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philsuefortinThis is the sophomore release from the husband and wife team from Massachusetts. This album is focused a lot on the Liturgy, with many of the songs being new arrangements of the Psalms. Also covers some popular songs of the Church. The instrumentation on this CD is very well done, a very professional job.

Songs include:

“Open My Eyes Lord” – We are often blind to God coming into our lives. We need God to open our eyes, that we can see Him in our every lives.

“I Turn To You (Psalm 32)” – a nice version of this psalm of prayer.

“Only This I Want” – composed by Daniel Schutte, focusing our eyes on God and God alone.

“Refiner’s Fire” – as a refiner burns away the dross to find the precious gold within, God burns away the sin to cleanse our hearts for Him.

“The Lord Is My Shepherd” which has a beautiful cello intro.

“Prayer of St. Francis” – An instrumental version of the Sebastian Temple classic. Piano and guitar take turns as the solo instruments.

John Michael Talbot’s “Only in God (Psalm 62)”, beautiful meditative song.

“The Lord Is My Light (Psalm 27)”

“Be Thou My Vision” – Starts out with a haunting A Capella 1st verse – goes into instrumental from there. Song got its start in 433 AD Ireland, when St. Patrick defied the king’s order and lit a fire on the night before Easter. The song was later turned from a folk song into the hymn we know now.

“Eye of the Storm” – contemporary song, trusting in God during difficult times.

“Taste and See (Psalm 34)” – Given a choir treatment.

“Hail Mary: Gentle Woman” – We hear many of the titles of our Blessed Mother, Mary, with the Carey Landry classic.

“How Can I Keep from Singing”

“The Path of Life (Psalm 16)”

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