Giving in to My Needs


As a wife, mother, and woman, I often leave the woman part for last.  Women define themselves through others and think first of caring for their loved ones.  But caring for others can be draining and can leave one feeling empty.  I find myself forgetting about my needs.  If I don’t take care of myself, who will?  Putting my needs into the picture will show that I am important too.  My son, Linus, needs to understand that I have needs that deserve to be acknowledged.  If I am always giving out, then it makes it seem like I am unworthy and can be used as a doormat.  By displaying my humanity through prioritizing and making time for me, it will teach Linus that I am a person who has a right to be treated with dignity.

Often in today’s world, women are not showed the decency they deserve.  Wives and mothers are treated as an inferior sex by husbands, and even children.  A husband may not show the appreciation to a wife for all their support, and children may disregard the efforts of their mother doing their laundry.  If the husband is unappreciative, then the children may follow in his lack of thankfulness.

If a husband shows his gratitude, then a wife needs to be open to receiving it.  The receiving is where I have a problem.  Since I have a hard time seeing myself as a person with needs, it is hard for me to understand and accept a simple thank you.  The more I try to take care of myself, the better wife and mother it will make me for my family.

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  1. Tanya, thank you for what you’ve shared on this topic. As a mom of young men, one of the things I’ve tried to stress with them is very good manners. Both are great at treating the young ladies they date with respect. Little things such as opening a car door for a woman seem to be a lost art. I’m not saying they are perfect, but when I see this behavior, I always try to give them a lot of positive reinforcement. But what you’ve said about us expecting a certain type of treatment from our children is very important – when we expect and ask for respect and caring, we treat them lessons that will help them in ALL of their relationships! Thanks again for bringing up a very important topic!

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