Meal Planning for a Group by Kelly the Kitchen Kop


kelly_kitchen_kopWe never throw super fancy shindigs, do you?  Some people love that sort of thing, but we’re more on the casual side here.  When getting ready for our daughter’s First Communion party recently, I used the new Real Food Party Planning Guide to help de-stress the preparations.  I’m a total “list person”, so instead of making a new to-do list and notes all over the place each time we entertain, now I can just pull that out and it’s all consolidated in one spot.  I go through it to make sure not to forget anything.  There’s a list for what to do 2-3 weeks ahead, a week ahead, a couple days ahead, the day before, day of, morning of, etc.  I went through the list of recipes that can be made earlier in the week (one of the keys to de-stressing!) and chose the ones that sounded good for the group we’re having over after Mass.  I had everything planned ahead of time so I knew what I was doing each day to prevent last-minute craziness…

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