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alicia-belovedAlicia Hernon comes from a very musical family. Her father led music at her home parish, her brother is Catholic artist Martin Doman. Alicia began singing at Mass, and later, at Franciscan University, she had the opportunity to develop her musical gifts, and began a career of teaching music at schools and in private lessons. Over the years, people asked her if she would ever record a CD. She finally decided that now is the time. The result: “Beloved”, a collection of ten inspirational songs done with acoustic instruments like guitar, violin, piano, and flute.

“Cry of the Beloved” – An uptempo song based on the Song of Solomon, describing God as the King as we, His people, the beloved.

“Conquer Me” – a song praying for God to conquer us with His love, His mercy, His truth. Turning ourselves over to God completely.

“The Ring” – a beautiful song for weddings, this is a beautiful duet between Alicia and Martin Doman. Talks of the lifelong committment of love that marriage is. “The ring is the symbol of my love for you.”

“You’re the One” – this song is of a woman singing of the love she has for her husband. “You’re the one for me”.

“Talitha Cumi” – song of a mother, whose child has died. “Little girl, arise”, what Jesus said to the little girl who died. Another verse is from the perspective of the child, who recognizes Jesus as the one who calls to her, “Talitha cumi”.

“Up to the Moon” – I love you up to the moon, as big as the sky. The song is a mother singing of her love for a child, watching a child grow “like a beautiful tree”…”You’ll always be my little child”.

“As I Kneel” – A song for Mary, with a little girl singing on this with Alicia. This song appears in the “Canticle” hymnal at Franciscan University.

“Give Thanks to the Lord” – more uptempo, with choir, “Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good, His love endures forever”. Great contemporary arrangment of the psalm.

“Maria” – I first heard of this song in the Canticle hymnal (used by Franciscan University). Alison wrote the songs several years ago during a visit to the Basilica of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. On her blog, she writes: “I remember perfectly the moment that the idea for this song came to me. I was at the annual March for Life in January of 1992 with other students from Franciscan University and we were visiting the National Shrine in Washington DC. I was walking around the catherdal praying and looking at all the beutiful architecture that drew one’s mind to spiritual realities. I noticed around the top of one of the arches there were written the titles of Mary. “Star of the Sea”, “Tower of Ivory”, “Vessel of Divinity”…. and I just started thinking and singing to myself right there in the church.”

“Scripture Medley” – Alison gets the kids involved in this one, with a song to help kids in learning Scriptures. A great way to help the young ones to learn about the Word of God.

A very well-produced project, the musical background is very professional, a great debut CD!

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