Strange Places to Pray


If you are a busy parent, or just a busy person, you have discovered you must take advantage of little bits of time when you find it. For instance, I’ve been known to pray the rosary while waiting in car pool, write thank you notes while at my child’s swim practice and even sit on my kitchen floor while preparing dinner for a 3-Minute Retreat with the Loyola Press app.

Recently, while having a discussion with my kids on praying daily, I shared with them the place I probably pray the most – my shower. After laughing hysterically at me, they told me it was a silly and strange place to pray. To me, it’s perfectly logical. I’m alone and quiet. As it is early in the day, I don’t have much clouding my thoughts yet. Years ago, as a lawyer, I did my best case analysis and strategy in the shower. Now, most days, I find myself in prayer while getting clean.

What about you? Do you take advantage of quiet time when and where you find it? Where do you find yourself speaking and listening to the Lord?

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Lisa Henley Jones is a former stay-at-home mom who discovered a new career as an online marketer/social media manager. She blogs at Of Sound Mind and Spirit with her sister, Shelly Kelly, about faith and family life. During the hot summers in Houston, Lisa can be found by the pool eating popsicles with her husband and three school-aged children.


  1. Years ago when my 3 oldest were all little guys running around, a wonderful holy priest told me that if the shower was the only place I was alone (relatively speaking…since they bust in the bathroom at any given moment ~ lol), USE IT! Recently in talking about this very topic someone told me that St. Gianna is quoted as saying that praying in the shower/bath is very disrespectful… I do not agree w/this assessment but it has bothered me since the day I was told this. It doesn’t stop me from praying in the shower (although the 3 are older, there is still a 4 yr old in the mix here), or at ALL times of the day. Even if our bodies can’t be kneeling before God, our hearts can, and should be, all day, everyday. God bless your prayer time, wherever & whenever it is!

  2. I agree! I think St. Pauls says in scripture, “Pray without ceasing,” and I don’t recall him saying, “but not while bathing.” I don’t know the context of what St. Gionna said, but it was different times, so it is hard to know what her line of thinking was. The Lord does not blush wherever we pray; we are made in His image and likeness. Do we not talk to our spouse if we are in the shower and he is brushing his teeth? Well, why not talk to the Lord in the shower?

    I like to pray in bed, on the couch, at the dinner table, sometimes while washing dishes, answering emails (when someone asks for prayers), and during walks while pushing the stroller. I also try to remember to make the sign of the cross when passing a Catholic church in the car, cemetery, or when an ambulance/flight for life helicopter/fire truck/police car pass by (I pray, “Please, Lord, help whoever needs help and keep them safe. Please let it be no one I know.”)–I guess the “usual” Catholic times to pray! In general, I like to keep a running dialogue with the Lord, but I sometimes catch myself not always talking, in my head, directly to Him. Nothing too exciting, but it is nice to mix in prayer with daily tasks.

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