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In Conversation With God

Daily Meditations for Each Day of the Year

In Conversation with God Seven Volume SetHave you been looking for an intensely spiritual prayer aid? A resource that delves into the meaning of the Catholic faith, with Biblical passages, wisdom from the saints, and other reflections? In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez is just such a resource. With too much information and inspirational wisdom to condense into one book, this is a seven book series that can really help one to enrich his or her prayer life. And while each page is brimming with information and reflections, it is not something reserved for only a scholar or Biblical expert. This book series is aimed at the average Catholic, intended to be an aid to anyone and everyone in deepening and strengthen their prayer lives – their conversations with God.

Why Daily Meditations?

Why is daily meditation on scripture and faith such a good idea? Prayer is, as the title of this series implies, a time when we converse with God. The saints would pray for hours each day; those in religious orders still do. In centuries past, prayer was more strongly emphasized. Even those who were not in religious orders but lived secular lives were raised to understand the value of conversing with God. Why would we want to miss out?

Unfortunately, in modern society, many outside sources are encouraging us to fill our time with everything but prayer. In a world so immersed in media, cell phones, and entertainment, it can be hard to re-train oneself to become focused and immersed in deep, meditative prayer instead. For this reason, prayer meditation and reflection books such as the In Conversation with God series become invaluable. They provide the reader with scripture and inspirational words from the saints – and reflective guidance to help understand them – so that the reader may focus, meditate, and engage in true, meaningful conversation with God.

In Conversation with God – Seven Volumes of Daily Meditations

As mentioned above, the books in this series are filled with wisdom – too much text to fit into one book. Rather, the daily meditations are neatly organized into seven volumes, separated by liturgical season. Each volume includes meditations on the gospel readings for every day of the year, including the 3 cycles for years A, B, and C.

The Seven Volumes are:
  1. Advent and Christmas
  2. Lent and Eastertide
  3. Ordinary Time, weeks 1-12
  4. Ordinary Time, weeks 13-23
  5. Ordinary Time, weeks 24-34
  6. Special Feasts, January – June
  7. Special Feasts, July – December

The books are available individually (click on the titles listed immediately above), or as a complete seven volume set, which you can view by clicking here.

About The Author

The author of this series of books is Francis Fernandez-Carvajal, a priest of the Opus Dei Prelature. He is a graduate in history from the University of Navarre and also holds a doctorate in Canon Law form the Angelicum in Rome. Aside from In Conversation with God, he is also the author of such titles as Lukewarmness: The Devil In Disguise and Children of God: The Life Of Spiritual Childhood Preached.

If you’d like to learn about the Opus Dei prelature Francis Fernandez is part of, click here to view our selection of Opus Dei resources.

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