The Ultimate Traditional Real Food by Katie Kimball


kimball_katieI blog about food.  I’ve come to appreciate the “traditional foods” approach to eating and embrace the philosophy that says that if a food’s been around a few thousand years, it should probably be in our diets. If it’s younger than 100 years, it doesn’t belong on our tables.

Sometimes it feels like filling my kitchen with real food is the primary goal of my life, but physical food can only nourish and sustain my body on this earth.  We need food for the journey, something to sustain and nourish our souls in this life and beyond.  Long before I discovered Nourishing Traditions, I embraced a nourishing, traditional food that’s been around about 2,000 years.  I believe it’s the ultimate REAL food.

The night before Jesus died, He took bread in His Sacred hands, blessed it, and said, “This is my body.  Do this in memory of me.”  And likewise, He took the cup, gave thanks and said, “This is my blood, given for you.  Do this in memory of me.”  Jesus redefined “food” that night.  He changed simple bread and wine into a gift of self.

Some people call this scene communion.  Some people call it myth.  Catholics call it Eucharist, the ultimate sacrifice of the God-man for all humanity. He gave His life for us.  And then He humbled Himself even further, beyond the supreme humiliation of a crook’s death on a Cross, and became our food.

The Ultimate.  Nourishing.  Traditional.  Real.  Food.

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