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nacflmThis week, I have the pleasure of being a speaker at the conference of the National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers (NACFLM, for short) – it’s a wonderful environment, since the topic is “Marriage Building Parishes: Blueprints and Building Plans”.

I think I’m especially appreciating this meeting’s major theme of working on marriages since I’ve had recent experience with some troubled marriages in my life recently.  Perhaps it’s hitting one’s “late forties” that has opened my eyes to the lifelong hard work it takes to keep a strong marriage intact.  Honestly, even after twenty-four years of true love, I still feel as though Greg and I are learning day-by-day to truly love and serve one another and to keep Christ at the center of our relationship.

Being here is like being surrounded by newlyweds of all ages.  You see couples walking hand in hand, praying together, and listening diligently to the information being presented so that they can take it back to their dioceses and parishes.  I’ve never been on a Marriage Encounter weekend, but I’d imagine it has a similar vibe – just a good feeling that comes from being surrounded by many people who are really truly in love with the Lord and one another.

Tonight, our event opened with a prayer service led by Bishop Conlon of the Diocese of Steubenville.  His opening remarks underscored the importance of these meetings in reinvigorating the state of marriage in our Church.  Bishop Conlon was followed by the always-amazing Teresa Tomeo, who gave a keynote based on her book Noise: How Our Media-saturated Culture Dominates Lives and Dismantles Families, which has a spot of honor on my desk.  Although I’ve spoken with Teresa several times on the telephone, my brief chance to meet her in person today was a big honor for me.  Teresa’s commitment to her faith, her energy and zeal for her life’s work, and her fantastic communication skills make her one of my role models.  If you don’t already own  Noise, do yourself a favor and buy it today.  And if you ever have the chance to hear Teresa speak in person, no matter how far you have to travel to do so, go for it!  I guarantee that you will be edified and inspired!

To cap off an already perfect day (hey, even my flights were perfect – on time, and I got the exit row!), tonight we celebrated a beautiful Mass in the chapel here at Xavier University.  With two bishops presiding and a church full of amazing people, you could truly feel the power of the Holy Spirit among us.

Now it’s off to bed, as I am waking up early for my 8:30 (ET) visit with Brian Patrick and the crew of the Son Rise Morning Show.  Producer and friend Matt Swaim, author of The Eucharist and the Rosary: Mystery, Meditation, Power, Prayer is kindly allowing me to crash the studio early for a field trip.

I hope to share more tomorrow about the conference.  Others here tomorrow include Matthew Kelly and Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak.  Until then, God bless you!


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  1. Lisa, I wanted to thank you for the great tec training. Asside from the great ideas and connections you provided I learned two very important things. First, I’m not as tec dumb as I thought I was. Second, I learned how to take the tec stuff to the next new level. Thanks, again and I am sure our paths will cross soon enough! God bless!


  2. Tom, it was great to spend time with you and your mother! I also want to connect you with the author I was telling you about, so watch for an email on that.

    Veronica, I wish we could have spoken in person – I’d love to learn more about your work! Drop me an email any time!

  3. Ed and Pat Lavender on

    Dear Lisa,
    First, thank you for all you do to enrich marriages. Married couples need all the support they can get to survive and hopefully thrive in our society today. You mentioned you have never been on a Marriage Encounter Weekend. After 24 years you said your marriage was intact. Thank God for that. But after 24 years of marriage, you and your husband deserve the experience of a Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend. Treat your self and your husband to this experience. It’s a Spirit-filled experience. We believe it will enrich every relationship in your lives, especially your marriage. You can get all the information you need on the website
    We are meeting with our pastor at St. Cornelius on July 29th. We need any suggestions you may have for making our parish a marriage building parish. We’ve read the Bishops” Pastoral Letter on Marriage. Were there any programs that you heard at the NACFLM Conference that you would recommend for our parish? We would be grateful for any input you would have in this regard.
    We thank you again for any help you can provide and ask God to bless you in your good work.
    Ed and Pat

  4. Ed and Pat – thanks for your great comment. I will be sharing many of the resources from NACFLM here on the site beginning in early September when I resume my “normal” blogging schedule. May God richly bless your work in your parish!

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