Catholic Moments #126 - Mary Kay Hoal,


cm126Conceived and founded by Mary Kay Hoal, Yoursphere is the first social networking service for youth that parents can embrace. Drawing on her corporate entrepreneurial experience as a media strategist, advertising, marketing and publishing VP formerly with CMP Media LLC, Mary Kay built the Yoursphere team. 


A proud wife and mother of five children (both biological and adopted, ranging in age from 4-17 years old), Mary Kay Hoal faces the same challenges every parent does: keeping her kids safe; raising them to be good, happy and well-balanced people; and providing them with the tools and support to create their own future.  While Mary Kay readily admits that she didn’t “get” the whole online social networking phenomenon at first, she quickly recognized its importance in her kids’ lives. After researching the disturbing landscape of social networking sites—including endless inappropriate content and thousands of predators targeting youth—Mary Kay’s mission became clear: raise the bar.  Yoursphere is a terrific online community where kids and teens connect, share and inspire — all in a place the puts Internet safety first. Parents can relax while kids and teens have fun.

A visit to a U. S. military cemetery near Florence Italy is the fodder for this week’s Deacon Moment with Deacon Tom Fox. Tom suggests we applaud all our veterans and to pray for them on this, their special day.

Sarah Reinhard’s struggling with prayer, and her Mary Moment reflection this week includes a quote from Mother Teresa’s Secret Fire: The Encounter That Changed Her Life and How It Can Transform Your Own, by Joseph Langford, and thoughts on tapping into Mary’s desire to help us succeed.

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  1. Lisa, regarding Sarah’s segment and your question about prayer: I struggle to remember to pray, as much as I hate to admit it. Sems the cares of the world begin at the moment I open my eyes until I close them at night. To try and work on this fault, I have a laminated holy card of The Blessed Mother on my nightstand so it is the first thing I see when I put on my glasses and last before I take them off to sleep. Somehow her image reminds me to remember that I have a Father in heaven whose Son came for unworthy me and that Mary leads me to God, even for that brief moment. Seems to make a difference when nothing else does. Mark

  2. Mark – that is such a beautiful idea! I’m going to try that as well and will share your thoughts on this week’s show – I think this may be a soothing aid to many of us!

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