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While at a recent conference, I met Marlena Shell, the producer of the three part DVD series Little Steps through the Eyes of a Child. Marlena was kind enough to share the following information about the series:

Have you ever dreamed of taking them to the Holy Land?  As the primary teacher in your children’s faith formation a trip to Israel would allow you to show your children the holy sites that they read about in the Bible. You could show them the actual places where Jesus Christ traveled, performed miracles, was crucified and even the tomb from which He arose.

We are all curious about our heritage.  Where did out grandparents, great-grandparents and other early family members live? How did they live? What was life like for them? What places are important to our family’s history??

As Christians, we are inquisitive about our faith heritage. What was life like 2000 years ago?  Where was Christ born and where did he grow as a child??  What would it be like to view the Holy Sites described in the Bible where Jesus traveled, performed His miracles and lived out His ministry??

“Little Steps…Walk With Jesus” takes you on this journey without having to leave your home. This three disc DVD series was filmed entirely on location and at some sites not accessible to the general public.

Accompany Rachel and Rebecca as they visit the Holy Sites that are most significant to our Christian faith. In the first DVD, you will walk with these precious children on the path that Joseph and Mary took on their way to Bethlehem, leading to the Church of the Nativity see where Christ was born. You will also visit a period village to explore what life was like 2000 years ago during Christ’s childhood.

The second DVD takes you to the Wedding Church at Cana where Jesus performed His first miracle, then on to Holy Sites where He fed the 5000 and delivered His Sermon on the Mount.  Next you are on to Galilee where He lived with His disciples and taught us through His ministry.

In part three, you will accompany Rachel and Rebecca to the Garden where Christ was betrayed, travel with them to Jerusalem where Christ was condemned and tortured. You will witness Christ’s Passion, where He was crucified, the tomb in which He was laid and from which He rose to meet His disciples on the road to Emmaus.
You will visit the Church of the Primacy of Peter where Christ Instructed Peter to” throw His net on the other side of the boat” after His resurrection.  You will see the place where the disciples witnessed the ascension of Jesus into Heaven.

“Little Steps…Walk With Jesus” is appropriate for children and can be yours to share with your family for only $29.95 (plus S&H). These three beautiful 30 minute DVD’s will show your children that the stories and places they read about in the Bible are real and exist still today in the Holy Sites of Israel. What better way to help strengthen their faith and help them understand the Love that Christ has for each of us?

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