College Admissions - A Laughing Matter? Yes!


uocHilarious!  Eric received the following email from University of Chicago encouraging him to meet their early application deadline.  I got a giggle out of several of these, especially # 7.  Reaching out to kids with a sense of humor is greatly appreciated!

Top Ten Reasons You Should Turn In Your Early Action Application on Sunday

1. Dean Nondorf wants You! To apply to the University of Chicago.

2. Winter will be SO MUCH WARMER, comparatively.  To January 20, 1985.

3. You can’t get into college if you don’t apply!

4. Turning in a college application is a time honored All Saint’s Day tradition.

5. Procrastinating is only cool and fun once you’re in college.

6. You are one step closer to winning a Nobel Prize! Or at least closer to people who have won the Nobel Prize.

7. If you turn in your application early, Jon and Kate will a) get back together or b) stay divorced. Choose your own adventure!

8. Every time an Early Action application is sent in, a fairy gets its wings.

9.That Hogwarts letter isn’t coming. This is the next best thing.

10. You send us an application, we send you cookies. (Note: The University of Chicago cannot guarantee the delivery of any and all baked goods to applicants.)

Office of College Admissions


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  1. I went there! Their sense of humor was definitely a draw. If your son thought this was funny, he’d probably fit right in. Incidentally, the picture accompanying the article is of the Chicago Theological Seminary, home of the Seminary Co-op bookstore. The University just purchased it last year, but the Seminary is still housed there.

    Goooooo Maroons!

  2. Anne B – yes, I think so. Anne #2 – we enjoyed our visit to the campus last spring – the student who led our tour did a terrific job and make it seem like a very fun and stimulating place to attend college.

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