I Have Been Busy by Dione Grillo


It’s been almost two months since I signed up to be a catechist, and I have been busy.  I have:

  • Bought name plates ($1 at Target);
  • Given up on my eBay search for a “lot” of religious stickers (If you know where to get them, let me know!!);
  • Downloaded the first eight chapters of Blackline Masters from the Call to Faith eConnect website;
  • Relentlessly bugged the secretary and DRE for a calendar (to avoid/minimize scheduling conflicts with my life and part-time job);
  • Received a complimentary copy of Catechist Magazine’s “2010-2011 Handbook & Planning Guide” from my good friends at Pflaum.  Why?  Well, to keep me focused, of course…and because I’ve always wanted to use one;
  • Bought three-prong folders (15¢ at Wal-Mart); and
  • Waited and waited and waited for the September 1st Catechist Meeting to get here!!

I guess I’m a bit excited, huh?  It’s going to be different being back on the other side of the podium this year.  Instead of planning an entire program, it’s just me and God’s little disciples-in-training.  That’s actually a relief.

Thanks be to God!

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