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  1. I like this, BUT — a H-O-llowed Post Meridian is NOT the same as a H-A-llowed Post-Meridian .

    I kept trying to figure out the hollow post part… You might want to update that slide. Otherwise this is great!

  2. Thanks so much for offering this, but unfortunately when downloaded, there is no powerpoint. I encouarge you to post this as a simple powerpoint, and not in a zip file. My guess is few will be able to use it. But thanks for your thoughtful attempt at helping! It sounds like a perfect educational idea for teaching advent. Dave

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    • Love this game!
      but the answer to “Bible for 800” should be Matthew not Mark. The geneology of Jesus is found in Matthew’s gospel.

  4. I really liked the idea of this and will be using it as one of our games for a group of moms. However there were several grammatical errors and the slides sometimes showed up backwards: the answer would come up before the question. And technically, the first part of the “question” should have been labeled “answer.” But I liked it nonetheless. Thank you.

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