THE Child is Born!


I will never forget the first Christmas we had with our 7 month old firstborn son. As a new mom, I saw the Christmas story in a whole new light. Giving birth and holding my precious son made everything in that Bible story so much more real and tender. That year I especially thought of the story through the eyes of Mary, as she gazed in wonder at the new life she had brought into the world. And, not just any new life,the life and light of the world. The One who would bring us salvation, hope, and eternal peace. The baby Jesus, so helpless and small, and yet, so powerful and eternal, and hers to care for, nurture, and train. What an awesome responsibility we have as mothers!

Now that my kids are growing up, ages 7, 5, and 3, it is my privilege this advent season to teach them the wonder of baby Jesus and the real meaning behind Christmas. I love reading our different Christmas books to them and singing the songs of angels, silent nights, and mangers. May your children be filled with the awe of the miracle of Christmas as you show them the truth and beauty behind it!

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