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dyer_lorrieA few weeks ago when I got to mass (on a Holy Day no less) I discovered someone sitting in my pew.  Annoyed, I found my way over to the far side of the church.  The church is shaped like an octagon.  I had to sit way off to the side.

While I sat there I became even more annoyed with the fact that someone took my seat and I didn’t have the view I liked.  Stewing over that I looked up to see Jesus suspended mid air on the cross.  This was definitely a different view than I had from my regular seat.

I have never had this perspective before.  From where I normally sat it was impossible to see the details I now saw.  As I sat there I became absorbed in my new perspective and far less annoyed.

I studied the details of Jesus on the cross.  I never realized just how detailed his body was.  The look upon his face—the agony and sorrow was expressed with so much emotion.   His flesh hanging from his skin appeared real.  I could even see the striations in his muscles.

I studied Jesus intently throughout mass.  By the time the hour had passed the annoyance over my seat had vanished…it was the furthest thing from my mind.

It was replaced with the gift of perspective.  Life is all about perspective.   Jesus taught me that sometimes in order to see things better I need to let go and get a little closer to God.

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Lorrie Lane Dyer is a facilitator for the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation with the University of Dayton as well as religious education and parish coordinator. She is working on her Masters of Leadership Development, with a focus in Military Chapel programs at St. Mary of the Woods College. Her faith provides her with inspiration for many of her poetry collections, columns and short stories.

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