Daily Readings Reflection for 9/02/10


Reflection on Today’s Daily Readings by Fr. Bertrand Buby, SM

Today’s Readings

Scripture: Lectionary # 433. I Cor.3:18-23. Psalm 24:1-2.3-4.5-6. Luke

Luke shares with us the calling of the first three disciples. Simon Peter
and the two sons of Zebedee are the chosen first three in Luke. In this he
differs from John who has five others who come first. It is unusual that he
omits the name of Andrew, the brother of Peter, who actually is the first
called in St.John’s Gospel; then Peter follows Andrew. We have to be
attentive to the fact that the names of the twelve are given in different
order once we get past the first four, Peter, James, John, and Andrew.
Nevertheless, the scene Luke gives us is very captivating. It comes after
Jesus uses the boat pushed from the shore to address the crowds. The
surrounding hills and mountains act like a loudspeaker for him. After all,
we have seen that Jesus has practical wisdom as one of his human talents.

The three mentioned in Luke will be part of those who experience Jesus’
suffering in the Garden. They also will be called to witness Jesus bringing
back the young girl who had died in the room upstairs in the home of her
parents. We can name her Talitha. Jesus says, Talitha (little girl) kum!
Rise and get up. Then he tells the parents to give her something to eat.
Again an example of his practical wisdom.

He tells the three to move their boat into the deepest part of Lake Galilee
and to lower the nets for a catch. His practical wisdom shines through even
in the realm of fishing! They are amazed at the huge catch of fish which
then offers Jesus a great moment to tell them their role as disciples of
his in the near future. From now on they will catch humans instead of fish!
The are to preach the Good News and bring others into the fold of those who
follow Jesus as leader, as good shepherd.

Like the call of the first three, we too have the same call as they. We
are to be the apostles and disciples of Jesus today in the workplace and in
our homes, communities, and parishes. No one is excluded from being a
disciple of Jesus. We are to risk, at Jesus’ command, to put out into the
deep and to trust that we are called to be agents of God in the redeeming
love and grace that Jesus bestows on others through us. We normally would
feel like the disciples named that it is really unreal to try to catch fish
after laboring all day and not getting any, but our trust in Jesus like
theirs leads us to remarkable results of the Holy Spirit that are possible
through our listening to the Lord and cooperating with the Spirit.

John Paul II encouraged us to “cast out into the deep” and bring others
into the boat to follow where Jesus will then lead them. The encouragement
is good for those in vocation ministry, but, in a sense, we all are in this
ministry of calling others to the mission of Jesus in the world. This can
be a dream come true when we are humble and open enough to listen to the
many calls of Jesus that normally would not be our way of calling and doing
things. It is he who shows us through our own calling and gifts that he is
the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Discipleship with Jesus is a life worth
living. Amen.


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