Catholic Book Review: Little Star by Anthony DeStefano


I often shy away from reviewing children’s books, even when the authors offer them to me for free. I find it so much harder than “regular” books, in part because I have to involve other people (my kids) in the review process. I think there’s also less wiggle room for a good book when it comes to the children’s genre.

But I couldn’t say no to Little Star, the latest by Anthony DeStefano. For one thing, the author’s email was a delight. For another…look at that cover. (Yes, I know. I’m advocating judging a book by its cover.)

I’ve had this book sitting on my desk, waiting to write this review, for a couple of weeks. There’s been more than just my own procrastination at play, though (and I can’t fully blame the baby)…my girls, especially my three-year-old, keep finding it on my desk and claiming it.

That’s not not the only reason I highly recommend this for every child on your shopping list. It has great illustrations and a simple narrative. Within the story, there’s a Christmas message that’s quaint and thought-provoking: my five-year-old has brought up parts of it since our first reading about a month ago.

The premise behind the book is a retelling of the Nativity story, focusing on the star of Bethlehem. This star is a sort of outcast, and he finds himself with a bit of a mission, one that he takes on out of love for the newborn Savior.

I look forward to many years of reading Little Star with the children in my life. Highly recommended.

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