Daily Readings Reflection for 1/27/11


Scripture: Lectionary 320,321. Jan 27: Hebrews 10:19-25. Psalm
24:1-2.3-4.5-6. Mark 4:21-25

Today’s Readings

There is a certain sense of urgency in the Epistle to the Hebrews that we
are to experience in our journey of faith to the heavenly realm where our
highpriest Jesus is our intercessor. Through his precious blood-the symbol
for his death on the Cross–we are encouraged to trust that our salvation
is assured provided we remain faithful to his covenant of love with Jesus
has with us and that we endure our own sufferings, temptations, and aging
with patient endurance. Sincerity, confidence, hope, and love are signs
that we are on a pilgrimage with our pioneer Jesus who leads the way. Even
fidelity to the meetings of the Christian community to which we belong are
a part of the message from Hebrews.

Our psalm response exhorts us to seek the face of God. For us who are
Christians that face is that of Jesus who became one with us through his
assuming our human nature. We therefore approach the altar of God with
faith, reverence, and love. The Psalm and the Epistle continually exhort
us to praise God and to do this with acts of faith, hope, and love–gifts
of our baptism into the mysteries of Christ.

Mark too always has a dimension of urgency to what he is proclaiming in his
Gospel. We are to be the light for others not a lamp hidden under a desk
or table; we are to be overflowing with love in our generous giving to
others who look for the light of Christ and need our time and energy.
Fullness not emptiness is the call and invitation of the Gospels. We
believe in the glass being full not half full. Jesus again and again uses
the same expression to encourage us to LISTEN: “Listen carefully to what
you hear.” Our faith has to spring from our heart each day. This gives us
the energy and motivation to respond to the urgency that the readings
beckon us to do. Our heavenly goal, that of the kingdom awaits us. We are
all pilgrims on the way toward it.


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