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dudich_judyOne of my favorite parts of the day is when I am standing at our little kitchen island, preparing supper for my family. Almost daily, I will have anywhere from one to six little helpers gathered along-side me there; peeling potatoes, tearing lettuce or bread into bit-sized pieces for a recipe, stirring, mixing, spreading, rolling and cutting dough, and any number of other tasks that they do so well and so willingly. But the greatest reason I enjoy this time so much is: the conversation.

I believe (and Mr. J.R. Miller wrote) that the art of conversation is in danger of becoming obsolete in the family home of modern-day society.

Conversation is the heart of harmony within a family’s life.

The world’s pace is rip-roaring fast now-a-days…there are more gadgets and games and appliances and movies and a myriad other things to entertain, to distract, to “fill up the silence”. There’s barely ever a quiet enough moment for enjoying a nice, simple conversation.

That’s why I enjoy cooking with my kids so much! Our joint venture at the island causes us all to slow down, to act with focus and care and attention. And that atmosphere seems to draw my children into the gentle art of conversation with me. I love it. Their communication manners fall into a natural rhythm, each taking turns to speak and listening attentively to what another is saying. . . unlike when they’re playing outside or running around the house and the “art” of their conversation gives way to mere cacophony!

At the kitchen island, I learn so much about my children. They talk about their dreams, their hopes, their worries. They ask questions that have been on their mind. They share funny happenings from their day’s events. They sometimes sing the Psalms with me.

It’s a nice time. It’s a refreshing time. It’s a nourishing time. It’s “Conversation Time”… and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Conversation times can also become precious teaching moments. As we engage ourselves with our spouses and children, we are able to incorporate little “life-lessons” or “God-lessons” into our talks. We discuss and share and celebrate our beautiful Catholic Faith.

It’s healthy for a family to spend some time in conversation. Turn off the radio, the tv, and the computer. Let the thoughts come naturally and unrushed.

Give your family members your undivided attention and ENJOY their company. Tune out the noise of the world for a while and embrace the loveliness of “FAMILY”.

Talk to each other…listen to each other…share with each other…hope, dream, and wonder with each other.

You’ll be blessed 🙂

Copyright 2010 Judy Dudich


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