All Part of a Good Childhood by Cay Gibson


The other day I was taking the leftover birthday cake to the trash. A week is all I can take of sticky sweetness. Evidently my family’s teeth aren’t as sugar-happy as I thought.

Annie and her little friend spied me on my way to the dump and begged for that chocolate cake. I paused. The water sprinkler whirled. The cement slab sang with colored chalk. Damp ringlets paddled around Annie’s face. Summertime was here.

With Bill Cosby’s permission, I handed those children the rest of that cake along with two white plastic forks.


If no one else understands, Bill Cosby sure does:

Fatherhood by Bill Cosby

“I had bacon, sausages, and eggs all lined up when my four-yr-old arrived, looking so adorable with her cute face and little braids.

” ‘Morning, Daddy,’ she said.

” ‘Okay,’ I said, ‘what do you want for breakfast?’

” ‘Chocolate cake,’ she replied.

” ‘Chocolate cake? or breakfast? That’s ridiculous.’


“Then, however, I thought about the ingredients in chocolate cake: milk and eggs and wheat, all part of good nutrition.

” ‘You want chocolate cake, honey?’ I said, cutting a piece for her. ‘Well, here it is. But you also need something to drink.’

“When the other four children came downstairs and saw the four-yr-old eating chocolate cake, they wanted the same, of course; and since I wanted good nutrition for them too, I gave each of them a piece.

“So there my five children sat, merrily eating chocolate cake for breakfast, occasionally stopping to sing my praises:

” ‘Dad is the greatest dad you can make!

For breakfast he gives us chocolate cake!’

“The party lasted until my wife appeared…”

(The DVD version of this cannot be missed!—Bill Cosby, Himself )



It’s all part of nourishing our children…in body, soul, mind, and spirit.

Just call me a good mother. Bill Cosby would think so anyway.

Copyright 2010 Cay Gibson


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