Daily Readings Reflection for 7/21/10


Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: July 21, Lectionary 397. Jeremiah 1:1.4-10. Psalm
71:1-2,3-4,5-6.15.17. Matthew 13:1-9:

Jeremiah’s call to be a prophet inspires us to have courage to look at our
primary call and then to see in the ordinary calls the carrying on with
perseverance the chores, duties, ministries, and works that we face.  We
hear the repeated words of God to all who are called: “Fear not. I am with
you.”  This statement of the Lord is always echoed in the lesser calls of
each day.  God’s loving-kindness and his graces to us helps us to be aware
of the call and to respond with our yes.  We are all servants of the Lord
whether we are married, single, religious, priest, deacon, or associated as
lay person with a religious order or congregation.

Our primary call is through the Baptism we received in the name of the
Trinity. It unfolds and develops almost like our ordinary life but gives it
that extra special motivation. Continuity, recollection of the baptismal
call, and perseverance are part of the call.  Generosity, hospitality, and
sharing of our time and personal gifts are the way we cooperate with the
development and growth of our Baptismal vocation to learn, live out, and
serve God. Even Jesus was baptized to show us the importance of the primary
call.  We hear, “You are my daughter, you are my son in whom I am well
pleased” when we respond to the calls of the Lord.

Jesus gathers crowds of ordinary people as he sits near the lake of
Galilee. He teaches them and instructs them in what they are called to be
and to do.  He is like Moses who gave instruction to God’s called or elect
people Israel.  They listen to his words and to his lessons.  And to make
sure they understand what their calls are Jesus uses colorful parables to
bring home the message.  Perhaps, the parable of the sower that Matthew
uses here is the very first parable Jesus spoke to the people.

We look at our Psalm for the day and we realize that we can experience our
call through it by singing or praying the verses: “O God, you have taught
me from my youth, therefore, I will sing of your salvation.”


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