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Mercy Is . . . is a compilation CD of various new artists from the Atlanta area encompassing an original setting of the Divine Mercy Chaplet written by Mary Selano as well as well known and original pieces by the various new artists featured in this CD. The intention for the CD is to help spread the good news of God’s immeasurable mercy for us. 100% of the proceeds of the sales of this CD are earmarked for Mother Antonia and her sisters, Eudists Servants of the 11th Hour, to assist in the continuance of God’s works of mercy.

The vocals throughout the CD are pleasantly humble. The clear, sincere voices draw the listener into the depth of the songs. The melody of the Divine Mercy Chaplet is soothing and I believe it would be well suited to congregational prayer. I was also pleased to have the pre and postlude prayers of the Chaplet included in this recording.

The overall selection ranges anywhere from old hymns such as an acoustic arrangement of “The Old Rugged Cross” sung by 16 year old, Jenna Kate Hall to a more contemporary sound of Jon Hazelwood of an original song, “Tear Me Down” to Schubert’s “Ave Maria.” As with any compilation project where there is a diverse selection of types and voices, you will find some to be stronger than others and that is the case with this CD.

What tugged at my heart strings the most was the song “We Want to See the World” written by David Burke. This song is a dialogue between an Angel of God (sung by Camille Selano) and unborn children (sung by a family of children that regularly go to a local abortion clinic for prayer vigils who are known to break out in song while praying for the innocent lives of the unborn). This is probably the most powerful Pro-Life song I’ve encountered. The tender voices of the children brought to life the innocence of the unborn children whose lives are never able to reach their full potential.

The CD ends with a beautiful song entitled “Healer of my Soul” in remembrance of Catholic Musician, Bob Murphy who sang God’s praises in the San Diego area for many years.

In conclusion, I found Mercy Is . . . to be a very pleasant listening experience of many gifted musicians singing their praises for our merciful God.

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reviewed by Sally Bolderson


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