God Sightings


This morning, I had one of those tangible “Thank you, God” moments when you see a sight that simply takes your breath away.  I’m on my way to Rockford to help lead a Catholic Moms Retreat.  That alone is a big enough reason to say, “Thanks”.  But traveling at this time of year can be dicey, so I was more in the mood to fret over my departure than to count my blessings.

When I woke up at 3:30, Fresno was snuggled in a blanket of thick fog.  The world’s best husband drove me to the airport, discussing contingency plans in case my flight was cancelled.  It turns out that there was no need to worry.  Apparently, pilots don’t need to be able to see to fly their planes!  Within five minutes of takeoff, we were looking down on my hometown shrouded in fog, but our skies were perfectly clear.

One of my favorite parts of flying at this time of the year is crossing the Sierras.  We don’t have snow in Fresno, but within an hour it’s readily available.  And this morning I was treated to one of my favorite views:  sunrise over snowcapped mountains.  I was in the midst of praying my Rosary, but had to pause to catch the moment on my phone for all of you.  It’s not the same as being right there with me, but if you look at the bottom of the propellor in this photo, you can catch a small glimpse of God’s majesty on display.

Moments like these always remind me how infrequently I pause in the busyness of my life to simply take in the glory of our beautiful world and thank our Creator for his style and ingenuity.  It’s all around me all the time, but I tend to have my nose buried too often in a screen or a load of laundry to revel in it.

So in case that’s where you are today, I invite you to take a deep breath, sign off, and go have your own personal God sighting.  Feel free to report back, or simply join me in saying, “Thank you, God!”


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