The Power of a Prayerful Woman


SahmatworkI got into a great conversation recently while getting a haircut with my oh-so-favorite salon gal, Chris.  She’s the best.  She knows just when to talk during my visit, and just when to be quiet and respect my alone time having bugged out of the house alone and child-free.

Our visits over the years have revealed a lot about Chris.  She’s Catholic, but not a ‘bible thumper’ (her words), she’s about my age (hum…mid-30’s), and she basically raised her younger sister when her own mother passed in her teen years.  She’s independent, outspoken, and lastly, she absolutely loves my kids.  She has become the only one I will allow to come near them with a pair of scissors.  She is an amazing hair stylist and overall one amazing woman.  Over the years, we have talked about all kinds of issues, from Catholic schools to marriage, from child-rearing to grocery shopping.

During most of our conversations, it usually turns to her wanting to get married.  She’s a single gal looking for that Mr. Right, and she’s mostly found Mr. Wrong, hum…Mr. Way-Wrong.  She often reminds me how fortunate I am that I found the love of my life so early in life.  I have often responded to her, that I am unsure how I would cope in today’s dating scene.

At my last haircut appointment, Chris mentioned how she has begun dating someone.  She lit up talking about him, and she seemed so happy.  Of course, knowing the past conversations we’ve had, and how difficult it was to simply meet good men, I asked her, “How did you meet?”

She said it all began with asking God for her spouse.  She had dated, was even engaged for a while, but to men who weren’t the best for her, and she knew it.  Recently, she simply made an effort to daily ask God to bring the man she was to marry before her….and the grace to be open when he presented himself.  She said, “I asked God to bring me my spouse.  ‘No more jerks, Lord, just no more jerks.'”

Chris insisted God brought this man into her life and that she’s finally open to what God picked for her.  She said she met him at her other job, working at the airport.  (Working multiple jobs to put her sister through college!)  Chris said that she regularly says a prayer, just prior to a plane taking off, for the pilot, the passengers as well as the workers on the ground.  She wears a headset, and one day, for whatever reason…she said her prayers aloud.

A gentleman who heard her prayers on the head-set, came to find her.  He’d only heard her voice on the headset for months and months, but after hearing her prayers, he told her later, that someone who would even think to pray, let alone OUT LOUD, was worth the effort to track down and ask out for dinner.  They have been dating for about six months now, and while she’s unsure of the future, she knows now, if you ask God, He does deliver, one way or another.

I was amazed at her story.  What can God do when you give Him the chance to work?  Wow.  It not only reminded me to teach my own children the value of prayer, especially prayer for a future spouse, it reminded me, that I need to pray more for my husband.  If I give God the chance to work, what might He do for him, as a spouse, a husband and a father?  The possibilities are endless.


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