, and other nuerotoxins and are speaking out and trying to reach the masses who live in fear of the law, of disease, and of believing in God and God’s body. My own doctor did not vaccinate her own children, which was quietly, off-to-the side revealed to me.!!!!

    As a mother, I would never feed that to my child or allow my child to bathe in such toxins, but I’m asked (by law) and recommended (by my pediatrician) to inject a live virus cocktailed with chemical preservatives, metals, and animal and human tissue. Let’s ask the right question, Isn’t breast milk is the immune system booster, AND when would my child EVER encounter multiple viruses on one day or 126 of them in their lifetime? AND directly in their bloodstream? Is that what God intended? Or what man (pharmeutical companies) made up?

    But now they have a “safe” mercury (no such thing), and aborted fetal tissue into my baby (we don’t believe in abortion, but they MUST use live tissue from aborted babies to grow the virus!) ? None of this makes sense. Babies put things in their mouths–why? The mother’s immune system is directly enhances and forms the baby’s, right? To adapt to their surroundings and environment. If they ingested something, it may never get to their blood stream and pass multiple levels of defense (nose, mouth, saliva, digestion etc.etc. )

    Now say you have already vaccinated…your beautiful baby was probably irritable, cried, screamed, had trouble breathing, diahrea, fever…so you took your baby back to the doctor. Oh it’s crazy, they caught a little bug or is their body detoxifying and eliminating foreign substances that it doesn’t recognize and can’t handle. Again, we must ask the right questions to get the right answers.

    Praying for all mothers,


    Here are just a few websites to get you started…

  2. Dear Kelly,

    Yes, we love the question!

    More great resources for this topic can be found on InternetMom.org. (Website wil launch November 1st 2009. )

    InternetMom.org is a natural comprehensive directory for mothers, pregnancy, birthing, best practices in parenting, and family wellness in the vitalistic healthcare model.

    I am the founder and also from Michigan , I look forward to talking with you in the future.