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After Mass Records has put together an excellent multi-artist project to benefit the ongoing relief efforts following the devastating earthquake in Haiti. All proceeds go to Catholic Relief Services to benefit the survivors in Haiti.

The project itself is an eclectic mix of Catholic artists and music, an excellent resource for anyone who wants to listen to songs from some of the best artists in Catholic music. The songs are well-produced and are geared towards the youth of the Church. It’s also a great project for anyone just starting to listen to contemporary Catholic music and looking for some great songs. You can download from their website (see link below)–with the download, you get the music plus some high-quality videos. Give this album a try–you won’t be disappointed!

AfterMass Records exists to produce diverse relevant music for the youth and young adults of the Church.

Track Listing:
1. Flip Francis, Sammy Blaze & Yung PK – A Dedication
2. Popple – We’re Getting Loud
3. Last Day – Midnight Shadows
4. Holy Soul Movement – It’s OK
5. Move Merchants – Get Over (Re-run)
6. Lee Roessler Band – Mile Away
7. Chris Padgett – I See You Breathe
8. Rich Dittus – Ship
9. Joia Farmer – Until the Sun
10. The Thirsting – Ocean of Mercy
11. Popple – Salt & Light (Mt 5)
12. Last Day – Calling in the Night
13. Rich Dittus – Simple Song
14. manuel3 – 40 Dayz & 40 Nites
15. Sammy Blaze – Four Marks

LINKS for this review:
After Mass Records website

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