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basile_alexDuring the middle of my radiation treatments last year, I was contacted by a very talented and inspiring Catholic author, Alex Basile.  Alex offered me review copies of his books and shared his comments in the following Catholic author interview.  I regret greatly that it has taken me so incredibly long to share this interview with you!  But I hope you will be as inspired by Alex’s writing as I’ve been and that you will support his endeavors.  In an age when our young people are confronted by so many difficulties, it is terrific to know that there are authors like Alex Basile bringing so much goodness and light into our world.  Alex’s books include Finding Faith in a Godless World: A Catholic Path to God, Lessons From the Master: Living Like Jesus and the soon to be released The Gentle Road To Jesus: Bringing Christ To Every Classroom.

I hope you’ll also enjoy watching the video below – it gives a great overview of Alex’s first book and shows how it has impacted upon readers.

Please briefly introduce yourself and your family to our readers.

I have been married for 14 years to my beautiful wife, Allison. We live in Lynbrook, New York with our two children Alex and Maggie. I have taught at Kellenberg Memoial High School in Uniondale, New York for 13 years. I serve as the Religion Department Chairman and an assistant chaplain. I also produce music CDs for Kellenberg. We distribute these CDs to our students, their families and faculty free of charge. We have just finished our 15th CD. Our Catholic school has over 2600 students. Before I came to Kellenberg, I owned a delicatessen for 12 years. I have also performed in an Irish band for over 27 years called The Irish Mist (

Please offer an overview of the book for anyone who has not yet read it.

basile_coverMy book Finding Faith in a Godless World: A Catholic Path to God is based on the many discussions that I have had with my students in and out of the classroom. I always tell my students that the presence of God is evident in the Catholic Church. Whether it be the Eucharist, the Resurrection, the saints, Mary, etc, we can easily find God if we can take off the blinders that prevent us from seeing Him.

What prompted you to write this book and what message do you hope to share with it?

There is so much resistance in our world to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Our culture does not endorse a faith filled life. Many of my students find the allure of materialism tempting. I spend many of my days using the headlines from Hollywood illustrating the dangers of this lifestyle.  Young people today must realize that they should not have to apologize pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is the source of true happiness.

What type of research and preparation went into the writing of Finding Faith in a Godless World?

I sat down and made a list of the things in my life that have shown me that God exists. My approach is very staright forward and practical. I would rather forego abstract theology and give people simple ways to approach their search for God. I have shared my experiences and the experiences of my students as we have journeyed towards faith. I use some of the cornerstones of our faith and philosophy in my book.

It has been stated that your book is a wonderful resource for young people examining the role of faith in their lives.  How has your book been received by youth and other faith seekers?

My students and people of all ages have told me that my book has served as an excellent reflective tool for examining the most important question that we will ever ask ourselves: Does God exist?basile_lessons

How do you nurture your own relationship with Christ in today’s busy world?  What suggestions can you offer to readers looking to increase the role of faith and spirituality in their own lives? My students would tell you that I spend most of my time speaking about the importance of our relationships. Every relationship is interconnected. We can not love “Our Father” in heaven without loving our earthly dad. The key to every relationship is love. Love demands that we shed the veil of selfishness. Once we remove this we can see God much more clearly.

I also tell my students to reject the unhealthy aspects of our culture. I urge them embrace a faith filled world. Even when faith is lacking, go to church and pray. We can not discover Him if we stand on the sidelines.

Do you have any additional writing projects in the works?

My second book was recently released. It is called Lessons From the Master: Living Like Jesus (Saint Pauls/Alba). I also recorded the first ever audiobook on Finding Faith In A Godless World from Saint Pauls/Alba.


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