Catholic Moments #125 - Steve and Joni Abdalla, Wee Believers


cm125Our guests this week, Steve and Joni Abdalla, are the Catholic parents of three daughters and the founders of Wee Believers™, an authentically Catholic toy company based in Indianapolis.  The inaugural product of Wee Believers is the “My Mass Kit”, a great tool for faith formation for little ones. During this conversation, we discuss the mission and history of Wee Believers, as well as the “leap of faith” taken by the Abdalla family to share their love of faith with others.


What is it like at your parish before liturgy starts? Is it a quiet, sacred church? Or is it noisy and neighborly? Deacon Tom discusses this by sharing about a recent Saturday evening at his parish in Arizona.

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  1. Michelle Therese on

    Hello! I’m a farmwife here in Orkney, Scotland (I’m American married to an Orcadian farmer) and our daughter has just turned one year old. We’re expecting twins too ~ due in January! I just ordered the Wee Believers Mass kit even if maybe it’s a bit early for Elspeth. I just couldn’t resist because that little kit looked ingenious! We’ve been struggling with the whole issue of bringing toys to mass and there really isn’t much in the way of “church toys” on the market that is *Catholic* oriented. I’m also very excited about their quiet church which isn’t being sold yet but I have my eye on it! We want so much for our children to come to love attending Mass because they actually understand some of what is going on around them ~ and that they grow to understand more and more as they get older because we were able to help them along the way while still young. “Planting seeds” if you will that hopefully will blossom into a great love of Christ in the Eucharist rather then, “Mass is boring!”

    Even if the Mass kit isn’t able to be used during Mass it will still prove invaluable as a teaching tool after Mass when I can take the children up to the front and show them the altar etc. and also at home where they can learn the names of things and learn to watch the Priest to see everything taking place. Nothing helps a child better then having a frame of reference for what is going on around them! I’m so glad that the Abdalla family came up with this fantastic idea!

    God bless! ~Michelle Therese

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