Catholic Moments #167 - Confession and Communications


This week, we share a conversation with Patrick Leinen, Developer and Co-Founder of, the great organization behind the launch of Confession: A Roman Catholic App, the first smartphone app to have received the Imprimatur from Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes.  We discuss the launch of the app, the recent World Communications Day message, and the interface between faith and technology.

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  1. This was actually mentioned on Conan O’Brien’s show last night. Although, he did give misinformation about it (he said the Vatican approved an iPhone app you can use to make your confession via your phone,followed by a joke about how this will lead to people accidentally pocket dialing God) but hey, national attention is a positive thing anyway. I can’t wait until this is available for my Palm.

  2. This was great, thank you for sharing! I appreciate what you do for the faith and use your resources a lot. I enjoyed the dialogue beforehand as well. Mentioning from time to time that the conversation w/ Patrick would be coming up later might have been helpful though. 🙂 Thanks so much!

  3. David, thanks for your note. Just a clarification – the Vatican has not banned use of the app as it was designed. In fact, the app carries the Imprimatur and has been thoroughly vetted. What’s forbidden is thinking that by using an app, you’ve confessed your sins. It is obvious within the app and in all of their promotional materials that this is not the purpose of the app. It is intended as an examination of conscience, a prayer aid, and a tool for those who need a resource to assist them with returning to the sacrament (ie. prayers to be said, format, etc.). Thanks for your comment!

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