Casual Fridays - Is Your Commute a Killer


Is your drive a time of blessing or a time of terror?After having the last two years “off”, I’m back to playing school bus driver with my teenage son Adam, who’s about to turn 16.  For the past two years, Eric drove to school in the morning but now that he’s off to school, I find myself commuting again.  The difference now is that Adam is behind the wheel, learning to drive, and I’m the stressed out “supervisor” in the passenger seat.  I noticed last week that while Adam’s doing a great job, our morning commute is starting to take a toll on my attitude.  Rather than heading off to work refreshed and ready, I’m often grumpy, frazzled and short-tempered.  It’s not good for either of us, and a bad way to start a productive day.  Something needs to change, so on this week’s installment of our “Casual Fridays” series, I’m looking for your input.  How do you use your morning commute?  Do you sing, pray, chat, or just enjoy a bit of peace and quiet?  Are you talking on the phone, texting (danger!), planning your day mentally, or yelling at the guy in the car in front of you?  Are your morning and evening commutes peaceful, or pathetic?  Tell me about it – and while you’re at it give me your suggestions for how Adam and I can get our day off to a healthier start.

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