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This week, in conjunction with Catholic Moments #110 and our interview with Kathy Bleichrodt, I am pleased to offer you a chance to win one of three set of terrific catechetical books for the entire family. Kathy is the author of the Mother Mary and Willy Wheat book series for families.  She is graciously sponsoring this contest, where you will have the opportunity to win one of three prize packages including:

1st place is the Family Package which includes 3 books:
1. The deluxe large hardback edition of The Parable of Willy Wheat
2. The children’s Mother Mary… God’s Gift to You
3. The teen/adult Mother Mary—God’s Quick & Easy Way to Divine Holiness.

2nd place is the Children’s Set which includes 2 books:
1. The deluxe large hardback edition of The Parable of Willy Wheat
2. The children’s Mother Mary… God’s Gift to You

3rd place is the Teen/Adult Set which includes 2 books:
1. The soft cover edition of The Parable of Willy Wheat
2. The teen/adult Mother Mary—God’s Quick & Easy Way to Divine Holiness

To enter, you must leave a comment on this post with a valid email address (which won’t be published or shared) before Midnight PST on August 1, 2009.  I’ll draw random winners and announce the names over the weekend.

Kathy shares the following information about her books and her ministry:

Back in 1988, after grinding wheat for bread, I was inspired to write and, eventually, illustrate The Parable of Willy Wheat.  This would, eventually, become the foundation of the Mother Mary series.

From this simple story, God began to show me hidden meanings and analogies in the story that simplified different spiritual concepts that were hard to understand. I began to write pages and pages of deep truths and thought that I was being called to write a typical book explaining these newly discovered understandings.

In 2003, the Year of the Rosary, Bishop Roman Danylak, after thoroughly studying each word and illustration in the books, gave the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur to the entire series. This was given in Rome, Italy on the Feast day of the Annunciation.  The first shipment of books arrived from the printers (long overdue) one year later, on March 25, 2004 — that very same feast day of The Annunciation. Why is this so significant? The feast of the Annunciation is the day Saint Louis De Montfort calls us to make our Total Consecration to the Blessed Mother — which is the main theme and teaching in the Mother Mary books! These books truly are our Blessed Mother’s!

The Mother Mary series is a completely new way to present theology… in a simple, fun manner where children and parents can enjoy learning together.  The catechisms are easy to understand because they teach in the manner Jesus used by telling a story and then explaining the hidden meanings.  Jesus often used parables to teach and simplify deep mysteries of faith that even children could understand. The Parable of Willy Wheat lays the foundation for the analogies made in the Mother Mary catechisms.

The main emphasis of the series is to help the readers come to know Mary as their Mother who truly loves them and wants to help them change and grow to be like Jesus, Who lives in them. More important than “head knowledge,” the Mother Mary series teaches “heart-knowledge” about our Catholic faith, and helps develop habits of holiness for a lifetime.   Lead the children to their Mother Mary and She will lead them to Her Son Jesus and keep them rooted in their Catholic faith.

The 175 page Mother Mary—God’s Quick & Easy Way to Divine Holiness teaches deep spiritual truths to pre-teens through adults.  The young children’s version, Mother Mary…God’s Gift to You, is appropriate for 8 years and under and is divided into 3 volumes. It is simplified even more and includes more hands-on activities and bold, colorful illustrations.

The books are especially well adapted to parents who home-school and want to supplement their children’s religious education and prayer life. Parents will appreciate the simple self-guided teaching style that requires no additional teacher’s manual.  The colorful “Who Says So?” at the end of each chapter, teaches the importance of using reference materials and being able to back-up their beliefs.

For more information about Kathy Bleichrodt and these wonderful resources, visit

Update: Our lucky winners are Jenn Davis (#95) – First Place, Sarah (#44) – Second Place, and Claudia (#37) – Third Place. Your prize will be sent soon.  Take a look at our other contests for more great chances to win!


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  1. Mary Alice Phillips on

    I’d love to see these. As a Catholic homeschooling mom, I’m always looking for good resources.

  2. Terry LeGrand on

    Lisa – thank you for introducing all of us to this wonderful author. My 3 children, all grown now, went to Catholic schools, but when we talk about many practices that they should be very familiar with, I find that they don’t know them as well as I would expect, given their background. My oldest daughter who is 36 and the mother of two beautiful children herself, is what is these days being called a “revert.” She left the church for many years, but has recently returned and is like a sponge, wanting to re-learn and begin a sincere Catholic practice as an adult. Of course, she is also eager to teach her children, so I am invisioning these books as a two-fer. Both my adult daughter and her 2 1/2 and 6 year old children will learn together and become strong in their faith. Thank you for your great podcast, Lisa. I love it and listen to it the minute I-tunes makes it available to me! God bless and keep you and your family. I’ll say a special prayer that you will make it through the week without your youngest chick! Take care! Terry

  3. I have been looking for something like this for my kids.

    Thanks — if I don’t win I will definately have to buy.

  4. As a homeschooling mom, I would love these materials. I am always on the look out for books like this. Thanks.

  5. Kecia Parker on

    Definitely enter me! I am building up my library now and want my kids to be exposed to this type of material! I’ll definitely buy them if I don’t win!

  6. I have these books — all of them — and they are AMAZING! I, too, am a ‘revert’ and wanted to ensure that my own daughter did not have similar ignorance about her faith that might give her reason to look outside of the Catholic Church for simple yet complex theological Truths.

    If you want to understand the power of Marian devotion better or want your kids to know why ‘to Jesus through Mary’ matters, then do yourself a favor… worth every penny!

  7. I am always trying to find ways to develop a love for the Lord and His Church in my children. Unfortunately, I don’t have the background in the way I was raised and feel a little overwhelmed how to create a domestic Church. Thanks.

  8. I’d love a chance to win these. I have this episode waiting on my iPod for my next spare moment to listen.

  9. Mary Jo Gremling on

    I’ve had the great privilege of being Kathy’s friend over the years she wrote these books. I can assure you they have been written with much prayer and sacrifice, and the theology is sound and well documented. This material is suitable for all ages, from young children all the way through adults. Like Jesus Himself, Kathy teaches deep theological truths using simple everyday examples and analogies. The illustrations are captivating and convey the teachings so simply and beautifully that even toddlers “get it.” A wonderful resource!

  10. I am always looking for new resources. My kids attended a great Catholic Camp at our parish abiout Marian apparitions. this would be a great resource.

  11. I have felt there is a need for resources like this from mothers who have been in the daily grind of running a household. There is so much we can give to each other in sharing our gifts with each other. Thank you for following the Spirit and writing these books to share with the rest of us!

  12. Thanks for sharing these books with us!! As a first time mother, I am more aware than ever of the need to integrate the practice of my faith into our family’s everyday life.

  13. I teach Kindergarten at a Catholic School and am always looking for resources to articulate our precious faith in language they love and can understand (in their Kindergarten minds). It is truly the high point in our day when they “get It” and want to act out the stories they hear. Thank you for the opportunity to share some hot off the press children’s authentically Catholic literature!!! I believe you were inspired!!!

  14. These books look great…as a homeschooling family we are always looking for new books to share our faith with our children. Thanks for sharing these resources.

  15. Andrew Bleichrodt on

    Kathy is my mother, and I am the youngest of the four children mentioned in her interview. As wonderful as these books are, please don’t enter me in the drawing since I am able to read as many of the books as I am able. I would like to reemphasize how wonderful these books are and how important they are in these times. The wonderful ideas that my mom has shared with me about Mary not only being the mother of God, but also being my mama are all in these books along with numerous important theological teachings presented in an easily understood manner. I would suggest them to any parent for themselves first and then for their children also, don’t get the idea that these are only books that children can benefit from! Good luck to everyone and enjoy the gifts that God has made available through my mom in these books.

  16. Lori from Texas on

    I have the whole set of books!!! And Yes, I would love to enter to win to share these books with my closest friends.
    I can’t tell you how much my childern and I have enjoyed your books. You can tell that the Holy Spirt gifted you with
    His words. Just wanted to say Thank you and share with other readers what I thought of your books. I’m sure who
    ever wins will be blessed with these books.

  17. Thanks to Faith and Family for brining these books to my attention! I’m sure my daughter will enjoy them.

  18. Please enter our family in the contest. We LOVE to read and these books look like great additions to add to our library of great Catholic teaching materials.

  19. What a wonderful way to share the faith. I am always on the lookout for more ways to bring the faith into our home, and since my kiddos LOVE books, it would be great to add these to our collection. Thanks for doing this…and good luck!

  20. Having the resources to help our kids learn to love God is so important. Please enter me in the drawing!


  21. Angela Foley on

    I am always looking for things just like this for the kids. I can use all the help I can get!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  22. Lea-Ann Virnig on

    Thank you for your commitment to the Lord and for following his promptings. What wonderful resources you have developed!

  23. As a convert, it is not easy to teach that which you haven’t known yourself. Learning with my children about the faith is the biggest blessing I have received as a mother. We look forward to using your program as we come closer to the Blessed Mother. Please include us in your drawing.

  24. Sounds wonderful! If I’m fortunate enough to have my name drawn I will happily cover the postage to Australia 🙂

  25. These books sound great…please enter me in your contest. Thank you for making great resources available!

  26. Barb Patterson on

    I know whoever wins these great books will be blessed. Thank you for giving us this opportunity!!!

  27. Angie Geehan on

    I have had the privilege of teaching with the Willy Wheat series in a Catholic School. I taught religion classes to Kindergarten and First graders using the Willy Wheat books as my main text book, along with Seton home schooling books (Kathy’s books were the favorite!)

    Theology/Religion class became fun and looked forward to by the students. We grew our own wheat plants (a bit of a science experiment) and filled in every page of the books ( a little English lesson!) At the end of the semester the children did a large project about sacrifice, prayer, and all the lessons taught by Willy. The principal, other teachers, and parents were astounded by what the deep incites the children had written and all the material we were able to cover.

    Pregnant with my first, I plan on using Willy to teach our baby to love and honor Mother Mary and her Son.
    I highly recommend Willy for both adults and children.

    P.S. Please don’t enter me into the contest, I would much rather someone else experience this true blessing of Theology.

    Catholic Mother and Wife

  28. The use of stories/parables is terrific. I would love a chance to see these and use them to help our children grow in their faith. Thanks!

  29. I have never heard of these books before, but I would love to have them for my 4 and 2 year-old girls!

  30. Jenn Davis on

    I am so excited about these books, and I am going to be looking into getting them for my children, and my PSR Class. I think that these are great resources. Thanks for all of the information on these books. I am excited to read them myself and to my children.

  31. Pamela Karol on

    Please enter me in the contest. I am trying to find books to incite more interest into my children of their Catholic Faith.

  32. These sound like great books. It is hard to find ways to teach our children the “meat” of the faith in ways that they can understand. I look forward to learning more about this resource.

  33. As a convert to the church, I appreciate all the help I can get to pass on this wonderful faith to my children. thank you for the great give-away!

  34. I love your site it has helped me so much with faith formation. I hope I am not replying to late to be entered in the drawing.

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