Catholic Book Spotlight: Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves By Sarah Reinhard


Regina Doman’s Fairy Tale Novels have been favorites of mine since I discovered them (and convinced my library to carry them) last summer. I’ve been waiting, since then, for her to write another one, and the wait is over!

I remember the days of standing in line and getting my copy of the latest Harry Potter book at midnight (or 2 AM, depending on where I was in line). Though those days are gone, and though I didn’t have to wait in a line in the wee hours of the night for my copy of Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves, I felt the same anticipation I remember from those book party days.

The latest Fairy Tale Novel should come with a warning label, though.

“Warning: You may not sleep, eat, or function normally until you have read this book as fast as you can. Your thoughts will not be your own, as you try to figure out what could possibly be happening next, and your conversations will be interrupted by your glances down to continue reading.”

My husband was mostly understanding. My children were bribed with various things I shouldn’t admit here. And me? I was enthralled, enraptured, encapsulated once more in a world not of my making and a plot bigger and deeper and wider than me, one that I couldn’t figure out until I was supposed to (I love that!).

The Fairy Tale Novels are some of the only books I’ve ever wanted to reread immediately. Alex doesn’t disappoint in that regard, and, like the others, is a must-read, whether or not you’ve read the others. I have read them all out of order, and they are completely OK that way. (I love that too!)

Want to win a copy of Alex O’Donnell and the 40 CyberThieves? Share your most outrageous computer problem in the comments by next Friday, July 16, and you’ll be entered to win. Thanks to Regina for kindly sponsoring this contest!

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When she’s not chasing kids, chugging coffee, or juggling work, Sarah Reinhard’s usually trying to stay up read just one…more…chapter. She writes and works in the midst of rural farm life with little ones underfoot. She is part of the team for the award-winning Catholic Mom’s Prayer Companion, as well as the author of a number of books. You can join her for a weekday take on Catholic life by subscribing to Three Shots and follow her writing at Snoring Scholar.


  1. Well, my computer (a dearly beloved iBook of the last generation) is out of commission because the power cord is no longer making connection to the power supply. I have replaced the power cord twice, once because my dear daughters pulled on the cord so consistently that the prong broke off inside of the computer. Just days after getting the second cord, I tripped over it while teaching on the first day of class, pulling the cord out at an angle and bending the prong horribly. I continued to use it until it no longer worked–several months. But now, even my new cord won’t work, and my computer has no battery life. So my husband and I are sharing his MacBook when he’s not using his laptop from work!

  2. Spent over an hour trying to walk a user through connecting VPN(Virtual Private Network), Finally insisted that they check behind the desk to tell me what lights were on, on the modem and router. They said it was dark behind the desk. I asked them to Move a light, that is when they told me the power was out. But because they had a laptop running on battery they thought everything else would work.

    True story

    Tales from the server closet.


  3. Julie Enyeart on

    I lost all my work when my laptop crashed in 2004. I was in grad school and did not have everything backed up. Learned my lesson!! Just found this website. I’m a new single mom through adoption and am really wanting to get back to my Catholic roots. Thanks!

  4. Computers? Our biggest headache was when my sister built us a new computer and getting everything reinstalled and up and running took so much time and energy, oi! It was worth it in the end.

    Hope to win the book!

  5. Barb Patterson on

    Oops! didn’t read the directions! When I was in college I was finishing up a 20 page paper, and the computer (back when we had to go to “computer labs” to work on them) froze up, then my paper returned to the screen, but was all out of order with those whinging characters. Completely unreadable! I was in a panic because I only had the beginning of it saved on a disc. Luckily, the young Steve Jobs in the lab was able to restore my document. What would we do without computer geeks. I even married one!

  6. Christine Hebert on

    It is always my computer that has problems. Weird ones. Ones even computer repair people have difficulty figuring out. Most recently I installed the service pack for Vista. My computer has always been a Vista machine and all the hardware is engineered for Vista. That did not prevent me from losing all video capability when the service pack was installed, however. I wound up having to do a system restore to the last backup date before I installed the service pack. I lost a couple of days of data, but thankfully not anything really important. I decided to go without the service pack!

  7. I had the worst problem of all…my then 18-month old son decided to take a water bottle and splash its contents all over my beloved MacBook Pro (and unfortunately I didn’t have much backed up). I took it to the Mac store in hopes of repairing it, but alas, I was told that my chances weren’t too good and the price of repair would cost just as much as buying an entirely new computer.

  8. My biggest problem is with vocabulary…computer people seem to use too many initials…

    I would love to read this book!

  9. My biggest problem and most embarrassing one with my computer was that I dropped my laptop 2 years ago while carrying it to another room. No one crashed into me or anything bad, I just bumped into the door and dropped it. It was horrible. At least we had just gone through Hurricane Ike so everything was recently backed up for the storm. I only lost the post hurricane pictures of neighborhood damage. I just wished it had been one of my kids or something else. Let’s just say I take extra care these days when carrying my new laptop around the house.
    This series sounds really interesting. I’d love to get hooked.

  10. I am a HUGE Regina Doman fan who would love to win this book.
    My most outrageous computer problem happened with my old Vista. One day last month I discovered that the automatic Windows updates were turned off. When I went to turn them on, I discovered there were 23 updates waiting, some as old as 2008 – though that was impossible because I had installed updates only a few months before! I tried to install them about five times. Each time a couple more updates were successful, but the majority of them failed. Finally, I was stuck with 13 updates that absolutely refused to be installed. I took it to a computer genius that I know and he had absolutely no idea what was wrong. He ended up just wiping the slate clean and installing Windows 7.

  11. My 2 year old liked popping the keys off my laptop! The little clips that hold the keys on broke easily. I found some new ones on ebay and tried to keep her off the laptop but she had a penchant for those keys!

  12. I live in Ottawa, Ontario and a couple of weeks ago we had a 5.2 earthquake (it sparked some spontaneous prayer but caused no damage!). Until we tried to turn on the computer. Nothing. No lights, no whirrs, no blue screen, nothing. Turns out the earthquake had wiggled some computer part out of place. Thankfully my darling husband was able to figure it out some time later. Computers!

  13. My story is more than a little embarrassing, and wholly my own fault. I’m a kinesthetic learner, so during my sophomore year of college I used to go down to our basement and click through Biology powerpoints while I got on the elliptical. I remember the day vividly, Christmas Eve. I was a little distracted because my boyfriend had been less talkative lately, and I was patting myself on the back anyhow for studying the renal system on Christmas Eve. Usually, I plugged the laptop into the wall right next to the elliptical, but something with the plug in on the wall didn’t seem to be working, so I streeeetched the cord over next to the weight machine, a good 4 or 5 feet away. It barely made it, I breathed in relief. Minutes later, I realized that nothing had been wrong with the power strip next to the elliptical, and I pulled out the cord to plug it in closer. That move was quite possibly the stupidest I have made in my life. When the taut cord was released, the whole computer fell off the small shelf of the elliptical display and smashed on the ground. Part of me was so incredulous I didn’t think it could have happened. It was the most irreversible action in my young life up until that point, with a close second the time I flushed my glasses down the toilet and ran to tell my dad, hysterical that they were gone forever. The computer was miraculously intact, but the monitor was shattered. I still have that laptop hooked up to an external monitor, stolid and immovable. P.S. A note about the glasses incident: I found, after calming down, that glasses are too wide to be completely flushed down the toilet drain. Praise the Lord. 🙂

  14. my computer stopped recognizing anything you plugged in with a USB cord. So I tried to fix it by using an old recovery disk I had. At first the computer seemed fine. But after a minute the computer just shut down on me, and than restarted all by itself. It continued to do this over and over again for 3 days straight!! Finally we took is somewhere to get it fixed. After I got it back, I was so excited to start putting my files back on it. While I was in the middle of doing that, my power cord broke and soon after my computer shut down from low battery. I’m still waiting for amazon to ship me a new one.

  15. My wildest computer moment occurred last year. I was working away on the internet searching for who knows what when I smelled smoke. I realized smoke was escaping from the compartment of my desk that holds the computer. I quickly opened the door to see smoke pouring out of the computer’s case. As quickly, I unplugged the computer, pulled it out of the desk, and as carefully as possible I opened the side of the computer to see that some heavy duty dust bunnies (as well as one of the cards in the computer) were on fire. I was able to pat the fire out, but needless to say that computer was toast. By the Grace of God the hard-drive was not damaged and I was able to install it as a subdrive in another computer.

  16. I would like to point out that ALL of Regina Doman’s books (excepting, perhaps, her childen’s book) are gripping and should come with that warning. I just finished the Midnight dancers (which made me choke back tears at least twice!) and looked at my room. it is a mess. Regina Doman’s writing is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, at least not consistantly. I have never before known an author (not even Rowling) that has made me want to stay up, night and day, reading, with EVERY book he/she produces! This is insane! this is amazing! This must be God’s doing. I will probably spend all my money buying these books, but I don’t care.

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