Daily Readings Reflection for 8/22/10


Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Aug.22. The 21st Sunday C. Lectionary # 124. Isaiah 66:18-21.
Psalm 117:1.2. Hebrews 12:5-7, 11-13. Luke 13:22-30.

We all hope to be saved and in our Eucharist today we see that the readings
from Isaiah and from Luke give us great hope for being saved which is
expressed in the image of being invited to the feast in the kingdom. We
immediately associate that with being invited to the banquet of the Lord in
the Eucharist where we have Jesus present as our personal and community
encounter with the loving-kindness of God.  Luke is always giving us a look
at the Good News which is meant for everyone. It is a Gospel that is
universal in its message about Jesus. Today’s passage brings this out and
parallels what we learn from the Isaiah reading.

Fr. Carol Stuhlmueller, C.P. was dedicated to the study of Isaiah and
shared one of his key concepts with those who took his classes.  He was
convinced that Isaiah’s message to us was that we become as he was a
creative agent of God’s love in our redemption.  That is quite an honor and
would be an excellent way to bring the good news of salvation to others
beginning with ourselves being convinced this is prophetic truth. Isaiah
tells us all nations and all tongues are called to be part of the feast in
the kingdom of God.  He is almost unique as a prophet in the Old Testament
in constantly reminding us of God’s universal call to holiness and thereby
to salvation.  It is not restricted to his immediate listeners, the sons
and daughters of Israel. The mission of Isaiah is brought to all four
corners of the world, north, east. west, and south. No one is excluded.

Psalm 117 is our responsorial psalm with a selection from St. Mark as the
response:”Go out to all the world and tell the Good News.”  Though the
psalm be the smallest it has an expansive redeeming message based on the
covenant of God.  This covenant is always sealed with the loving-kindness
of the Creator and Redeemer and has been passed on to Jesus, the Son of
God. God’s fidelity endures forever for God is Lord of all salvation
history. We are now ready for the Good News of the Gospel coming from the
tradtion of Luke, the gifted artist-evangelist and theologian of salvation

Jesus himself brings us the Good News of salvation open to all.  There is a
narrow door to enter but no one is excluded if the have the simplicity and
humility of a little child to squeeze through that door.  People of all
nations and every tongue are invited to the feast of the kingdom. They have
come and will come from North, South, East,. and West.  In Luke Jesus is
always seen within the context of the universalism of the Evangelist which
is taken from the very life of Jesus and his words to us.  The mission of
bringing the Good News to others falls on us who are present at the
Eucharist where we have an encounter with the living Christ. The Eucharist
is our sacramental encounter with Jesus.  Having confidence in him we know
we are never predestined for any place or Evil One that would separate us
from the promise of loving-kindness in the last part of the journey toward
the feast of the kingdom.  Jesus tells us, ” People will come from the east
and the west, from the north and the south, and will take their place at
the feast in the kingdom of God.”  Amen.


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