I’m Rooting for the Poker Playing Priest!

Father Andrew TrappHere’s a little secret about me – one of my favorite evening pastimes is watching Poker on television with my wonderful husband – romantic, I know…

That’s why this wonderful story about Poker Playing Priest Fr. Andrew Trapp caught my attention.  I had heard Fr. Trapp on The Catholic Guy show last week, and am so happy to hear that he has already earned $100,000 towards the building fund for St. Michael Church in Garden City, South Carolina.  During this Year for Priests, I think Fr. Trapp’s story is refreshing and inspiring.  Our young men need positive role models of priests who are real people doing real things, and enjoying happy lives.  Please take a few minutes and watch this hilarious video Fr. Trapp put together for his Poker Stars Challenge audition – his Bishop approved both the video and his appearance.  Come December, I’ll be rooting for Fr. Trapp and his parishioners, and in the mean time I’ll be praying for his priestly vocation.

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