Ready, Set, Hut! by Maureen Locher


Usually when I can’t sleep at night it’s because my mind won’t turn off. Lord knows there’s enough to keep my mind occupied these days. But the difference this late night…technically early morning…is that I am happy. All feels right with my world. Yes, my parents are a continuing concern, as is my young friend who has recently returned from a tour in Afghanistan. My brothers and I talk regularly about the best way to handle a lifetime of my parents’ possessions. Conflict among family is the last thing my parents would want. And the last thing we siblings want. But who knows what’s right?

God does. And that’s why I’m happy. Because all day yesterday I knew I was following God’s roadmap – not my own. I started my yesterday at Mass. A definite plus. Followed by a delightful breakfast with friends. Conquering that first step of sorting and cleaning at my parents’ house came next. I cranked the radio and went to town. I wasn’t a bit sad. I felt happy to be back at the home I shared with my parents for 10 years – the house I visited so frequently in recent years while helping out my folks. I love that place. I even plunked the piano keys just to hear the sound.

My parents made “the farm” home for all who entered, and I’m bound and determined to keep it “home” through this dissembling process. One of the first chores I did was run the dishwasher and put away some dishes. Ironic that as I was washing dishes there my sink sat full of dirty ones here, huh? Funny how that works. Filling boxes. Emptying drawers. Sweeping the floor. Five hours later I left. One room is almost done. This house has many rooms. But I’m not discouraged in the least. I am optimistic that God will direct my and my siblings’ future steps throughout the entire house until we’re done.

These first steps today taught me that this task is not insurmountable. Not at all. Because we four are not alone in this. We’ve got our own personal Coach to guide us and a Cheerleader to spur us on. Ready, set, hut!

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