Daily Readings Reflection for 5/29/10


Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Lectionary # 352: Jude 1:20-25. Psalm 63:2.3-4,5-6. Mark

Almost all of us have had some frustrations with those in authority.  Jesus
taught his disciples how to use authority in a proper way, but that did not
reach or touch those who were against him and questioned his authority.
Today we have a letter that consists of only 25 lines under the name of the
Apostle Jude, one of the relatives (“brothers”) of Jesus.  The first part
of the letter deals with those who resist church and apostolic authority in
order to rationalize about their licentious and their sexual freedom.  The
author turns to the example of Cain and other legends that surround the
book of Genesis to make his point. He cites some apocryphal literature as
well. We are only seeing the spiritual encouragment part of the letter in
our liturgy.  It is good, however, that we look at Jude at least one day a
year and this is that day!   Jude is advising his listeners to avoid those
free thinkers who leave aside all authority in order to be sexually free.
Our section that is read is very positive and prayerful and gives us the
true content of Jesus’ authority: “Keep yourselves in the love of God; look
forward to the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, that leads to eternal
life.” (v.21).  We are under the loving authority of the Holy Spirit and
the Son of God, Jesus.

In the Gospel Jesus battles with those in authority through their positions
in religious ranking as interpreters of the Mosaic law and members of the
laws governing the Temple.  They question Jesus about his authority and he
in turn questions them.  The examples are striking as he offsets their
trick questions.  Jesus is one who really understands the laws of the Old
Testament and has to be seen as a true intelligent person who has captured
the meaning of the Mosaic laws, their spirit and their freedom that they
give the believer.  Jesus is a halakic Jew as John Meirer points out in his
fourth volume on the study of the historical Jesus.  His interpretive
methods help us to be better believers and to respect all of the laws that
are found in the Torah. He has told us that he has come not to destroy even
one of the decorative signs that accompany the text of the Torah. He is not
literalist nor fundamentalist in the revelatory interpretation he gives us.
And, if we go back the beginning of Mark’s Gospel we discover that his
authority is from God.  “And they were astonished at his teaching; for he
was teaching them as one having authority, and not as the scribes.” (Mark
1:22).  Fr. Henry Wansbrough, O.S.B., has these important lines about
Jesus’ authority for this early chapter of Mark:
“The authority of Jesus is one of the dominant impressions of his
personality given us by Mark.  Later Jesus claims divine authority by
forgiving sins (2:10) and by claiming jurisdiction over the sabbath (2:28).
Here however his actions are not above those of a saintly Jewish teacher,
though the account sees them already as examples of messianic authority.”


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  1. “Historical J…..”!?!

    The persons using that contra-historical oxymoron (demonstrated by the eminent late Oxford historian, James Parkes, The Conflict of the Church and the Synagogue) exposes dependancy upon 4th-century, gentile, Hellenist sources.

    While scholars debate the provenance of the original accounts upon which the earliest extant (4th century, even fragments are post-135 C.E.), Roman gentile, Hellenist-redacted versions were based, there is not one fragment, not even one letter of the NT that derives DIRECTLY from the 1st-century Pharisee Jews who followed the Pharisee Ribi Yehoshua.
    Historians like Parkes, et al., have demonstrated incontestably that 4th-century Roman Christianity was the 180° polar antithesis of 1st-century Judaism of ALL Pharisee Ribis. The earliest (post-135 C.E.) true Christians were viciously antinomian (ANTI-Torah), claiming to supersede and displace Torah, Judaism and (“spiritual) Israel and Jews. In soberest terms, ORIGINAL Christianity was anti-Torah from the start while DSS (viz., 4Q MMT) and ALL other Judaic documentation PROVE that ALL 1st-century Pharisees were PRO-Torah.

    There is a mountain of historical Judaic information Christians have refused to deal with, at: http://www.netzarim.co.il (see, especially, their History Museum pages beginning with “30-99 C.E.”).
    Original Christianity = ANTI-Torah. Ribi Yehoshua and his Netzarim, like all other Pharisees, were PRO-Torah. Intractable contradiction.

    Building a Roman image from Hellenist hearsay accounts, decades after the death of the 1st-century Pharisee Ribi, and after a forcible ouster, by Hellenist Roman gentiles, of his original Jewish followers (135 C.E., documented by Eusebius), based on writings of a Hellenist Jew excised as an apostate by the original Jewish followers (documented by Eusebius) is circular reasoning through gentile-Roman Hellenist lenses.

    What the historical Pharisee Ribi taught is found not in the hearsay accounts of post-135 C.E. Hellenist Romans but, rather, in the Judaic descriptions of Pharisees and Pharisee Ribis of the period… in Dead Sea Scroll 4Q MMT (see Prof. Elisha Qimron), inter alia.

    To all Christians: The question is, now that you’ve been informed, will you follow the authentic historical Pharisee Ribi? Or continue following the post-135 C.E. Roman-redacted antithesis—an idol?

  2. hmmm, interesting amount of emotionally charged invective from mr Branded Rude. Let’s see, i’m a graduate of stanford university and attended oxford university and his sad lies are completely all they are – lies.

    i therefore invite any reader to read john henry newman, edward b pusey, pius x, karl barth, karl rahner, and good histories and particularly study the early church fathers. Zeroing in on the Apostolic fathers is best , for they all lived and wrote as early as the first century for some of them. You can tell immediately that the Apostles Creed and the Nicene Creed and the Athanasian Creed – the theological content of all of these symbols of the faith go right back to the beginning. No change in what holy church believed at all.

    mr Branded Rude is like the man Bishop Sheen said has read one book, the most dangerous of people, but add to that his being taken in by the antichrist delusion is so sad and tragic for his soul. He may be utterly lost and without hope to twist things around as he tries. he quotes one lousy oxford historian for incorrect views as to the origin of the new testament. these writings are fully supported by Oxford greats such as Bishop and Spalding Lecturer in Eastern Orthodox Studies, Kallistos Ware.

    If mr Branded Rude ( for it is very rude to hang around antagonistically near Catholic women’s websites trying to deceive and brainwash using lies long disproved centuries ago. Why all the hate and vehemence hmmm? me thinks the man revealed too much of his heretic nature. Like the terrorists, he reveals a jealous rage over the true Divinity of Our Lord Jeshua Messiah because he and his pantheistic partners would like to go back to the sacrificing of goats and bulls by the thousands on the Old Testament alters. Yes, his emotional antagonism gives him away. So be doubly sure his theories are dishonest. If they were true kallistos Ware and other great scholars such as CheslynJones, my oxford tutor, would be out of a job.

    No the New testament is dated and accurate copies found. All the evidence points to the corpus of the New testament being made complete by 95 AD. And if you read St Ignatios of Antioch, and St Clement of Rome, and St Irenaeus of Lyon, you can see quotes of the New Testament used by the Apostolic Fathers.
    IF it were some 4th century Hellenistic plot ( hahaha – that’s a good one! The Greeks really pulled the wool over the world’s eyes, including the Reformation to boot!), there would have been any number of the great enemies of the Church in those days and for two millenniae to come out with this new attempt to dic4redit the faith of families, women and children who frequent this fine website. Shame! Shame! What are you, a man or a mouse?

    The Apostles were Antinomian? Hardly. They argued successfully the right use of the Law, which many Jews like Mr Branded (666) Rude can’t understand, so they hide under the Law as if it were their friend – but as St Paul showed, the Law will be their condemnor, for he has profaned the name of the LORD and broken all of His Commandments! All are guilty said St Paul. All alike are under sin – both Jew and gentile. That’s hardly antinomian. Rather it is the right use of the Law which is to humble and convict and lead to the remedy of the Holy Cross! This Mr Branded (666) Rude got lost somewhere in his talmud many many years ago…

    I invite readers to indeeed read Eusebius…for he documents the believing Church in the earliest terms – in other words a Christian in 75 Ad believed exactly what the Christian believed in 375 AD. That’s whhy I have loved readeing Eusebius. Otherwise I woouldl hate reading Eusebius who was a believer! Yet Mr Branded (666) Rude uses Eusebius as a authority.

    He is also confused when he transposes his theory from greece to rome. at foirst it was a wild greek antisemite antinimian thing, but Mr Branded (666) Rude then tries to say it was a Roman theory and he hovers not quite certain whether which! lol. He isn’t solid enough in his sources and ends up saying the whole religion was the result of a 4th century Greek who got it wrong ha hahahaha!

    then he, Brande (666) Rude, challenges 1.15 billion christians to dump their supernatural and grace-filled faith for ssome pathetic little law pushers that forgot to even read their own Bible and prophets – all of whom tell us about Christ and what we sshould expect of Him, all of whihc was miraculously fulfilled including His baring our sins and rising again like the eastern ssun….this pathetic little twit thinks he can reverse the sun of its powerful progression…You lost the numbers game long ago Ribi Twitti, you lost the argument, you know pathetically go into the homes of Christian women to try and win a couople souls back to your uninviting kosherisms….bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

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