June 13, 2010


02Eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Click on the links below to download each item

  • Sunday’s Gospel
  • Coloring Page
  • Mass Worksheets – 7-10, 11-14
  • Word Search – Puzzle, Solution
  • Crossword – Puzzle
    Solution – Across: 4. Pharisee;  Down:  1.  rightly;  2.  sinful;  3.  peace
  • CatholicQuiz.com launches CatholicQuiz of the Week at CatholicMom. This brand new FREE resource will help parents, catechists and teachers prepare families and students for the Sunday liturgy and reflect on the Mass readings for the week. Each week, CatholicMom will post two downloadable and printable PDFs. CatholicQuiz of the Week Part A is a 7-question quiz. Part B is a reflection on a theme drawn from the readings and includes great discussion questions, an answer key and reference information. CatholicQuiz.com invites questions and comments about this wonderful new resource at info@catholicquiz.com.
    • CatholicQuiz of the Week Part A – Quiz
    • CatholicQuiz of the Week Part B – Solution

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Extra activities:

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About Author

Laura Grace writes our lesson plans from St. Nicholas Chapel at the Pax River Naval Air Station in Patuxent River, Maryland. Visit Laura at her blog at The Catholic Toolbox. Elyse A. is a student who enjoys her faith and writing. Margaret Dwyer, a wife and mother of 4 children, lives in Easton, MA and runs Vacation Bible School at her parish in addition to teaching CCD and serving on the Pastoral Council. Margaret credits a friend's persistent urging to pray the Rosary and attend Mass during the week during a difficult time as a pivotal moment in her life, and feels called to bring Catholics to a deeper faith life by promoting the sacraments and the Rosary!


  1. Laura Gerold on

    Hi! I was wondering if you are still doing lesson plans for the weekly readings. I enjoy going through them and getting ideas for activities for our children’s liturgy. Thank-you!

  2. Laura, thanks for checking in. Laura Grace who does our lesson plans takes the summer off, so you’ll be able to see our lesson plans again in August when school starts back up. Thanks!!

  3. Laura Gerold on

    Thank-you for letting me know Lisa! I love this website and all of the work you put into it. It helps a lot with planning our children’s liturgy!

  4. Hi

    I am trying to get a youth group of the ground in our parish and have pretty much no experience in young children (except for helpiing to running a youth over 10 years ago, and by run i mean i sort of made ideas of what to do with the teens, we had no involvement with primary school kids at all)
    So we have been going for about 5 weeks and have had on average 20-25 kids each week, we have been playing a lot of ice breakers and running a competition to name the youth group and im planning on having them make a banner and name badges once we have the name.
    The problem is that we cant only do this and i need to work out a term planner for the next term that starts in about 3 weeks time.
    We have very little resources and are planning a fundraiser for the end of July
    We have kids from 5 – 18 and we are putting plans into place to divide them into two groups primary school and high school (someone else is working on the young adults)
    As i said i have no idea how to work out the schedule for next term or what could possibly work… please can you help or can you point me in the right direction.
    Kind Regards
    Marcia – South Africa

  5. Marcia, our parish uses Life Teen for high school students and its EDGE program for the middle school kids – I know they have a very structured program. Perhaps you could contact them to see if they could work with you on a discounted basis.

    Another thought is to relate your lesson plans to the Sunday Gospel – following the liturgy of the word and incorporating themes from each week’s gospel into your program. I would check to see if there are any specific books for working with youth that take this approach to planning.

    Good luck – I will keep you in my prayers!

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