Friends Forever Girls Doll Contest


This week, we are pleased to offer your chance to win a beautiful “Friends Forever Girls” Doll!  One lucky winner will be able to choose from the six dolls in the Friends Forever Girls collection.

Here’s a brief description of the Friends Forever Girls dolls:

The Friends Forever Girls are a collection of dolls and books, specifically created to promote positive play and foster responsibility while helping young girls to build self-respect.

* The dolls represent an age appropriate look, with age appropriate clothing.
* 18″, All vinyl
* Safety Tested for Ages 6 & up

Kristi Necochea is the founder of Friends Forever Girls and is graciously sponsoring this week’s contest.  She shares:

Three years ago I set out to create the Friends Forever Girls, a collection of dolls and books that along with the Butterfly Promises, promote a positive message to young girls.  I am blessed with a wonderful husband, Rich, and 3 amazing children, Drew- 9 (just received his 1st Communion last week!), Madelyn-6 and Jack- 4.

Kristi is also offering an added bonus for readers interested in purchasing these adorable dolls for their daughters.  Simply enter FFGGS at check-out and shipping is FREE!

To enter, you must leave a comment on this post with a valid email address (which won’t be published or shared) before Midnight PST on Saturday, June 20, 2009.  I’ll draw a random winners and announce the names over the weekend.

Update: Our lucky winner is Brenda (#37) who should be receiving her prize soon.  Take a look at our other contests for more great chances to win!


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  1. Kim (MrsFifer1863) on

    Wow I never heard of the dolls. Sarah would just love this. I will be sharing the link with her as soon as she gets home from school.

  2. My daughter and God daughter would think these dolls were great. Very cute! i like the modest clothing they are wearing. stylish but modest!

  3. another great concept for a contest and a free shipping offer to boot! … just another reason to stay tuned to

  4. Elizabeth Shearer on

    Wow! This would be perfect for my daughter for her birthday on July 13th. It also happens to be the 13th anniversary of the day I met my husband…my forever friend! 🙂

  5. I’ve never seen or heard of these dolls before. They look great. Thanks for the chance to win one.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  6. Kelly Ann T. on

    Alison would like Reina since she wants to be a vet. All of these dolls are cute. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. Oh, what delightful dolls, and whether I win or not, I think I have my answer to the American Girl desires of my 4yo, don’t I? 🙂 Thanks for all the tips for great products, including these beautiful dolls!

  8. I love the message that these dolls send. I would love to share them with my daughter and son! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I had not previously heard of these dolls—but will be learning more about them now! Please enter me in the contest, my 5 yr-olds would really enjoy the doll!

  10. Jane Holleran on

    Please enter me in the contest for the Favorite Friends Doll. I think these dolls and the belief behind them is wonderful.
    God Bless, jane

  11. wendy wallach on

    i have a great little girl in mind who would absolutely adore this doll!

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  12. These are beautiful,and I love the message they are trying to teach. Please enter me for the drawing. I can use all the help I can get to give my daughter the true message of the beauty of being a girl!
    Thank you for your generosity!

  13. Perfect timing – I’ve just started looking around for some nice dolls for my soon-to-be 4-year old daughter!

  14. I would love for our daughter to have a healthy catholic version to Barbie when her friends come over to play. I am steering her away from Barbie and at times is hard to get her attention off the Barbies when she is in stores, etc…
    These look so precious, that I think she will not have trouble at all forgetting about the existence of other dolls.
    Any of these willl be a treasured welcome to our new dolls collection.
    THANKS for making these available to us, concerned parents.

  15. Mary Hennessey on

    These dolls look great. I am glad to know there are there. I have a 6 years old daughter and 3 granddaughter, all of which would love one of these dolls.

  16. These dolls are beautiful! There is such a need for appropriate (and lovely) dolls for Catholic girls. Congratulations on a job well done!

  17. What a great idea! It is so nice to see another wonderful product that is modest. You are truly living your faith.

  18. My little granddaughter would love this doll. I am so happy to learn about these dolls, such a wonderful change from Barbie and American Girl dolls. Thanks for the chance to win one. Rita

  19. What beautiful dolls! My daughter would love to be the proud owner of one of these. Thanks for offering a wonderful giveaway.

  20. I am so excited to see some dolls FINALLY that represent our values as a Catholic family. I can’t wait for KT to see these!

  21. I never heard of these dolls but am anxious to check them out. I would love to win one for my 7-year-old-granddaughter and have it presented as a gift from her “fairy godmother” since her real Catholic godmother has “forgotten” about her since the real godmother left our church over a silly disagreement. Anna’s mommy usually buys her a present from “her fairy godmother”, and I think this would be a wonderful gift. Please enter my name. This is a beautiful idea. Thanks.

  22. Please enter our family into the drawing for one of these dolls. My daughter would love to have one. Thank you.

  23. kelly mckeough on

    What a wonderful way to encourage our daughters to respect themselves and others.
    Thank you for following your heart and stepping out in faith to create a positive
    doll to enhance their childhood!
    God Bless,

  24. What a wonderful idea! We’d seen the “Life of Faith” series dolls, but, it’s so great to see a line of dolls created by a Catholic mom! Thank you for the opportunity to win one! My seven-year-old daughter would love it!

  25. I would love to win one of these dolls for my 6 year old niece. It is such a breath of fresh air to see dolls like this!

  26. Thank you for the contest – the dolls are beautiful. It is so nice to see a healthy alternative to other dolls on the market these days.

  27. I have not seen these dolls before, they are beautiful. I will be sharing this link with my homeschool group.

  28. I have 13 yo twins who still love their dolls! One of these would be an awesome addition! Thank you for this promotion!

  29. I’m so pleased to see an alternative to Barbie for my daughters!! They love dolls, but I don’t allow Barbie. What a great idea – modestly dressed dolls who aren’t “brats”! Thank you for having this contest – I hope we win!

  30. What wonderful dolls. Another “avenue’ to explore that is not Disney. Thank you for the chance to win one of these dolls.

  31. Tanya Cleary on

    Loving these dolls! My daugther would be so excited! I just found this from Faith & Family – love this Catholic Mom site, too!! God Bless you!

  32. You areb blessed with a wonderful gift and it must be heartwarming to see all the positive responses from so many of us who appreciate that you had a dream and a God given talent and saw your dream come true. May God Bless you and your lovely family for what you are doing. Anyone who has a daughter, granddaughter, niece, god daughters , etc. know that girls love dolls. To have a doll that gives a message to appreciate themselves, the world and praise for our Heavenly Father is a beautiful testament to what you do! In the world today it is so refreshing to find something as precious as your dolls to bring a smile to a young girls life to have such a pretty doll with a message that will bring them closer to their faith. Thank you for allowing me to respond. I am a grandmother of two precious granddaughters .

  33. Susan DiParisi on

    My two daughters (now only toddlers) would so benefit from having positive role models in their dolls such as these! Thank you for entering us! God bless you and your doll business!

  34. Never seen these Beautiful Doll before Love to have one for My Granddaughter
    IIt’s nice to see dolls that have a good and Healthy outlook that can capture the minds of little girls
    And have to worry about all the garbage that’s out there in the stores.

    Wish You Lots of Success Deanne

  35. Christina Tawney on

    Thank you for producing these wonderful dolls for our girls. We as moms need all the support we can get to raise virtuous women. This is a toy to be proud of!

  36. I have 4 girls who would LOVE to play with one of these dolls! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter this contest.

  37. I would like to be entered in the contest to win the doll. My duaghter likes the Kristina doll. She has been wanting an American Girl and have been working to show her other alternatives. So, she really likes these dolls. My only concern is that for every book that is sold, $1 is donated to select Komen foundation affiliaties. I have a concern as to the connection with planned parenthood and komen foundation.

  38. Hello- This is Kristi, the creator of The Friends Forever Girls. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments. They confirm what I thought, that parents, if given a choice, would want to give their daughter something that promotes a positive message.

    I would also like to comment on Linda M’s post. I’m very glad that you brought this up because it gives me the chance to explain my decision to donate $1 for every sale of the Kristina Takes the Stage book to the local Inland Empire or Madison, WI Komen Chapters.

    I found out about this connection 6 months ago and I checked it out. I donate to the local Madison and Inland Empire Chapters. The money donated to these two local chapters stay at the local level, helping local women and their families, and does not go towards the national fund, which then in turn, donates to PP. I also donate to the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation, (which also helps women and families affected by breast cancer).

    Breast cancer is so very important to me on a very personal level. Our local Inland Empire Chapter, has been such an enormous help to my dear friend, (who is also Catholic). Three years ago she discovered she had breast cancer. This was a year after she delivered her twin boys (at the time she and her husband also had a 4 and 6 year old). Since then, 2 more women in my group of friends have been diagnosed. We live in a very small community and our local Inland Empire Komen Chapter has been so incredibly helpful to my friends and their families. I wanted to do something for the organization (again, the local chapter- NOT the national) that had helped them so much. So, I understand the controversy, but the donations are made on a local level and not on a national level, and I know the funds stay locally and not passed on to PP.

    Thank you for letting me respond and I hope this explains my reasons. Again, please know the donation that we make is only from the sale of the book, Kristina Takes the Stage, and not from the other books or dolls.

  39. Kristi… in looking at the website. do the outfits on the dolls come with the dolls or do you have to order the outfit separately? For Natalie.. the description mentions the acqua vest but not the rest of the outfit.

  40. Thanks for another great giveaway. This dolls are beautiful and would make a wonderful gift. They are also a great alternative to American Girl. Thank you.

  41. Maria De Bruyn on

    These are very beautiful dolls. I like the Hispanic doll especially because my adopted daughter is Hispanic.

  42. Hey, It’s me again! The dolls come with everything they have on. Natalie comes with the outfit she’s wearing, a gym bag and the vest. They all come with the hardcover book, The First Day of Forever. We also sell the outfits separately. So for example, if you get Natalie and want to purchase the outfit that Reina has on, you may do so. I’m trying to expland our clothing line…we’ll have 2 new outfits in the fall.

  43. Joyce Miller on

    What a wonderful idea! I wish my grown daughter were young enough to enjoy one of these dolls. Hopefully I will someday have a granddaughter to share these dolls with.

  44. We so need an alternative like these! Thanks for sharing such a great product with the world, and the chance to win one! God Bless, Sara S.

  45. wow – what a wonderful idea! my daughter is starting to play with barbies and it makes me cringe. Thanks!

  46. These dolls are great. Since we are stationed overseas with the military, we are relegated to what the Post Exchange carries – namely Bratz and Barbie dolls – not my idea of the dolls I want my impressionable daughter to play with. Kudos for creating positive roll model dolls that are all the more appealing due to their Catholic faith based origins.

    Thanks for offering the chance to win one of these dolls. The price is a bit steep – although not nearly as bad as American Girl. It would be wonderful to see these mass produced so girls everywhere had an opportunity to play with a doll that sends out the RIGHT message.

  47. Jeni Doolittle on

    What a great idea, toys and advertising have such an effect on young children and how perfect to provide young girls with a positive encouraging toy . With any luck these dolls could replace negative influnces such as the Bratz dolls and other girl toys that promote inapproiate dress and self respect. Thanks for you work in making our world a better place for the children who are our future. God Bless!! Jeni

  48. The dolls are great! It is nice to know that there is a set of dolls wearing modest clothing out there. Thank you for the opportunity!

  49. Thanks for the great Mass Readings resources. They help us ALL focus and pick up more from the Mass.
    We would like to be entered in the contest for the doll prize also! Thanks.

    Juliet Hoke

  50. Thank you for the contest. My daughter will love to win one of the dolls!!!! I am a catechist at my church and your website helps tremendously with activities, lesson plans and ideas.

  51. Thanks for making such beautiful dolls. It is nice to see real looking modest dolls not some of the other dolls that are on the market today. These are such positive roll models for girls. My daughter is just getting into dolls and I feel these would be appropriate dolls for her. I am always looking for educational and value oriented items for my twins. Thank you again for making these fantastic dolls available so we have more choice in such a comercialized market! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  52. These dolls are so adorable! I have never heard of these dolls until today…my daughters would love and treasure one. I’m sure they will add it to their Christmas list once I show them!

  53. Just found your podcast and loved it! Thanks for introducing these dolls to us – what a wonderful alternative!

  54. Thanks Lisa for the introduction to these dolls. I had not heard of them.
    Thanks Kristi the generous giveaway.
    i really appreciate the concept of positive, co-operative play and it appears that these dolls will promote those ideals. Right now my daughter still loves her Waldorf style natural doll but i have to work hard to minimize the influence of the ubiquitous Disney (and others!…)

  55. Windy Hagmean on

    Boy is there ever a need for modest dolls! My oldest daughter just turned 7, these would have made a great birthday gift! Two more girl birthdays coming up, will keep in mind. Thank you for sharing!


  56. I am so glad that someone came up with dolls like these! Although other dolls a cute as well i believe that they send out the wrong message to young girls. These dolls however are not only cute but are very well dressed and help promote a positive influence that i would be proud to have my daughter be seen with, and share with her friends. Also how GREAT of you to be giving away one of these dolls especially when comparing them to other dolls of the same category!

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