Daily Readings Reflection for 9/02/09


Reflection on the Daily Readings for 9/02/09 by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Lectionary # 433. Wed. of 22nd week. Colossians 1:1-8. Psalm
52:10-11. Luke 4:38-44:

Jesus tells us that he must move on to other towns and villages to bring
the Good News to them about the kingdom of God. This image of Jesus in
Luke will help us if we keep in mind that Jesus is always on the move;
always journeying somewhere to bring God to them by his teaching,
preaching, healing, and exorcising. We learn of his healing Peter’s
mother-in-law, then taking care of those who come to him for healing both
of mind and body. But he has to move on. After his inaugural sermon based
on Isaiah, we learn of this dimension of Jesus’ life. Together with the
theme of the kingdom of God that of journey becomes central. In fact, one
of the longest journey narratives in the Bible is that of Luke’s Gospel
extending from 9:51-19:44–the journey with his disciples up to Jerusalem.

On this journey the disciples are learning what it means to bring the Good
News to others and how they are to enter into the mystery of his suffering,
death, and resurrection. Jesus teaches them what discipleship means and
slowly they begin to learn how to give themselves to the call of Jesus and
his mission. On three occasions as in the other Gospels, Jesus will
declare what the Paschal Mysteries are for him and for them. The disciples
thus are guided by their master and learn the secrets of the kingdom of God
present among them in Jesus. The kingdom becomes a refrain that will help
them to keep their hearts and minds fixed on the goal that Jesus has,
namely, to bring about the kingdom of God here on earth and then to join
him in their own rising from the dead to enjoy the eternal kingdom of God
in heaven. Jesus has confirmed that he does bring the kingdom of God to
them by his many healings, his words, his teachings and his kindness to all
those who are in need. The disciples and we are called to listen to him
and to do what he has done in the Gospels.

Paul understood this and writes about it in the epistle of the Colossians.
He tells them and us, “You heard of this hope through the message of truth,
the gospel,which has come to you, has borne fruit, and has continued to
grow in your midst as it has everywhere in the world. Amen.”


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