Praise to Our God


We do not understand Thy ways
But we trust that You know best

We ask for strength to help us
When we’re put up to the test

We offer the surrender of our will unto Your own
May Your Spirit be our guiding force no matter where we roam

You are our God
We are your people

This alone, our saving grace
We long for that great and glorious day
When we’ll meet You face to face

When times are hard
And our spirit dry
Let us not despair

For even when we feel alone
We know that You are there

Always loving
Always caring
Always watching o’er

Bless us, teach us, show the way
That we may love You more!

You are Our Father, which art in heaven
You are Our Savior King
You are Our Holy Spirit
Comforter and Paraclete

We praise Your Holy Trinity
We raise our hearts to Thine
We are the branches that grow forth
From Your life-giving vine

We lift our song to You this day
We worship You on High
May Your holy name be always praised
And forever -glorified!

Copyright 2011 Judy Dudich


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  1. You’re so welcome, Nora!
    I’m so grateful to Lisa Hendey for allowing us to share our PRAISE here on! God bless you, Nora!

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