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primaIf you are looking to incorporate Latin lessons into your home school curriculum, Aquinas and More has the solid, reliable materials for which you are looking. Our Latin resources include textbooks, DVDs, and CDs, and our selection includes options for all grades and skill levels.

  • The Prima Latina course is designed for a teacher with no Latin background and is an appropriate introduction to Latin for Kindergarten through third grade. The text set for this course includes a student book, teacher’s manual, and pronunciation CD. Available to purchase separately is the DVD course set. Additional student texts can also be purchased.

  • Latina Christiana I is the next level, designed for students of all ages, particularly appropriate for grades three or four. Once again, a text set is available, as well as a DVD set. Corresponding flashcards are also available for purchase.

  • Latina Christiana II is the next course, picking up where the previous course ends. It is especially ideal for grades four or five. Both the text set and DVD set are available.

  • The Henle Latin courses are useful for older children following the Latina Christiana series. There are four steps in the Henle Latin course: Year I, Year II, Year III, and Year IV. These books can be used beginning fifth or sixth grade, based on the skill level of the student, and what courses have already been covered. Lingua Biblica is a great companion to use along with the Henle Latin curriculum.

View all of our Latin home school resources by clicking here.

Other Latin Resources

Aside from the home school text books and materials, Aquinas and More is also pleased to offer other Latin Resources that will prove invaluable.

Oxford Latin Dictionary – This dictionary is a must for any level in teaching or learning Latin. This is a compact classical Latin dictionary packed with extra features, such as appendices on money, weights and measures, dates and times, a timeline of important dates in Roman history, and sections on poetic meter and medieval Latin.

Lingua Angelica – This program is a Christian Latin reading and translation course designed to be used along with a Latin grammar course (such as Latina Christiana or Henle Latin).

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